This production is musically considered danceable and energetic.

menover30 400K streams in the past two days. @Paramore’s “All I Wanted” surpassed 40 000 000 streams on Spotify.

She also details why she remained quiet on the matter over the past week. ... but / Don't 'Hard Times:' Paramore's 2017 lead single is heard in almost half-a-million TikToks. Paramore Aint It Fun Download Paramore Ain't It Fun. Now, Hayley Williams has reacted to a video of the new trend that is circulating around the internet.

Now, TikTokers and Paramore fans are seeing a resurgence of the decade-old song in a popular new trend. 2 (feat. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Every Tik Tok viral hit that you'll ever need! personaltrainer “I do know that there are some offers for festivals and I’m looking at that,” she continues. Me looking at tiktok: "maybe I treated you too harshly". Finally!

Want more trending videos? The TikTok has received almost 600,000 likes and has started a trend of people making their own videos set to the song. I’m sure Hayley is just glad it’s All I Wanted and not The Only Exception .

After speaking with my manager, it is true. i'm really glad all i wanted is getting so much attention, it's one of my favourites from BNE and easily one of the best songs paramore has ever made. Really impressive, I'm glad All I Wanted is getting the attention it deserves and also I didn't know there were so many younger people that like the band, I'm in my 30s so it's pretty cool to see. Thanks to TikTok, “All I Wanted” is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Over the past few weeks, a new TikTok trend has emerged using Paramore‘s 2009 track “All I Wanted.”. Just listened to it yesterday. noumbrella SummerDIY I see A LOT of people younger than me (I’m 23) who are big fans of paramore :), And I agree, it’s so cool to see this awesome song get so much attention and popularity. Every Tik Tok viral hit that you'll ever need! fyp, New sport!?

Williams further shares that she may be playing some festivals in the future. Of course, @thetinzman quicky learned that Williams has seen the video and shared his reactions over the weekend.

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