Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Potts and Stark continue their relationship, Stark was able to use his resources to cure Potts of the Extremis and they continued their relationship. When Stark returned from captivity in Afghanistan, Potts was trusted enough by him to see his Iron Man suits and his workshop.

At times, although he originally took up the mantle of Iron Man because the world needed it, Potts became to realize that Stark needed to be Iron Man more, causing strain as his tinkering and his suits were only a distraction to what really mattered in his life. From Orion, Illinois. Potts visited Stark at his workshop to bring him a cappuccino and a bagel, leaving the framed reactor as a gift. Gwyneth is straight and is married to Brad Falchuk whom she had been dating since 2014. Stark promised to come home to her once he had stopped the Mandarin's attacks. Stark decides to go underground with Hill, and to wipe the knowledge in his own brain.

Potts then informed them of how they were fortunate to not lose each other from the Snap unlike many others. Potts was extremely scared and quit the job of being CEO, giving it back to Stark.

During the crisis surrounding the Mandarin's terrorist attacks, Potts was kidnapped by Aldrich Killian and injected with Extremis. Gender [30], The Stark-tech mag-field generator implanted in Pepper's chest was not weapons-based like Stark's, but borrowed non-weaponized electromagnetic technology from Rand Industries, which caused a number of physical changes to her body. [3] The suit's physical strength enables it to hold up a stilt mansion felled by an earthquake,[32] and to rip the lower leg of the Black armor. [22], Fraction, Matt (w), Larocca, Salvador (a). Pepper, despite having no experience in the battlefield, bravely charged alongside many of her allies in the Battle of Earth and carried herself with poise and dignity despite watching her husband die before her once the battle ended. When Potts attempted to access the room Stane was working in, she discovered Stane had changed the security codes, so Coulson used a small bomb to get them inside. When he refused to listen, Stark and Rhodes began fighting while Potts helped to get all the party guests to safety. [3], This continued strain to Tony Stark's mental state resulted in him becoming increasingly distant from Potts, as his efforts to ensure that he could protect her ironically drove him to spend less time with her.

"Stark: Disassembled Part 2: Digging in the Dirt", Matt Fraction (w), Salvador Larocca (a). Virginia "Pepper" Potts is the CEO of Stark Industries. "World's Most Wanted Part 9: Titan of the Nuclear Age", Fraction, Matt (w), Larocca, Salvador (a). Recovered, Stark also gifts Pepper with a new Rescue armor, complete with JARVIS. Citizenship Due to a misunderstanding however, a bodyguard ended up spraying Potts in the face with pepper spray when she tried to enter the CEO's office, prompting Stark to give her the nickname "Pepper". Looking at the suit more closely, Potts saw that it was covered in bullet holes. Once the two were safe outside, the suit disengaged from Potts, being summoned to Stark. Weight. Rushman then departed to deal with them while Potts remained at the Expo, dealing with Hammer. 2 years ago Yeah, Tony is 5’11" only in RDJ’s smol little unicorn dreams. When Tony Stark sacrificed himself to destroy an atomic missile sent on Manhattan, he tried to call her on the phone, but she did not hear it and did not call back. [17], During the 2011 "Stark Resilient" storyline, when Justine Hammer and Sasha Hammer use their own armored enforcer Detroit Steel to attempt to sabotage Stark Resilient (Tony's new company) and its design for a repulsor technology-powered vehicle, Pepper joins War Machine in helping Stark, during which Pepper experiences a near-death experience in which JARVIS, masquerading as Happy, gives Pepper a cryptic warning of the future.

Real Name Captain Marvel returned, carrying the ship down to Earth, where a nearly depleted Stark exited. Virginia Potts That night, after Tony Stark put Morgan Stark to bed, he joined Potts, who was reading a book on composting, and told her that he had solved Time Travel, much to her surprise. Potts convinced Stark to read what documents Coulson was giving him. As Captain America led the charge, Rescue flew alongside Iron Man and War Machine, taking out Thanos' army from the skies. They went on to discuss Stark's birthday which he was no longer sure if he wanted to celebrate or not; Stark suggested that they go on holiday together, but she insisted that as CEO she needed to show her presence in this time of crisis. After Stark died by her side, Potts was present at his funeral, where she set adrift Stark's first Arc Reactor onto a wreath into their residential lakeside.

[21] Although the A.I. Stark explained he could not return until he found the Mandarin and went on to apologize for putting Potts in harm's way through his recklessness. Species

Still clearly shaken from his experiences, Stark asked everyone in attendance to sit on the floor as he spoke about his relationship with his father Howard Stark and what he had witnessed during his time as a hostage. Iron Man: Fast FriendsIron Man: Security MeasuresIron Man: I Am Iron Man!Iron Man: Will Online Evils Prevail?Iron Man 2: Nick Fury: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.Iron Man 2: Public IdentityIron Man: Limited EditionIron Man 2: Black Widow: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Iron Man 2: Fist of IronThe Avengers: Iron Man Mark VIIIron Man 2 AdaptationIron Man 3 PreludeThe Avengers AdaptationAvengers: Operation HYDRACaptain America: Civil War PreludeCaptain Marvel Prelude (mentioned)Avengers: Endgame PreludeBlack Widow Prelude (flashbacks) Hansen revealed that she was still working for Killian and not against him; they needed Stark to stabilize Extremis, and decided Potts could be used as an incentive.[3]. "The Future Part 6: Independence Day", Fraction, Matt (w), Larocca, Salvador (a). [6], Afterwards, Potts became Stark's personal assistant, keeping her boss on track in spite of his chaotic lifestyle by efficiently managing his business and personal affairs.

active to run the team, Stark took over, allowing Captain America to retain field and team leadership while he designed everything else, including creating new armors and rejoining the team himself as an active duty combatant.

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