I have begun to reflect my actions of old" Poseidon gazed off into the distance a smile brewing at the edge of his lips and with a light chuckle he turn back to the woman and said "did you know he told off the Olympians, he had the guts to look us in the face and tell us we were wrong" Poseidon's grin settled as he continued "but there was one thing he said that has stuck with me from all those years ago…. "The hunt may wed the offspring of man, monster, and god, unless slain before the age of 19, the Teumessian fox shall finally be caught, and in the heart of the desert with magic and trickery as it's foe the hunt will face the storm, setting the fate of the twelve on a path leading to salvation or destruction.". "You know, even after your transformation, I still believed you were a beauty to behold" a rich baritone voice cuts through the silence. r/FanFiction.

She had a beautiful head of 'hair.' And on top of all that, she was literally immortal! Your review has been posted. Which is why he ran away. He leaned in to hug her tight as she balled into his chest. It's gotten that far. She abruptly turns away arms wrapping around her sides as if to warm herself from the cold night's air "why now, After all these years why now?" Even though she was panting she still managed to talk. A beautiful and down to earth girlfriend, cheated on him. The Wattpad version is incredibly vague... What if Percy was killed by Kronos? A few minutes later Medusa is seeing resting with a small bundle nestled in her arms humming softly she rocked the baby boy back and forwards when suddenly there was a woman before her. ", "Thou art an imbecilic simpleton of a Earth goddess.

Medusa’s personality could be best described as: intensely cruel, sadistic, blasphemous, creepy, sour, pompous, sneaky, slightly naive, extremely destructive, hateful, crafty, vengeful, misanthropic, selfish, deranged, deadly and monstrous. "Drink up, and call yourself my child forevermore!" Percy Son Of Kronos And Medusa Fanfiction. A fun and amazing best friend, ditched him for a … No hussies! And above all, My king. Percy and Annabeth are already together and so are Frank and Hazel. Evil-doer "She hath, how doth the children speak, 'gone nuts?' So, really, I've made up my mind years before, and now it's coming time to reap what I've sown.

dora said to no one in particular. Truly Inverted!" A sigh escapes the woman's mouth as she turns away from the sea as the sun disappears beyond the horizon. They all felt a warmth, and a overwhelming feeling of happiness; and each one of them felt the power surge. Sense Percy is … Arachne said, "I know that I could just make a poison to clear your memories, but don't want to hurt you.".

Artemis shouted, standing over Perseus, "Now you're MINE!". My heart. How can thou be so egomaniacal that thou can overlook mine own forefrontal plights for thine own simple desires!" Even the fates don't know. Knowing with his daughter gone and the overflow of this new information Zeus dismissed the rest of the Olympians as he had much to think on. My blood can turn him just like it did to Stheno and Euryale! One-shot Becklina. Arachne spoke, "I mean, really. HATED! What should he do? Origin Maria Di Angelo was appalled. "Yeah... me too, Hades." "Looks like that mist barrier is keeping you from turning people to stone still." Luke Castellan | "No doubt she hath already become pregnant with our beloved's child long ago, why is she still going so strong? Hades was going full on Disney mode, hair burning with godly power. He is not here. Fanfiction for readers who love Percy Jackson! She knew that the moment she slept with a man, which she was doomed to one day do, that she would become the Goddess of Lost Innocence, Degradement, Eclipses, Assassination, and, well, Birth. i cant even describe how good this story is !!

The woman didn't hesitate to answer. Mine love shall be shared with her." Absolutely obsessed, Books Similar to 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas', Books Similar to 'The Fault in our Stars'. The woman kept glancing behind her and every time she did she ran faster, if it was even possible.

I neeeeeed him! She wants a meat-bag."

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