Ryuji promptly calls him out on it. Ryuji and Yusuke tag along to make sure the girls get through the fiasco, and end up being served by their target. The cherry on top is Justine wondering if the maid has the potential for the. Because they were so poor, they only had. When checking out the beach, the groups realizes checking up stuff on their phones is exactly how they do it in Japan. Futaba then expresses honest amazement and admiration that Mika can keep to such a strict diet, all while confessing she herself would probably never be able to give up all the incredibly unhealthy meals she eats and sneaking in a mention of how she never exercises either. The second [PV] trailer is rather serious for the most part... then it briefly shows Maruki doing a near replication of the Salt Bae meme (complete with matching sound effects) with a pot of soup out of nowhere. Then, in order to save Haru Okumura, who's stressed out about her upcoming arranged marriage to a creep, the Phantom Thieves sneak back into her devious father's Palace. The follow up scene, should Makoto be in a relationship with Joker and have taken part of Sharing Special, has an additional amusing moment. Must be noted that, out of the three possible answers the player can choose from when prompted. Grenade launchers are, If both Ryuji and Yusuke are in the party during, When Joker and Ryuji return to the first palace for the second time, Ryuji is shocked when he turns to find that Joker's clothes have changed from his school uniform into his, Morgana's attachment to Ann is a little funny when you realize, When Morgana teaches you about getting items and money from a Hold Up, the first Shadow he uses as a lesson; Pixie, reveals that she's, When you chase after Ann, you’ll hear her say she'll "apologize for touching on the armors without permission". Lavenza decides to craft a 'secret weapon' as a gift to Joker for reuniting her twin selves, which hits a snag as her dexterity apparently took a hit in the interim. She wraps athletic tape around that wrist to hide the bracelet, but decides to do the other arm too so it's more comfortable. When it looks like everyone is about to be crushed by Maruki's Persona, they all summon whatever power they can muster to stop the attack dead in its tracks so you can deliver the final blow. Haru feels the need to tell everyone that she once carried a, Akechi proclaims that people look at him strangely during his lunch breaks due to him eating only a single apple. She gets them all to shut up in an angry outburst, and. This set up the chain of events which would lead to them eventually making it to Kaneshiro's Palace, which would. This time, Morgana doesn't take it lying down. Ryuji gives the most stunned "How could you?" At the end, Joker runs into Kawakami on his way out and ends up wooing her with his honest assessment that she's a better maid. He decides to team up with Haru to try and beat the Thieves to the punch of stealing Kunikazu Okumura's heart. After Futaba's Palace, the plot of the game only moves forward after the deadline. Chihaya's rank 8 event closes with her asking if Joker, In her rank 9 event, Chihaya is trying to convince several desperate customers to solve their problems themselves instead of relying on Holy Stones. Did those idiots at Funi forget? Haru can express how much she enjoys cutting up Shadows, something that freaks even.

One of the quirks of the stream was that the Twitch chat was being broadcasted over the walls of the building through LED screens. Morgana gets annoyed and protests, prompting Sojiro to ask for a translation, at which point Futaba lies and says that Morgana said that "Sojiro's stupid! Things immediately do not go according to plan. Persona 5 the Animation moves along at a good pace and, should someone enjoy and want the English voice acting, it really helps maintain a sense of consistency with the localization. A lot of the negotiation dialogue is fairly amusing.

Subtitles. The new "Die for Me!" Their goal is to expose the treachery of ill-willed adults and tackle a weird series of psychotic breakdowns that have been occurring sporadically across Japan. Meanwhile, Ren's classmate, Ann Takamaki, has been protecting her best friend from being cut from her starting position. If you confess your love to Sumire, she turns into. In Rank 8, he pulls a gun at Joker, who is merely Sae's cognition, and its reaction to it is "I feel a strong bond with Akechi" (Morgana even later points out that Joker's relationship with Akechi suddenly became stronger). The first time has you overhear two Shadows, with one telling the other that the new password is "hello" (07734 is "hello" upside-down), causing the other Shadow to lampshade on how childish it sounds. Let the curtain rise for this grand, picaresque story! TV14 • Animation • Anime • TV Series • 2018 Ren Amamiya is about to enter his second year after transferring to Shujin Academy in Tokyo. Modders are already hard at work implementing a Yosuke romance mod. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. @KaiDubs No I got that, Dark Sun and Stars and Ours are the Specials.

Cue Yusuke's cross-dressing DLC outfit in Dancing Star Night, a recording of Ryuji loudly talking about it, why Joker's late to their Phantom Thieves meeting, As loud as always... but his timing's perfect, the Egyptian god, that is, not the hackers, Turns out that Ryuji and Joker are staring, The pyramid's Golden Ratio was truly a sight to behold, only for the whole Palace to shake as it speeds up, kicks the button as hard as he can which finally stops the perpetually rolling boulders, meddles with her Phoenix Ranger Featherman action figures.

If Joker is dateless and instead hangs out with Ryuji, he spends the whole time complaining how both Yusuke and even Mishima got chocolates. However, Morgana urges Ren and Ryuji in particular to lead normal, serious lives as high school students. Caroline sits by the entrance, waiting for him to enter.

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