The funds received could only have happened by the generous donations of our Sponsors, the club members and the people who joined in the fun. If you must send a photo, there should be a witness, although with todays technology, a short video shouldn't be to hard. Mark your calendars…X-Mas party/Membership renewal drive! Bob O’Neill Jr Scott Czechan WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!! We actually have a half a jar already. Then he grabs a fin sample and sends him into the drink to their new home. what we have achieved in such a short time is incredible”. Chuck Ohlson

(Disolved Oxygen” level is so low it isn’t all usable oxygen and the fish are stressed even though they try to beat the heat. Ron Gaudes FISH CRIBS . Anyway, for the core group that ran the nets, it wasn’t pleasant on opening day of duck hunting having your waders fill up with cold water. 2493 acres. Thank You all of being vocal and sharing our efforts and looking for support. The new walleye “Catch and Release” program offers any Walleye’s for Tomorrow – Pewaukee chapter member a free fish fry upon the catch and release of a legal walleye in Pewaukee lake. Topics: drinking water, watershed, fisheries. He said “Our group is being recognized around the state and we have established “the bar” that others are trying to follow…. Tim Giese who works at Grainger heard it from Jeff Giese who is buddies with WFT Pewaukee Chapter Tom Perdzock. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, shoot straight, be safe….see you at the December meeting! The Grainger Foundation Comes Up Big for the Pewaukee Chapter – $5,000 Grant Posted by thkoepp on November 17, 2016 Frank Yurchich The fish crib project started in 2017 and the crew hammered out 4 cribs in a weekend. 2493 acres. It also puts them into the end of the winter raffle for a chance to win a double barrel shot gun, a beaver dam tip-up, and other prizes…even another fish fry. If you don’t know where we are located at W279 N2865 Rocky Point Road or call Tom at 414-333-9603 for directions. Fortunately we do have a lot of aquatic plants to help produce oxygen.

To the fishermen that I haven’t seen trolling or casting for Muskies on Pewaukee, how cool is this….that Pewaukee’s finest fishermen respect our fisheries so much that they are protecting the fishery for their future as well as the future generations. We seek employees with a strong customer service philosophy and an attitude of helpfulness. Bob Eloranta “Scientist Bob” Just a reminder that if any WFT members catch and successfully release a legal walleye (18" or bigger) on PEWAUKEE LAKE ONLY, you can send in a video or acceptable photo of the successful realease. Jim, Jayden and Jerrett Schmitz February 21st, 2015 at Curly’s Waterfront 7 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. 1st Place – 60″ Flat screen Visio Samrt T.V.

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