Jetstream, Weather Safety Tornadoes can also be embedded within derechos and produce concentrated areas of even more intense damage. The storm that tracked across Plainfield began in southern Yorkville at 3:15 pm lifting in Plainfield. Wood panels were thrown into the ground leaving scour marks in the grass. But after all, Illinois is susceptible. Hover over the box for the error text. Chicago, IL333 West University DriveRomeoville, IL 60446815-834-1435 8am-8pmComments? Plainfield is probably 4 times bigger now (it was a small town then), but just as vulnerable. We couldn't start school for weeks because our school was leveled. Please Contact Us. Generally, state tornado DUPAGE COUNTY. said that, most tornadoes do not have additional path data in the NCDC archive. NWS Chicago Weather Story graphic illustrating forecast timing of severe winds, issued at 12:00 p.m. Aug. 10. F0 being the least damaging, F5 the most. Stormdata The worst and most concentrated damage then occurred near Midlothian in the region between Cicero Avenue and Pulaski Road.

The tornado is believed to have lifted in an inaccessible forested area east of the Fox river. The 1990 Plainfield tornado was a devastating tornado that occurred on the afternoon of Tuesday, August 28, 1990. - The state tornado number assigned to the tornado for that specific state for that specific year. - The number of injuries attributed to the tornado. KENDALL/WILL COUNTY. This would be a drive force for continued upper support through the thunderstorm complex's lifecycle. SPC Day 1 Severe Thunderstorm Outlook issued at 10:57 a.m., Aug. 10. These are basically cross-sections of the derecho's wind profile, namely its rear-inflow jet (RIJ), as the system moved from west-to-east over the area. In total, the derecho produced 20 confirmed tornadoes across Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. SPC # - The tornado number as assigned by the SPC. The tornado started south of Marquette Street west of Michigan Street and progressed eastward. Thus, tornado touchdown and liftoff Tornado #14 - Grant Park, IL Registration is free! The Plainfield tornado lingered nearly 15 miles before eventually lifting. Sporadic straight-line wind damage continued east towards State Street east of South Chicago Heights. Coordinates have not historically been calculated via GPS (Global Positioning System). I can only speak for myself about this, but if I were living there, I'd keep my fingers crossed. KANKAKEE - Republican incumbent Auditor Jake Lee is projected to win another term as Kankakee County Auditor. Snow and Ice Probabilities, Current Conditions Great Lakes Marine Portal National Briefing Tornado #5 - Southeast Marengo, IL EF-1 Tornado #13 - Rogers Park, IL EF-1 Storm damage in any

Summary of the radar presentation during severe wind damage in Harvey, IL in southern Cook County.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The violent tornado killed 29 people and injured 353.

This tornado started in northwest Lake County, continued into Wisconsin and through Camp Lake, and appeared to dissipate over the lake in NWS Milwaukee's area of responsibility. Full Public Information Statement on the tornadoes, Downloadable KMZ file featuring all tornado paths and wind swaths/damage, Downloadable shapefile featuring all tornado paths and wind swaths/damage. I volunteered with the Red Cross in the following days delivering supplies on foot and saw the most amazing, horrible things. Current Conditions the wind shift). Helps a long the way when delineating these events. Other tornadoes include a EF-1 tornado that hit Ottawa just before 3 pm that touched down just North of Fulton St and traveled three quarters of a mile before lifting as it crossed the Fox River. Mine haven't, though - I still cower in the basement during thunderstorms. KANE COUNTY. The worst damage was confined to a small area near Marquette and Somonauk Parks, although very little structural damage was noted in this area. However, the data as presented here is guaranteed to It has been noted that Chicago has never been directly hit by a tornado yet. Shelf cloud from near Sugar Grove, IL courtesy of Maddie Murphy. The tornado lifted over Schubert's Woods Forest Preserve. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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