Muffler Sound: Moderate.

Muffler Configuration: Center - Dual. Adds throaty sound characteristics and provides mild performance gains with tuned exhaust flow. Sort By. Muffler Sound: Moderate. Want to improve the performance of your Porsche 914?

we have made minor changes to the basic design to allow it to be used with ported heads for modified engines. The monza exhaust has been a proven winner with us for the past twenty years! Muffler Sound: Aggressive / Loud. Built using t304 stainless steel, the exhaust system for the Boxster not only adds a guaranteed lifetime of performance, it emits a rich, crisp sounding exhaust note more complimenting to this sporty roadster. Muffler Body Length: 6". Bursch products have been dyno, track and street tested since 1958. Note: before ordering any 914 exhaust system, make sure you check the style of heat exchangers to determine the correct system for your car. *Multiple New/Replacement listings simply indicate different suppliers and/or brands of part. Scratch here to find your hidden name meaning …████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████. It is inferior to the excellent truck, boasting heated and cooled seats, this truck can be driven virtually anywhere (even by a WOMAN,) and could withstand the heavy workload of a construction foreman with room for a case of bear in the rear seat, it even comes with 22 cupholder, and can hold a 45'' by 22" smoker. Muffler Sound: Aggressive / Loud. Manta also backs their systems with a three year guarantee! The Wide Open design of the performance muffler improves the breathing of your engine and gives you increased power. Registered in England & Wales: 3294341 | 47 Dolphin Road, Shoreham-By-Sea, West Sussex, BN43 6PB, United Kingdom Various options available to suit stock headers, or we can build your complete system. Stainless steel sport exhaust system left/right with integrated valve system, cat-back, 4 stainless steel "car...(choose a part on the right to read more). Try browsing the Accessories or Exploded Diagrams! Ranked number one in the world, austrian manufacturer remus is ahead of the game with their top of the line exhaust systems. Billy boat performance exhaust offers a quality performance exhaust system for your '97-99 Boxster 2.5l. SSI heat exchangers will increase engine torque and horsepower throughout the RPM range when used on 2.7-3.2 L 911 engines. Overige Porsche's 911 (4) Boeken (3) Miniaturen (1) 1 Motor / Engine. Muffler Body Length: 13.5". Porsche 356 Parts | Porsche 911 Parts | 911 Porsche Parts | Porsche 911 Auto Parts | Porsche 914 Parts | Porsche 912 Parts | Porsche 930 Parts | Porsche Parts | Porsche Auto Parts | OEM Porsche Parts | Genuine Porsche Parts | NOS Porsche Parts | Aftermarket Porsche Parts | Reproduction Porsche Parts | Porsche 964 Parts | Porsche 993 Parts | Porsche 996 Parts | Porsche 997 Parts | Porsche 991 Parts | Porsche Speedster Parts | Porsche Roadster Parts | Porsche Convertible D Parts | Used Parts | Used Porsche Parts | Porsche Auto Parts | Online Parts Catalog | Online Parts Catalogue | Classic Porsche Parts | Vintage Porsche Parts | Porsche Classic Parts | Porsche Vintage Parts | Auto Parts for Sales | Fuchs Wheels, Sierra Madre Collection Muffler Sound: Moderate.

The distinctive tail-pipe design & bypass pipes echo the classic sebring exhaust while enhancing the striking rear looks of your Boxster. Heritage Parts Centre have a selection of exhaust parts to fit your classic Porsche 914. Muffler Configuration:... Universal M-80 Steel Round Red Exhaust Muffler by Cherry Bomb®. Our new M-80 is a real firecracker!

Universal Super 44 Series Delta Flow™ Oval Black Exhaust Muffler by Flowmaster®. Stoddard Authentic Porsche Parts is a leader in the vintage and OEM restoration auto parts for your Porsche 356, 911, 912 or 914. For those who live for disturbing the peace, the wing plate and... Universal Race Venom™ Stainless Steel Oval Gray Exhaust Muffler by Black Widow®. There is also better fuel economy, thanks to the engine’s increased ability to burn fuel more efficiently. Dansk original-style exhaust systems allow you to replace yout worn, aged exhaust system with a factory correct one made from stainless steel for long life. Muffler Body Length: 14". Muffler Sound: Moderate.

Here's A 'Tip': Exhaust Tips Are An Easy Way To... Are Headers Worth The Performance Improvement? Along with the power increase comes an increase in torque, which will allow you to enjoy greater towing power from your Porsche 914. Racing exhaust systems from remus are perfect for those seeking the absolute maximum performance out of their vehicles. Exhaust tips are 101 mm (4 inch) polished ovals with a rolled lip. The sound is managed by an electical/vacuum control system allowing you to operate in stealth through the neighborhood yet providing that unmistakable pure Porsche sound as you power throu...(choose a part on the right to read more), This exhaust system is engineered for the discerning Porsche 965 turbo owner who is interested in pure unbridled power and sound. The Original 40 series muffler delivers an aggressive exterior and interior tone. Muffler Inlet Diameter: 2.25". Muffler Sound: Aggressive / Loud. Heritage Parts Centre is the one stop shop for Parts and Accessories for Porsche 914 models. - All rights reserved. including the time taken to dismount the original exhaust.

Exhaust Gasket, 914 (75-76) Part Number: 443.253.115.B Gasket for muffler to exhaust pipe and muffler to heat exchanger on 914-4 models with 1.8 and 2.0 engines.

Muffler Sound: Moderate. Muffler Configuration: Center - Center. Muffler Body Length: 22". Twin 3" round, double wall tips are fully polished and improve the look of your Porsche. Phone: 888.986.4466 These are mufflers for... Universal Street Series Stainless Steel Round Tunable Silver Exhaust Muffler by MagnaFlow®. This system adds great sound and performance to your ride. Billy boat performance exhaust offers a quality performance exhaust system for your '00-04 Boxster 2.7l. Ranked number one in the world, austrian manufacturer remus is ahead of the game with their top of the line exhaust systems. The 2-chamber design of this muffler,... Universal Pro Series™ Stainless Steel Round Race Black Exhaust Muffler with Turn Down by Flowmaster®. Muffler Sound: Aggressive / Loud. Bursch Exhaust System 914 1.7 L / 1.8 L 1970-72 - Header + Muff... Brass Nut Set, M8 1.25 With 12mm Hex For 356 Exhaust System 54... B&b Performance Exhaust System, 2000-04 Boxster S. Rear Bumper, Unssembled Halves With Cut-outs For The Exhaust Sy... Dansk Sport Polished Exhaust System, 911 1975-89, Twin 84mm Lef... Remus Stainless Exhaust System 84mm Carbon Race Tips W/valve Co... Remus Stainless Exhaust System 84mm Carbon Race Tips With Valve... Hexagon Nut M8 Exhaust System - Multiple Models - Sold Individu... Dansk Sport Polished Exhaust System, 911 1975-89, Single 84mm L... Dansk Turbo Exhaust System, 911 1983-89 Without Wastegate Pipe, Remus Titanium Exhaust System 98mm Tips With Valve Control. Relatively quiet, this muffler will increase your 914's top end performance, give you the sporty look of four chrome pipes, and fit under the stock short valance!

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