T-Shirts; Pants; Hoodies; Jackets; Pocket T-Shirts; Swim Wear

They give sponsorships to anybody who can 180 on a scooter.

Unless a company comes to you and gives you parts and a paycheck with a spot on the team , I don't think it's a sponsorship really .

dude i'll sponsor you.

Why you should sponsor me?

p.s might be making this thread because they didnt reply to my omlette flipping sponsorship application and now im pissed .

When they emailed me back this is what the email said. With that said, we still see tremendous potential in your skiing and we would love to support your passion and have you represent our brand. Another one of those trash bmx companies that throw their crappy logo on a crappy shirt and call it a brand. I mostly surf and kitesurf, this is where I want to support Proteusco.

Our sponsorships do not guarantee fame on social media or being paid. "BIKES!" The entry-level sponsorship deal includes the following perks for one payment of $25: 1. Sure it's not a contract sponsorship where you get paid, but it is a good place to start if you want really good benefits from a clothing company.

We've concluded the best deal we can offer you is an entry-level sponsorship.

Newschoolers has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Our social media accounts have scheduled posts and your photo may not be posted right away. 6.

Choose your shipping method and click "place order" After you've followed the directions above, go to the link we provide below to read more about your sponsorship with us and to submit your photo for the shoutout.

You seem very talented and worthy of a sponsorship.


LOL its bullshit. I've never paid anything to my sponsors, not even shipping for gear. You will be subscribed to receive a FREE Proteusco t-shirt every month. However we are committed to providing sponsors the best discounts and deals on our apparel. You will be allowed to post any video edits you have on our YouTube channel. The clothing, everything looks really cool. If they're anything like that dipshit "Beyond The Rest Clothing" thing, don't bother.

Instagram: @scootereyn.

You can email us photos to use on our social media pages.

Besides, sponsored or not, you're still the same rider. Home; Contact; How is my envoirment?

You will be allowed to post any video edits you have on our YouTube channel. You seem very talented and worthy of a sponsorship. Its like twenty bucks or whatever and then kids fall for it and give them money for terrible quality stuff and to being able to saw there sponsored, Lol a younger me almost fell for it.

Got a bunch of their jackets and hoodies super cheap.

I mean, even at 70% off it's 30% more than they were going to get, so win for them.

I don't see why I would pay them for something that is helping them.

"Hey anybody ever make that mistake like right when you wake up in the morning and you believe in yourself?"

Forum: Progression After One Year of Riding? Proteusco Clothing Skate division of Proteusco Sponsorship/Business inquires please email: proteusclothing@gmail.com www.proteusco.com Expand menu Collapse menu.

We will respond within 24 hours and let you know whether or not you qualify.

IF YOU HAVE TO PAY IT'S NOT A SPONSORSHIP. We were impressed by what you have to offer. I'm sponsored by Proteus Clothing and I've really enjoyed it so far .I'm not the best at BMX but it was nice they accepted me.

4. Oh man, this is a scam. Close However we are committed to providing sponsors the best discounts and deals on our apparel. 2. I mostly do thing for fun and get pretty good at it(not trying to brag, just a fact). Below are instructions on how to receive your sponsorship package, which will mark the beginning of your entry-level sponsorship with us. Didn't think much of their account when I got the notification, but I it doesn't even matter.

Jeez, a ski-based MLM selling cheap Chinese made gear isn't a terrible idea now that I think of it... You should post this to r/personalfinance.

But hey, $9 for an ugly t shirt with generic designs just so kids can say they're "sponsored"?

Don't bother anyway, their clothing looks like something I could mock up with MS Paint in about 30 seconds. You will receive a code with the Proteus Bundle that grants you 70% off store-wide. You will be subscribed to receive a FREE Proteus t-shirt every month. Between the 70% off discount and $420 worth of free t-shirts we offer through the free monthly tee subscription annually it certainly pays for itself.

Edited Date/Time: 8/17/2016 11:32 PM.

Email: proteusclothing@gmail.com for sponsorship and business inquiries www.proteusco.com Also the package only has one shirt,one pair of sunglasses, crappy earbuds, and stickers. International shipping takes 6-14 business days. Three month old post, his first post on here is telling us how awesome the company is? All we expect from sponsors is to wear our apparel in public and tell your peers about the company. Item added to cart. You seem very talented and worthy of a sponsorship. It can be any sport, activity, or photography, -Explain to us why we should sponsor you, essentially tell us what you have to offer. Although sponsorships vary depending upon the individual, all our sponsorships are obligation-free.

My current state; Proteusco; Some pictures of my life; Proteusco. Yeah I'd steer clear personally, seems too good to be true. Edited Date/Time: 4/19/2016 2:47 PM. Edited Date/Time: 8/17/2016 2:52 PM.

Checkout other members of the Proteusco Team here. Shoot us an email!" Otherwise you are just buying some crappy t-shirts for $25.

You will get a shoutout on one of our Instagram accounts which have over 250,000 followers combined

What do you think about being a rep for us?! Please let us know if you'd be interested in the sponsorship deal and we'll forward you directions on how to get the Proteus Bundle. Plus long-term benefits such as 70% off our apparel, being featured on our social media, and we'll even offer you free apparel every month. I also get a new free t-shirt from them each month so I always have new merch.

At least it's not like beyond the rest where they make you buy a shit ton of products first, then you might get a free item or two. Instagram Please let us know if you'd be interested in the sponsorship deal and we'll forward you directions on how to get the Exclusive Bundle. Item added to cart.


If any company wants you to pay them money as a promise for cheap or free swag its a scam. View cart and check out. If you want to make clothing sponsorship a reality, remember to start small, probably with a contribution or shop sponsorship, especially if you've never been sponsored before.

You don't even have to be able to bunnyhop to get accepted by them, you just have to be willing to buy their ugly ass clothing that looks like they outsourced to high school graphics design classes.

Plus they're not actually a proper bmx company so I wouldn't want to support them anyway. I am willing to bet, you will be given more "opportunities" that cost a lot more than $25 and/or be automatically subscribed to pay for the "free" stuff they offered you. Awesome . View cart and check out.

They probably give out the "sponsorship" to everyone who applies, and since they dont give you anything totally for free (cause you still have to pay for shipping with the monthly shirts) its basically like a no risk thing for proteus and might encourage people to keep buying merch from them.

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