speed in miles per hour. Enter The Loaded RPM of the engine In the worst case scenario, the wrong prop can cause serious damage to components and this is especially true for electric powered rc airplanes. As with IC, electric motor manufacturers give a specific propeller size range for their motors but it's more critical that the range must be adhered to. Select the Hull type to represent slippage.

Gear Ratio: 1 Propeller Pitch.

But with the advent of electric power (EP), propeller selection became a whole new minefield! You can use this boat propeller calculator to determine one of five variables: boat speed, propeller slip, propeller pitch, engine gear ratio, or engine revs.

Adding more blades decreases the overall efficiency of the prop because each blade has to cut through more turbulent air from the preceding blade. Now let's slap a 4S battery in there.

fast & reliable simulation - no more guessing most comprehensive motor database ☆ over 1 million calculations per month eCalc - propCalc - the most reliable Propeller Calculator on the Web In fact, when you hear an rc airplane flying it's more than likely the propeller that you're hearing more than the engine. New to RC flying? At slower speed (i.e.

Propeller slip provides an indication of the efficiency with which a boat is traveling through the water. Predicting speed is great for picking out components for a build but using a Bushnell Radar Gun Flight Calculators. Super Easy RC Prop Size Calculator. However, it is not to be confused with propeller efficiency. The calculations and results are based on imperical data and formulas. United States Salary Tax Calculator 2020/21, United States (US) Tax Brackets Calculator, Statistics Calculator and Graph Generator, UK Employer National Insurance Calculator, DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio) Calculator, Arithmetic & Geometric Sequences Calculator, Volume of a Rectanglular Prism Calculator, Geometric Average Return (GAR) Calculator, Scientific Notation Calculator & Converter, Probability and Odds Conversion Calculator, Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) Calculator.

Essentially, the higher the pitch value, the faster your plane will go. Content by Pete Carpenter. So you can see that selecting a different propeller pitch size is going to significantly change your airplane's performance, with speed being the primary factor. cm Where Power goes when Brakes are Applied on an RC? GR is the number of revolutions the crankshaft needs to produce one revolution of the prop shaft. Then, this ratio is subtracted from 1. Pitch Speed Calculator. If some of you want nautical miles/hr, knots, or Kilometers per hour, let us know and we will try to set it up.

This calculator is free to use as often as you wish. Speed = Miles/hour It's the same for propellers 'cutting' through the air (hence the reason why propellers are sometimes called airscrews).

The following propeller size chart (© Top Flight, reproduced with permission) is easy to use; select your IC engine displacement along the bottom scale, then follow the vertical line up to the shaded area to give the prop size range for that engine. the length of prop from tip to tip. Use this Calculator to assist in the power system selection process. Dr Kiwi from RC Groups sumits his test data to Drive Calculator. Input a propeller pitch in inches and its RPM to see the theoretical maximum speed in miles per hour.

The first number is the diameter of the imaginary disc ('arc') created by the spinning prop i.e. google_color_text = "000000";

Copyright© Pete Carpenter / RCAirplaneWorld.com 2002-2020. You'd be forgiven for just thinking of your rc plane's prop as the thing at the front of the plane that spins round very fast, but understanding a bit about how propellers actually work is no bad thing. Does a Higher kv make your RC car faster? Speed controller and accessories. Estimate Electric Motor & Prop Combo Read the GUIDELINES to help you choose your Plane's Power System - Last updated: January, 15 - 2018 This RC Boat Calculator calculates anything from Boat speed to power consumed including: Voltage, Current, Wattage In / Out, Horsepower Output, Motor Efficiency, Estimated Motor Temperature, Speed (km/h / mph), Max Recommended Run Time based on 80% capacity discharged and Other Power system recommendations and Concern. Prop Pitch = inches/rev (add 1 inch for cupped props) google_color_url = "008000";

It has a more fully featured Pitch Speed calculator plus other calculators you will find useful while modeling.

The propeller revolution rate is determined by dividing the engine rpm by the gear ratio.

So, pitch measurement is really only a theoretical value, but it is good enough to help you choose the right size propeller for your airplane. Therefore any results in the calculated engine power field should be monitored carefully! However, it is not to be confused with propeller efficiency. All rc propellers are designated two measurements, both usually given in inches. Which Prop is suitable for my hacker engine? Prop Size in (mm) The picture to the right approximately illustrates how the Angle of Attack varies along the blade length. Obtain speed data from a radar gun if possible, boat speedometers are notoriously wrong. The only accurate way to know whether or not your EP propeller is resulting in the correct current draw through the ESC and motor is to use a Watt meter connected between battery pack and ESC, as the video below shows... A Watt Meter is essential if you're going totry different prop sizes on your EP plane!

for a list of Propeller Manufacturers and information on the boat propeller market.

RC Calculators grew out of these calculators and will constantly be upgraded with more and more features. Thrust is generated in exactly the same way as lift is generated by the wing, and that's why props have a profile airfoil section. This handy guide presents you with an easy-to-read prop size calculator.

The twist is greater towards the hub of the prop because of varying airspeeds along the length of the blades, and hence varying thrust generation.

The prop's job is to convert the engine power in to thrust, to pull/push the plane through the air. Our brand new hacker eCalc setup calculator can help. (a 15 inch pitch prop theoretically propels the boat 15 inches in one revolution). Engine RPM = rev/min absolute minimum revolutions per minute required to achieve the speed. Please keep in mind that due to the significant amount of unknown variables, it is impossible to achieve a high degree of accuracy. Boat Prop Calculator.

The majority of propellers used in the radio control flying hobby have two blades but props with three or even four blades are available. In the illustration below, the two arrow lines represent the path of each propeller tip. If you want some gory evidence of what props can do, just Google "rc propeller injuries" and you'll soon see.

You can actually compare many different props of the same diameter and pitch to appreciate the fact that manufacturer and model of a prop makes more difference than diameter and pitch. EP prop selection is much more critical because different combinations of motors, ESCs and battery packs can generate huge differences in operating speeds and loads. C is the constant to convert inches-per-minute of revolution to boat speed V; A collection of really good online calculators. Does a Higher kv make your RC car faster? When starting the engine, keep spectators at least 20 feet clear of the model and out of the path of the propeller. Copyright© Pete Carpenter / RCAirplaneWorld.com 2002-2020. Can I use 5 instead of 6S LiPo? Engine Revs. In fact, a single blade propeller is the most efficient but these are rarely (almost never!) What thrust do I have?

The propeller revolution rate is the engine rpm divided by the gear ratio.

We (Polson Enterprises) do not provide assistance in sizing propellers. No harm done. inch

Two-bladed propellers are commonly used because they are relatively efficient and easy and cheap to produce but sometimes an rc airplane will call for more blades, particularly where a scale look is required. But put an oversize prop on an electric motor and the motor won't stall, it'll just keep on trying to turn the prop. This Calculator is to provide a safe conservative prop selection. 3D Insider is ad supported and earns money from clicks and other ways.


Due to prop slip the boat is actually going slower than the theoretical speed. Although this chart is related to Top Flight's Power Point range of props, the size ranges suit all brands. it is convenient for reality checks, or just messing around. It does not account for pitch measurement imprecision

Performance levels are determined.

So, with both engines and props spinning at identical RPM, the higher pitch prop will travel further in the same amount of time - hence a faster flying plane. Sizing Propellers Those wanting to actually size a propeller for a boat (determine the best diameter and pitch) may find a free downloadable Propeller Calculator program from Castle Marine in the U.K. helpful.

Roughly speaking, diameter influences the amount of thrust generated but an ever-increasing and non-performance related issue these days, linked to prop diameter, is that of noise. For instance, if the propeller moves forward 15 inches every time it completes a full turn, the nominal propeller pitch is 15 inches. The pitch measurement of a prop indicates how far, in inches, that propeller will move through the air per single revolution of the engine (i.e. google_ad_type = "text_image";

| Affiliate Disclosure. So please enjoy your visit, and I wish you many future happy landings!

The manufacturer of the plane might also give a recommended prop size, but it's more common for the recommendation to come with the engine or motor.

There are countless stories of model pilots losing fingers, or suffering horrendous lacerations to skin on their hands and arms.

Range for error is extremely small. As the propeller (with high-pitch) rotates faster and faster it is stalling more and more. For instance, a 12x8 APC E prop takes about 86 W to produce 27 oz of thrust at 5000 RPM. PP is the blade pitch of propeller (inches). Input a propeller pitch in inches and its RPM to see the theoretical maximum speed in miles per hour. kph, Engine Revs

Boat Performance Analyzer from BoatRamp.com. Surfbaud Freeware Propeller Calculator is an Excel spreadsheet program. Visit our Outboard Propeller Manufacturers and Propeller Industry Market Research Page

google_color_link = "0000FF";

Drive Motors - Single or Twin Drive System Select the Prop to be used from the drop down menu.

motor size selections with motors larger than the 540 size.

KV - The KV value of the motor Visit Radio Control Boat Motor Selection for more details. Nor does it account for propeller inefficiencies.

Boat Speed This ratio is found by dividing the actual boat speed by the theoretical boat speed to get a ratio. All of these calculations and conversions are done for you internally in the RBBI Prop Calculator.

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