Their prices can typically be a little higher as a result. whoever said these dogs are bad or “devils” your an idiot because I owned 6 red nose pit bulls at once and they were excellent dogs. Dog joint pain is the result of degenerative or developmental issues. Lol really? The Great Dane might grow up to be a monster of a dog as it ages, but all dogs start out … [Read More...] about Grey Great Dane Puppy Information & Precautions. If you are willing to spend some cash to buy a Red nose pitbull puppy, then make sure that you got plenty of money to pay. These are the kind of breeders that don’t have the overall health of the dog in mind. With your attitude, you are are likely to be an addition to the problem and not the solution for these awesome, sweet, loyal and affectionate pups. She also loves my 2 cats Pumpkin and cuddles! Many APBTs end up in the hands of owners who treat their dogs harshly or fail to treat them properly, which negatively affects the dog’s behavior. You should only get a Pit if you want him/her as a loving friend and companion. Pitbull dogs requires the best kind of doggie food to have long as well as healthy, foods that have lots of fillers since they lack the proper. They are a strain of American Pitbull Terrier that came to this country in the early 1920's through mostly Irish Immigrants. I don’t know why I HAD to have them but I begged my mom to let me get them, and I didn’t stop until I got them. Keep your ignorance to yourself and go buy a chihuahua. Agility trading will be coupled with that. u must need a pair of glasses. Providing a selection of extremely tough toys can be beneficial. Check at shelter or rescue. She was funny when I first got her because she would panic if I took her collar off to bathe her and also would run after every car that went by and tries to sniff the tires.

Most Pitties are a dream to train! I have generally had dogs that fall into that category: GSD’s, Doberman’s, Akita’s, and Pitbull’s.

This can be more common with Pitbulls in general as how they were bred over time. I hate when u find yourself always having to explain or vouch for these dogs lack to knowledge and information and ignorance of the breed. I have ever had and Ive had dogs my entire life. While this tradition has almost completely died out, fights between dogs (though illegal) still continue underground. Skin allergies can also be a problem with Pitbulls. will my red nose look wierd if I don’t dock her tail? Lips and toenails are red, and the eyes are either red or amber. You need to keep in mind that this breed requires lots of training and socializing, for which you will have to set aside a considerable amount of time. The body has a broad chest and a deep thick muscular neck. I have owned a number of breeds of dogs and a Blue Nose was the first pitbull I ever owned.

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