The type of leadership he displays cannot be taught, he is able to bring together two different types of groups to act as one, to respect each other and play together. Here you can order a professional work. Remember the Titans' is the perfect movie for Exam 3.It covers many topics that were on the exam, and this class has given me a different way of looking at the movie. Smith, Heather J. and Tyler Tom R. “Choosing the Right Pond: The Impact of Group Membership on Self-Esteem and Group-Oriented Behavior”. A person will have one self identity (normally) but may have several social identities if they relate, belong and have close ties to more than one social circle. Analysis Essay He shows power in the movie, he has a large capacity to influence others.

He is black or white and therefore, I don’t trust him and I don’t want to work with him. Principle #2: Persuasion- The Peripheral Route The Scene: “Lesson from the Dead”- Coach Boone wakes the entire team up at 3 AM one night at training camp and makes them take a long distance back woods run. Coach Boone, a tough but fair head coach, sends the integrated football team to a two-week training camp, in hopes to build a relationship among the races.

He notes several characteristics he associates with all blacks and attributes them to Coach Boone, a classic application of stereotyping. Lastly, prejudice can be learned. His disparaging of blacks at the beginning of the scene, his interactions with Coach Boone and his desire to join a race riot against blacks are just a few examples. Out of Mind but Back in Sight: Stereotypes on the Rebound”. cw. Free Samples and Examples of Essays, Homeworks and any Papers. Coach Boon has paired up one black and one white player to sit next to each other on their and also be roommates for the remainder of camp. He is a huge influence on the Titans. Alexandria, Virginia is a community torn apart by racial hatred and the order to integrate their public high schools. May 10, 2009 . At the beginning of the film they didn’t get along but in order to make the team a success Boone learned to.

A common or shared goal is often enough to break down barriers between people and it encourages them to see each other as just people and not as part of an out group they dislike. Gerry was a very determined guy. It is within this atmosphere that Blacks and Whites in a college came together to challenge racist attitudes and form friendships. Coach Yoast is a caring leader.

Research has shown that these attitudes and thoughts can stay with us for very long times (Macrae & others, 1994; Wegner & Erber, 1992). Retrieved from, This is just a sample. The Peripheral Route takes a more round about way by appealing to someone’s emotions and subjective side. You can get your custom paper from At the same time, Gerry is taking comfort in his in group by telling Julius that he is worthless because he won’t be a team player. As the team captain, Gerry had to kick Ray off the team. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 63 (1992); 903-912. “Prejudice and Discrimination. This paper will analyze the sociological issues that are brought up in the movie “Remember the Titans.” Based on a true story, this movie encompasses many of the issues that were dominating in our society in the past. Set in a traditionally white southern town in 1971, the effects of court ordered integration are coming down hard on the town’s people. Get Your Custom Essay on, Racism and Discrimination In “Remember the Titans”, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, Topic: Racism and Discrimination In “Remember the Titans”,, Get your custom

He was determined to have only white people on the team, deteermined to stay captain and win every game he can. On their way, Coach Yoast intercepts them and gets them to come back with him as they would get in trouble if they went along with the riot. "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLL! The goal specificity is also clear in the movie. Jerry Brucknerimer At times, many of the principles are closely intertwined and almost inseparable. Coach Herman Boone, who is played by Denzel Washington, is a very influential person. The solution to the problem is also presented, giving the team a way to see where Coach Boone wants them to go- “If we don’t come together now on this hallowed ground, we will be destroyed too… you will respect each other and maybe play this game like men” (Remember the Titans, 2000). Together they inspire, not just the team, but the town to “Trust the soul of a man rather than the look of him.” This is a brilliant movie that not only entertains, but teaches a life changing lessons. doc learned his prejudice from are his mother (home and family) and Coach Tyrell (outside the home and family). He then looks directly at Coach Boone and asks him for help because the opposing team is kicking his butt.

Gerry Bertier and Coach Tyrell are insulting black people while they are walking to the office and continue to disparage black Page 2 of 12Film Analysis Research Project_Nadler. Sherif then told both groups there was a problem with the camp’s water supply and a broken down food delivery truck and that both groups were needed to resolve the issues. oc/ Turner, John C. , Michael A. Hogg, Penelope J. Oakes, Stephen D. Reicher and Margaret S. Wetherell. Although Coach Boone had been fired from his last job because a white man wanted that position, he shows respect to all who have earned it, even Coach Yoast who had gone against Boone’s wishes numerous times. Directed by Boaz Yakin, Remember the Titans explores racism in the community of Alexandria and the struggles of dealing with an integrated society, school and football team. The attitude formed can often result from the formation of stereotypes or can come from subconscious thoughts and it can originate for many different reasons. Research has shown by holding our perception of our social identity high, we feel better and more superior to others (Smith and Tyler, 1977). Disgusted by their actions, Coach Boone disciplines his players by ordering them to a long run to Gettysburg. The Principle: Myers defines Prejudice as “a negative prejudgment of a group and its individual members” (Meyers, 2007). This paper will focus on racial prejudice only.

DVD. Their first act as a team, both colors, was to attend camp together at Gettysburg College. , Self-Concept, False Consensus and Uniqueness Effect, Conformity, Obedience, Evaluation Apprehension, In and Out Groups, Proximity, Collectivism and Conflict). White citizens are very ... not there was always consequences that followed. Gerry responds by telling Julius he is a big waste of talent because he won’t listen to anyone, not ever the coaches and that his selfish behavior damages the team and hurts Gerry too. This film depicts an everlasting sociological issue that has to do with race in America. This causes a few fights and of course dirty looks. (Social Identity Theory, 2004) Page 8 of 12Film Analysis Research Project_Nadler. Prejudice is a general term that can encompass many areas such as race, gender or age. oc the team. Herman Boone. ” (Jamieson, 1985). WGBH Educational Foundation, Boston, MA. New York: Basil Blackwell, 1987. Coach Tyrell on the other hand, continues to insult black people including direct digs at Coach Boone while Coach Boone remains courteous and polite, but does get a few off hand remarks in. Principle #4: Superordinate Goal The Scene: “Trusting the Soul”- At half time of the state championship game, TC Williams is loosing and Coach Boone gives the team his talk in the locker room. They realize during training camp and through out the season, the only way they will be good enough to win the state championship is to work together as a team and to put their differences aside. Boone is an African American and the coach he is now replacing (Bill Yoast) is white. Even when Coach Boone was taking Coach Yoast’s position, he still considered his teams opinion. Lastly, Julius tells Gerry his leadership as captain is poor and Gerry tells Julius he has a bad attitude.

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