And in most cases requires no alterations to the shotgun. Comes with long bolt inside not shown. I also will consider shipping outside of the continental United States(lower 48) on a case by case bases. If your magazine tube will take a 12ga shell then you have one of the older guns that needs the 12ga extension.

This forend has been used. This is a like new Graco mercury recoil reducer for Remington 870 12ga trap shotgun.

This is a collection of parts& tools I don’t use: Brand new 870 express trigger group. I will combine shipping when possible to lower cost probably ship via FEDEX ground. This trigger looks brand new or very nearly so.

Turn the nut counter-clockwise to unscrew and remove. or USPS.

Insert the Phillips-heads screws and securely tighten them with a Phillips screwdriver. Thanks and please check out my other auctions.

However, the Remington 11-87 is simple enough for you to replace, so you can avoid the expense of … Free shipping is for the(lower 48 states) when applicable. Once cookies are enabled please refresh the current page. Please be advised that this item is listed on other auction sites. I am not a gunsmith etc and have no special expertise. This shell holder is slightly used and includes scuffs. 3 Enfield No. I ship upon receipt of payment. I can't find any evidence that it has ever been used, no wear marks on the carrier and none of the usual unburnt powder and grime usually found in 1100 triggers. MEC chargebars: 1) 302 100 2) 203 118 1) 302 112 1) 302 114 1) 502 78 MWC chargebar bushings. I will also not change shipping addresses so Please make sure the address on your account is where it is going. Never perform cleaning or maintenance on a firearm in the vicinity of other people or pets. 18. But I thought I would mention it to clarify and save me from having to answer questions about it. A. Otherwise it may not be here the next time you come back! Installation is easy. Spears 1100.1187 remington 12ga RELEASE TRIGGER GROUP, EXCELLENT CONDITION, WORKS LIKE NEW, HAS SOME CHIPS IN FINISH. Unload your shotgun outdoors, and double-check it to ensure all the rounds have been emptied from the chamber. Remington 1100/1187 20 gauge Complete Trigger Group.

Just some petrified preservative that I cleaned off. Which has been Remington standard equipment since the late 80s. Removed from low mileage guns.

Save 30% by buying this one! Thanks for looking. Using the right tool for the job will ensure a high-quality repair. Both stock and forend are constructed of a sturdy, weather resistant, black synthetic material and the stock features a recoil-absorbing pad. MEC crimp starters: 1) 6 point.

Everything pictured is what you get; Extension with nut, factory follower, factory XP spring, and factory clamp. Thanks! He is a certified specialists in lubrication and tribology, as well as a certified maintenance and reliability professional. A SPORTSMAN FOR ALL SEASONS. Please review all pictures and ask any questions to clarify, preferably before bidding.

As well as left handed 1100s and 1187s(2 minute job to swap them out) It will also work in Remington Sportsman 58 and Remington 878 shotguns as well with no modification. The 7 shot extension will hold 1 round in the chamber and 6 rounds in the extension. The 8 shot extension will hold 1 round in the chamber and 7 rounds in the extension. High gloss poly finish. Most people already know this. GREAT Condition, Scattergun Technologies Parkerized 2 shot extension for REMINGTON 870 100 1187. This will fit any Remington 1100 or 1187 12ga gun. If I receive a bid on another auction site, or an offer through an internet forum, and there are no bids on this auction, I will close this auction immediately and without warning, so if you are interested, BID! Has had a trigger shoe on it at some time! As well as internet forums. I will delineate any damage that I am aware of. Remove the action spring tube nut and lock washer made accessible when you removed the stock pad. Includes magazine tube spring and A follower. Probably not real gold) meaning it was intended for the higher-end Premier model(the lower end models had the plain black trigger) Gloss black powdercoat finish. Hi. NOT a Sacttergun Technologies Follower. Not the newer black powdercoating) but will also work in an 1187.

It may also fit the 1100 and 1187 guns. Remington 1100/1187 Internal Parts Spring Pins Action Sleeve Skeet Trap Sporting, Remington 1100/1187 20 gauge Complete Trigger Group Skeet Sporting Trap 11-87, Mesa Tactical Steel HK Style Hook Loop Kit Remington 870/ 1100/ 1187 Shotgun, TacStar Side Saddle 6 Shot Shell Holder For Remington 870/ 1100/ 1187 12 Gauge, Remington police 870 1100 1187 12ga magazine end cap with sling swivel stud, Remington factory 870 1100 1187 2 +2 shot round extension spring follower clamp, Punisher Remington Shotgun 870 1100 1187 Button Head Trigger Assembly Pin, Remington 870/1100/1187/VersaMax 8 Shot Extension 12 gauge Choate Brand, Remington 1100 and 1187 stock satin finish, Remington 870 1100 1187 & MEC progressive single stage parts, Remington 1100/1187 High Grade AAA+ Forend 12ga Walnut Cut Checkering Skeet Trap, Vintage Remington 1100/1187 Shotgun Bolt, Locking Block, Firing Pin, F Spring 12, Tactical Anti Walk Trigger Guard Assembly Pins for Remington 870 1100 1187, Scattergun Technologies Remington 870 1100 1187 2 round Extension Parkerized QD, REMINGTON 870 1100 1187 GRACO MAGAZINE RECOIL REDUCER PARTS, Remington Imp Mod/Mod choke 10ga.

Unconditional money-back guarantee if not 100% satisfied. Right hand safety, right hand carrier(for right hand ejection shotguns) This trigger does NOT have the clunky and complicated ISS integrated safety system that many of these triggers came with, and most people hated. Although this was manufactured for the 1187. Oil, lube, glue, etc. Never handle a firearm without first ensuring it is unloaded completely. 2 action bar assemblies, everything that you see pictured. I took this off my 870P. 5, Ithaca Flues Ithaca Lewis Ithaca NID SKB 280E SKB 100 SKB 200, Marlin 1898 Marlin 90 Marlin 19 Marlin 49 Marlin Mark 1, Mauser 98 Mauser 94 Mauser 96 Mauser 95 Mauser 93, Remington Model 11-48 Remington Sportsman 48, Remington Model 1100 Remington Model 11-87, Remington Model 12 Remington Model 121 Remington Model 25, Remington Model 1889 Remington Model 1900, Remington Model 29 Remington Model 10 Remington Model 10A, Remington Model 7 M700 M30 M788 M798 M721 M511 M510, Remington Model 740 Remington Model 742 Remington Model 7400, Remington Model 760 Remington Model 76 Remington Model 7600, Remington Rolling Block 1 1-1/2 2 3 4 5 6, Ruger Model 77 Ruger 10-22 Ruger 96 Ruger 44 Mag, Sako 78 L579 VL63 L61 L57 Sako Forester Sako A II Sako 691, Savage/Fox Model B Savage 330 420 430 440 444 Savage 775, Springfield 1903 Springfield 03/A3 Springfield NRA 22, Stevens 24 Stevens 94 Stevens 94-78 Stevens No Model, Stevens 311 Stevens 325 Stevens 315 Stevens 335 Stevens 235, Stevens Favorite Stevens 24 Stevens 1915 Stevens 94 Stevens 70, Winchester Model 1200 Winchester Model 1300, Winchester Model 1400 Winchestser Model 1400 MK II, Winchester Model 1873 Winchester 1866 Uberti 1873 Uberti 76, Winchester Model 1885 Winchester 1885 Miruko 1885, Winchester Model 1886 Winchester Model 86, Winchester Model 1887 Winchester Model 1901, Winchester Model 1890 Model 1906 Model 62 Model 62A, Winchester Model 1892 Winchester Model 1894/94 Pre War, Winchester Model 1893 Winchester Model 1897, Winchester Model 1905 Model 1910 Model 1907, Winchester Model 1911 Winchester Model 11, Winchester 54 Model 70 Model 74 Model 88 Model 100 Model 67.

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