3) Added a lot of new equipment. Lastly, another UI improvement includes the possibility of selecting the entirety of an army by simply double-clicking the army’s avatar on the right panel. The 1.0.37 patch, dubbed the “Geared Up” update by the team, brings several small yet important changes to the equipment system, as well as a few other adjustments.

While the rewards from this event are still undisclosed, they’re probably going to be really awesome. Luckily, this entry might actually not be the big deal it’s chalked up to be. The first is your standard 7-day progression race that rewards players for achieving different progress milestones while the event is active.

You have more choices now. For all the people out there who suffers from figuring out what the update was about, here are some of the most notable changes in the today Rise of Kingdoms update (July 7th 2020). ... Lyceum of Wisdom is a building in Rise Of Kingdoms where you will answer questions and if you answer correctly you will receive rewards. For this reason, we decided to write an article listing the most important additions and changes that the Spring Update will bring to Rise of Kingdoms.

With the change of seasons rapidly approaching in many parts of the world, numerous game developers are quick to release patches with events revolving around this occasion. Of course, with the feasibility of AoE damage, which many players rely on, on the line, it’s expected that people react negatively to this change, which is what’s been happening all around social media. Ramesses II & Why He is Great for F2P Players! Additionally, there are a ton of new achievements that players can obtain, including a brand new category. Revamped the old equipment bundle and all the materials in the bag have turned into material chests. As far as adjustments go, there are now improved odds of receiving equipment blueprints after defeating barbarian camps and barbarians on the map.

Rise of Kingdoms 2020 Spring Event: All You Need to Know.

Plenty of valuable rewards lie in store... © 2020 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluestack Systems, Inc. In these... War games are always a fun time for those of us who enjoy strategy gameplay with a heavy focus on PvP. In essence, this change might be in response to Lilith Games trying to fix an old bug where AoE damage among multiple alliances didn’t resolve correctly, and shouldn’t overly affect the current meta. 2) Adjusted the difficulty of some generals to rebalance the “Ceroli Crisis” event. One of the most important additions to the UI is the improvements to the album display, which make it easier to know the author of uploaded photos.

Before the update, you can download data in advance via events to earn nice rewards. Ramesses II & Why He is Great for F2P Players!

5) You now can choose to add the same materials as used last time while upgrading the star level of a commander.

The exact update time will be announced in a notification later. However, if Lilith Game’s commentary on the topic is any indication, these changes are probably minor, just as they stated in the patch notes. Full patch notes of the upcoming Rise of Kingdoms update v1.0.37: Geared Up. With the changes to the Aoe Damage on the way, it’s understandable that some players might be concerned about the viability of the current meta. The much anticipated update which overhauls the Talent Tree in Rise of Civilizations has gone live as a downloadable update to players today. Try to find their keys in events. Upon further inquiry on what this change implies, Lilith Games responded with a simple example: Basically, if Alliance A is locked in combat with Alliance B, with an additional Alliance C in range, but NOT in combat, the AoE attacks from the former will only affect and damage Alliance B. Meanwhile, the other two will consist of farming specific items—branches, in this case—and trading them in for different prizes. Kingdom calender, cause like no lucerne scroll yet. According to the patch notes, the first will revolve around building your power and will reward players with a permanent city theme, which is always one of the most coveted rewards in these events. 4) You now need to go through a confirmation box after you choose “Max” while using items. Now every general has their own ranking. Nevertheless, we won’t truly know the implications of said changes until they’re actually implemented come March 9th. News, views and updates for Rise of Kingdoms.

We have received valuable feedback from many governors, which are mainly about how “the system is too complicated”, “the attribute bonuses are too small”, “materials are too hard to get”, etc.

What is the Best Unit Type for New Players?

Can skip sunset canyon fight scene. Furthermore, the results screen for battles in this mode has been expanded to show additional information such as individual healing. Some of the badly designed equipments got buffed with stats (definitely not pointing at Seth’s Rrutality Gloves or Cloud Races Boots). 3) All of your kingdom’s glorious victories and humiliating defeats within the Lost Kingdom will be recorded on the Kingdom Honor page after the event. We plan to update the game to version 1.0.37: “Geared Up” during [UTC 2020/8/10-2020/8/20].

Two new types of pop-up bundle of 3$ and 5$, appearing through obtained prints from the tavern or crafting certain tier of equipment.

A few legendary equipments only available through KvK. After the update, we will take back all your unused equipment materials and compensate you with material choice chests of corresponding quality and quantity.

4) Adjusted the equipment blueprint drops in “Ceroli Crisis“, “Ian’s Ballads“, “Shadow Legion Invasion“, “Sunset Canyon“, “Golden Kingdom” and other events.

Furthermore, when it comes to rally battles, players who get kills are now more accurately accredited for the said kills, making it easier to see the top contributors in these massive skirmishes. All the available commanders now talk and Artis’s voice is not cute.

The Expedition mode in Rise of Kingdoms is a great way to challenge yourself in a scenario that is not the usual PvP.

King skills went live and there are 3 in total.

On one hand, we have an event that is tied to the progression of your town, and which grants rewards to the player for working on several important aspects of the game, including increasing troop power, defeating barbarians on the map, and gathering resources, among others. 5) Reduced the material cost of forging for most Elite and Epic equipment.

Note that previous leaderboard data will be removed during the update. Talent Tree 2.0 Update.

8) Added a new super-value “Geared Up” bundle and removed an old bundle: “The Hammer and Anvil”.

What is the Best Unit Type for New Players? Rise of Kingdoms “Sweet Valentine’s” Update – All You Need to Know About the Feb 2020 Patch. R4/R5 can now kick people in peace for not contributing in KvK at least made life a bit more easier.

In the case of Rise of Kingdoms, developer Lilith Games is releasing the 1.0.31 Spring Update in just a few days, bringing a wide slew of events, as well as several changes to the popular war game. Luckily, this outrage could probably be chalked up to a misunderstanding and misinterpretation of the patch notes as a whole, as the entry regarding the changes to the AoE damage type is very short and vague. Now, while only mentioned briefly in the patch notes as a minor adjustment, this (admittedly) small change has the potential of turning all we knew about the Rise of Kingdoms meta completely on its head, specifically due to the fact that the current meta revolves around AoE, to some extent. Also, players can now choose to show off certain achievements on their profiles.

Completed the Windswept and the Revival set.

As always, you can download the data in advance to get rewards in exchange.

RSS collecting audio change.

Speaking of which, patch 1.0.30 for Rise of Kingdoms came out just a few days ago, and with it, came a wide slew of changes and events. There are numerous other smaller adjustments that are coming to Rise of Kingdoms with the Spring Update, including improvements and enhancements to the UI and adjustments to certain systems. Review Rise of Kingdoms release date, changelog and more. These skills will now choose targets from all enemy Governor troops that are currently attacking you and are within the skill’s area effect.”.

Minor adjustments, animation fix, one of the peacekeeper talent, event optimization etc has been alter or adjusted oh and the sunset canyon bugged out for many, so that’s a thing.

King skills went live and there are 3 in total. What are your thoughts on these changes? (In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play). Update 1.0.37 Summary: Multiple sets of Legendary Equipment can be obtained from VIP Shop, Ceroli crisis, and other events. Completed the Windswept and the Revival set. System mails show a down icon of you have too many stuff yet to be collected.

There are two unique events coming alongside these first three, however, named Reach for the Top, and Arms Training. While this is one of the smaller patches that will grace the game in recent times, there are still some notable changes and events that we feel must be pointed out. Let us know your opinion in the section below! Play Rise of Kingdoms on PC to fully enjoy the game! Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC (November 2020).

Troops training and collecting audio change. R5 and R4 can check individual honor of alliances members. Download Rise of Kingdoms for PC (November 2020). Since you are on your phone, we are going to send you to the Google Play page. 2) Added an auto-translate feature for kingdom announcements on the teaming up screen. If you have forged any such equipment, we will return the extra consumed materials to you after the update.

2) Improved the attributes of some equipment to rebalance the system.

You must have Windows 7 or higher. Full patch notes of the upcoming Rise of Kingdoms update v1.0.37: Geared Up. After listening to user feedback, Lilith Games made some changes and additions to the Ark of Osiris League, including all-new practice matches that alliance leaders can purchase using gems so their alliances can hone their skills in this mode. Several other gameplay changes here include the use of alliance and commander skills, which now work as normal during the Ark of Osiris, as well as the fact that locked commanders can now be dispatched during the league. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause you, and will be sending a compensation reward once the update is complete. One requires grinding, 1 from lucerne scroll and last 2 skin is for Osiris League 3 (not coming anytime soon). Update 1.0.34: Golden Kingdom (May 2020) Update 1.0.34: “Golden Kingdom” will be at [UTC 2020/06/01 06:00].

Meanwhile, the latter will consist of training sessions against Armsmaster Lohar, which get increasingly tougher as the player beats each level.

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