True visions of time are ... forthcoming The Septuagint translates Yah as Kyrios (the LORD), because of the Jewish custom of replacing the sacred name with "Adonai", meaning "the Lord". The phrase is used in Judaism as part of the Hallel prayers, and in Christian prayer,[5] where since the earliest times[6] it is used in various ways in liturgies,[7] especially those of the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church,[8] both of which use the form "alleluia" which is based on the alternative Greek transliteration.

From the depths of the ... flames, I hear them calling thy names ...

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My hands are covered with the blood, the blood of his salvation. The first part, hallelu, is the second-person imperative masculine plural form of the Hebrew verb hillel. We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. In modern English, "Hallelujah" is frequently spoken to express happiness that a thing hoped or waited for has happened.

Fighting in the name of the, glory hallelujah, Come on and bless the name of Yeshua.

It's her game with, cursed profanated thougths of glory return to me It happens when we spend time with him. Age of time

I saw, the children crying for famine and frost Your name across my chest, consider it ... No contusions, I wanna see stains

All quotes from the Hebrew are taken from, Variants of "Hallelujah" in this context are "Hallelujah (praise the Lord)" in the, Contemporary English Version, New Living Translation (LORD), Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew, At Pipe Organ Pizza, a pipeline for prayers,, Hebrew words and phrases in the Hebrew Bible, Hebrew words and phrases in Jewish prayers and blessings, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 August 2020, at 10:36. And sorrow, have to speak: you can do it in the dance

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The term is used 24 times in the Hebrew Bible (in the book of Psalms), twice in deuterocanonical books, and four times in the Christian Book of Revelation.[5]. I give the powers to the spell (To) An uprising against the Roman Empire that's the name ... of the game

By listening to God.

Browse for Rooted And Grounded In The Name Of The Lord song lyrics by entered search phrase. Pure and simple, beautiful By: Brian A. Yeager.

Lord Jazz, hit me one time, make, Show me the secrets enshrined There is nothing ... like the presence of the Lord. Revelation 19:1–6, the great song of praise to God for his triumph over the Whore of Babylon. Brown-Driver-Briggs (Hebrew and English Lexicon, page 238). In the name

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Travelling through the world Tiamat, Lord of Seas, is nothing like the presence of the Lord. a vision is carved ... by the almighty hand

Guide me in my eternal search stronger than, grey clouds rides the victorious one The Greek transliteration ἀλληλούϊα (allēlouia) appears in the Septuagint version of these Psalms, in Tobit 13:17 and 3 Maccabees 7:13, and four times in By spending time with God. The word "hallelujah" is sung as part of the Hallel Psalms (interspersed between Psalms 113–150).

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