King George III levied taxes constantly and refused to listen to the people’s grievances and desires. Or next week.). D.C. Buzz: In mixed Congress, DeLauro stays purple, Dan Freeman /Hearst Newspapers Washington Bureau / Hearst Connecticut Media, Dan Freeman / Hearst Newspapers Washington Bureau, Elections monitor: Bridgeport ‘can be proud’. DeLauro and the pro-abortion lawmakers suggested that even though the Catholic church is pro-life that it’s a personal mission rather than a mission accomplished through public policy. Moe Tom, you and your wife are in the same home, are able to hug and recognize each other. (VIDEO) What If They Held a Biden Rally, but the Trumpsters Outnumbered Them? I’m at a loss for words. But once the election passed, the purple re-appeared — arguably a fitting metaphor to the mixed results that included enough “flips” to give back the House to DeLauro’s Democrats. Maybe his eye sight is REALLY bad. Old TV’s had a ‘Tint’ knob to help correct that. Truly a person of the people. You’re effort to take Portland, Oregon off the front page is greatly appreciated. They elected her anyway. [clarification needed][citation needed] On February 2, 2008, DeLauro endorsed Illinois Senator Barack Obama for President. I can’t believe that any group of Americans could elect that parakeet to office. Again, thank you. In 2002 DeLauro voted for the Help America Vote Act of 2002. [4] She earned her high school diploma from The Academy of Our Lady of Mercy, Lauralton Hall in Milford, Connecticut. They are still fighting to get leadership control. God Bless and prayers for you. Probably has the same kind of “marriage” Bill and Hillary have. “We are concerned with the pope’s recent statement warning Catholic elected officials that they risk excommunication and would not receive communion for their pro-choice views,” the statement read. The gals at Motus have been very worried about you, please check in with them,they are one of the best group of women around to have as a support group for what you are going through. Since 2008, the Navy has spent $1.5 billion on attack submarines essentially waiting in line, the GAO report found. You know, they like to talk about “dignity of the office” all the live long day. DeLauro and other supporters of the tax argued that it could help address the national epidemics of obesity and diabetes by discouraging consumers from consuming the products and also raise money to fund prevention and treatment programs and with research and dietary education to help reduce the costs of related health problems.

They said that the penalty of excommunication “offend(s) the very nature of the American experiment and do(es) a great disservice to the centuries of good work the church has done.”. A post shared by HEATH LEDGER (@heathledger) on Apr 8, 2014 at 9:42am PDT. The introduction of this bill represents a potential conflict of interest, because of her husband's, Stanley Greenberg, relation to agricultural biotechnology corporation Monsanto. As a freak you’re one of a kind special versus flat out fugly. Magdalena Palmer missed one of the two previous presidential elections she could have voted in, after immigrating to the United States from... Colin McEnroe: Is that bad moon rising, or falling? She is a leader in the group Catholic Democrats.

(VIDEO) One Shot, One Kill: Philly District Attorney’s Office ‘Gun Violence Responder’ Greases Thug, (WATCH) Mr. Kalama Harris Claims ‘I’m Married to the Next President of the United States!’, (Video) Kamala Harris Holds Rally in North Carolina, Six People Show Up, (VIDEO) Breaking: Judge Sullivan ORDERED to Respond to Gen. Flynn’s Legal Team’s Request he be REMOVED, Covid-19: So It Begins, New York’s Prisoner Release Results in Assault and Robbery Arrest. In June 2010 DeLauro voted in favor of a bill for new disclosure requirements for political advertising. Anniegirl February 28, 2018 at 6:05 pm Down South they say look at that, she’s one Hot Mess! [23] However, Obama nominated fellow congresswoman Hilda Solis for the position. The Gods Must Be Crazy, well, a sense of humour anyway. [26] DeLauro cited their work together during the Iran-Contra scandal, and stated that Bonior's "position as whip will not impact the momentum the choice issue has in Congress right now. Do the R’s have anyone male or female who can compete with the self-expression of the D’s?

Down South they say look at that, she’s one Hot Mess! [needs update] This legislation is aimed at reforming the food safety responsibilities handled by the FDA. “The men and women who work at Electric Boat are the best at what they do,” he said in the release. Purple just isn’t going to cut it. Looks like the end result of Barney and a gas station burrito. I didn’t think anyone could top Ruth Bader Ginsberg on the the ugly meter, but she went above and beyond. Young leads 120th State House race; Gresko ahead in... Klarides-Ditria, Rochelle claim victory in Valley. They said that the penalty of excommunication “offend(s) the very nature of the American experiment and do(es) a great disservice to the centuries of good work the church has done.”. DeLauro also helped to pass the Lobbying and Donation Regulations bill that put in place new regulations about lobbyists and donations for Congress members. The Joker, played by the late, great Heath Ledger.

Throw water on her….right? Do it for me. “Bubby, I love the purple, I love the purple!” DeLauro quoted her as saying. There is only one of her and what do you do with it?

Rep. Rosa DeLauro wearing purple on House floor today for National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week. Of all the democrat pinup girls, she has to be the most hideous. Hillary Clinton Thanked by Communist Chinese for Slamming POTUS as ‘Racist’, Alyssa Milano, Face Mask, Crochet, Virtue Signalling, Hypocrite, Politics, Right-Wing News, Arguably the most hard-left leaning member of the House of Representatives, Dealing with being born genetically unfortunate, Being excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Two years ago. Either that, or purple hair is now a part of the House dress-code as freaky, ugly Democrat Rosa Delauro who is already difficult to look at showed up with purple hair for work today. Her old man is big time political strategist Stan Greenberg. Or Thursday. The campaign was equally combative over policy matters, with both candidates microphones being cut off during a radio debate after repeated attacks over abortion and capital punishment. The U.S. Navy must have laced Sen. Chris Murphy’s drinking water with Kool-Aid back in 2016 when he hitched a ride aboard the USS Hartford attack submarine for an underwater ride to the Arctic Circle. Expand. This act provided, from federal funds, $3.9 billion to modernize technology and create new programs to reach a higher standard and to make voting an easier process for disabled citizens, military personnel, citizens living abroad, and first-time voters without valid identification. Truly a sight to behold. (VIDEO) What If They Held a Biden Rally, but the Trumpsters Outnumbered Them? DeLauro is one of the most progressive members of the House. MJA, thanks!And thanks for sharing your great posts every week! In a sit-down interview with Rep. Rosa DeLauro last week, the topics ranged from her pending chairmanship of an important House Appropriations subcommittee to her ardent support of Rep. Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker. Rep. Rosa DeLauro wearing purple on House floor today for National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week. Barf. [21] She worked to pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. Cited by the good folks over at, the 14-term congresswoman’s personal fortune is slightly more than $15.2 million.

So I have to admit to a slight eye-roll when I saw a Murphy press release calling for a stepped-up maintenance schedule for submarines — at Electric Boat in Groton. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), seen here with Rep. Juan Vargas (D-CA) flash thumbs up as they arrive for a Democratic caucus meeting in the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center November 14, 2018 in Washington. Nasty Rosa just doing that “finger thing” by being dressed in her purple garb-age. It’s difficult to tell since CSPAN doesn’t really pick up the entire outfit, but it’s just clear enough to make out the important stuff. This bill allows the Secretary of Health and Human Services to create a birth defects prevention, risk reduction, and awareness program. Nothing more, just their faces.

DeLauro is a proud Italian-American — don’t get her started on New Haven pizza. I may cut her a break if she is Catholic. "[27][28][29], DeLauro supports the availability of abortions in all cases, along with the use of federal subsidies for abortion procedures. Can’t she wait until he’s worked the kinks out? When I see things like this it is so difficult to fathom how something of this nature gets into any kind of position of influence or importance. Connicuit or Cuntacut, must really suck. RottyLover, I hope that things turn around for you real soon and you find some peace in your life for you and your husband. Cutting through the fog of liberalism since 2009.

Please. Editor's Note: An earlier version of this article indicated Representative DeLauro will be chairing a Senate Appropriations subcommittee. Rosa Delauro is 74 years old and has been a Connecticut Democrat for decades in the House. Gen. Kelly removes Jared Kushner’s Top Secret clearance, Scientific study: Right-wingers more repulsed by low-lifes, (VIDEO) Karen Alert: Cry-Baby Biden and Hysterical Harris Cancel Texas Rallies, ‘Highway Ambush by MAGA Cavalry’, (WATCH) Clearly Aggravated Sleepy Joe Refers to Trump Supporters as ‘Ugly Folks’ (Dopes?

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