Considering doing a pre-story story to get that fleshed out. Glyphs: Dear God, Schnee Glyphs, Swiss Army Glyphs, whatever you want to call them, have been deemed to be a Schnee only thing and thus are rejectable on sight. It can even be weapon spawning.). Realistic semblances: - … I like red more. The user can create a sort of paste on his body which he can explode on command. EDIT:  It was actually Telecommunication, sorry, but the points I've made here still apply. Regardless of the weapon type, the majority of them are able to shift into a different form or more thanks to foldable frames. Only Reviewers and Admins are allowed to edit this page. Okay, my brain has been teeming with semblance ideas ya'll.

Simply click again to get 10 new random names.

Image projection: allows the user to trick the opponent by instilling in their mind an image of what they think they are going to do.

alternativly he can dump large amounts of aura into a shape to make it permanent but the larger the object the more aura requried to first form it then set it in that shape ( lagre sword like a scottish claymore would use more than half of his aura to begin with and the more he trains the less aura it will need). the weaknesses are a little more than i would like but he is supposed to have some weaknesses. Transformation semblances are remaining off the books until canonical evidence is given. Their faunus trait (if desired) is Fox ears. The Semblance they posses is Sonicboom, which lets you amplify certain sounds in your vicinity. I'm going to pop somemore out to see if they are acceptable.

(e.i. Soijin wields a Spear that also function(s) as an Assault Rifle. Artistic-Cannibalism wields a Lance that also function(s) as a Cannon. This is not an official name generator, merely one inspired by this universe. General Limitations: Conjuring and manipulating sweets has a cost in Aura. Congratulations! gravity dust body: user's has the ability to grow gravity dust crytals from theyre body giving the user the ability to be almost weightless allowing them to jump an very long distance  this semblance has earned it self an legendary tale about an man to have jumped so high he reached remnants atmosphere only to fall to his death due to his crystals losing theyre power when he reached it people with this ability has also stated "its fun to jump but flying with it is like playing an horror game with an broken controller", time vision: user can see events of the past the longer the user wish to see of the past of an certain area the longer the user has to keep theyre eyes open the semblance ends when the user blinks it is advised that people with this ability restrain them selfs from  looking too far in the past as the after effects of this semblance can lead to more occuring nightmares insommnia blindness and even death. AND, depending on how someone goes about this, having so many thoughts hitting you at once could end badly for your mental health and sanity. Planted so far: 60180 Up to 30ft is managable limit. Because let me tell you, I always knew deep inside in the bottom of my heart. Its hard because it has to abide by RWBY's laws of physics. 3. I'm busy with something else to revise the Semblance at the moment. Incidently, I'm not claiming any ownership of these ideas, you can use them for all I care. Emily wields a shield and lance that also function(s) as a pistol. Currently, semblance is inferred to by a byproduct of one's aura. Gladius Nocturno wields Nun-chucks that also function(s) as Energy Blasters. Weakness: The user can only spawn one sword at a time.

Unless you're really intent on having an afterimage technique. 13. A semblance is probably one of the more difficult things for RWBY OC makers. 2. Semblances are powers exhibited by Hunters and Huntresses in the world of RWBY, much like Aura. Their color theme for their weapon and outfit is orange. So, you’re telling me I’m a sturdier version of Sky? However, with enough creativity they can be used as such), -Short description: (summarize the semblance in a few words. Aura/Body Recovery also counts) / Utility (The effect is neutral, neither offensive nor defensive. (Also chooses your faunus trait if desired) The Semblance they posses is Temperature manipulation, which can change the temperature of any object to a great degree. So I’m essentially Weiss but male, wields a staff, and has green attire. Congratulations! Their colour is a shade or variation of blue! The user can change the direction of their velocity at any time along with anything they are touching. 4. Their color theme for their weapon and outfit is Blue. Usually the longer the distance, the geometrically more exhausting the Dash is. I'll skip the Beak, but otherwise this is a pretty classic and powerful weapon/semblance combo. Their Faunus trait (if desired) is a cat tail. Bambi592 wields a Sword and Shield that also function(s) as a Missile Sprayer. I've been seeing a common thing here on this Amino lately. SiJeiX wields a Scythe that also function(s) as a Missile Sprayer. Illusions count too. Their faunus trait (if desired) is Short horns, Semblance is sonic boom, which allows me to amplify sounds. Weapons vary greatly, but are often based on real life weapons. The user can expend aura to continously generate a "death radius" in which the surrounding opponents will be poisoned as long as they stay in the circle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, If you think Adam was wasted potential, you should meet me. He secretes a liquid metal substance that he stores for later use. Their alignment is Neutral … A paranoid edgelord who gets stronger if he thinks everyone is out to get him, 10/10. The background image above is a low-res image part of the RWBY copyright, all rights belong to its rightful owners. Let me know how you scale these. Bladeworks: the user can create a sword from an advanced set of technology. (Join me?). Mind Fuckery: Say all you want about Emerald, in an RP scenario, it's not fun to have someone who can make you think your head's been replaced by your ass. He is nihilistic scoffing … The semblance they possess is Orchid, which adapts certain parts of your body to your immediate environment.

The user can throwing lightning, for lack of a better term. Greetings and welcome to the Semblance care center. You should feel free to scale these variables as you wish to make them more or less powerful. I'm kinda just spitting these out there. You know how most characters in the show project themselves forward at their enemies with their guns? I don’t like orange and the semblance and weapon don’t suit me. Jonathan Dax wields Nun-chucks that also function(s) as a Shotgun. 10. The soul fragment can also be projected to an area where a Grimm is standing (given their lack of soul) and the subsequential aura outburst tears them apart from the inside. Their weapon is a boomerang that is also a needle. RWBY Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. So, battles of attrition can go the user's way quickly but if the fight is short-lived it can be a losing gamble. You must have a special item such as a camera that allows you to do so.

Unfortunately, those who fight on instinct can easily get around this ability, and it requires a clear and level head to maintain the proper focus to read and react to a person's planned attack pattern without becoming overloaded, a feat that becomes more difficult the more enemies are focused upon the user themselves. The user can change their size of themselves and their weapon. I don't own RWBY or Rooster Teeth, please support them with their RWBY volume 6 :) See ya! Note that this does not let light pass through them. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This guide isn't perfect. Auto-Hit/Auto-Dodge: Anything which allows a character a basic automatic hit or an automatic dodge, which includes, but is not limited to: becoming intangible, heat-seeking abilities which cannot be thrown off tack, etc. In the case of the Schnee family their semblance is hereditary, but they are the exception. Although all this happens within less than two seconds, it leaves the user vulnerable. 1. They have normal aura. While the majority of semblances are generally left up to reviewer discretion, there are a basic few things in this list which include, but are not limited to: This list is subject to update at any time. The Semblance they posses is Download, which allows you to steal and store up to 3 semblances via physical contact. Last Edit: EvergreenLeaf on February 21, 2016 on 10:04 p.m. This manifestation happens as an ability that's different from person to person, and is also described as a projection of a character's aura. Like a full body suit. So I say again, not overpowered. The user can change the light which they do and do not reflect. ), -Mimicry (as aapproved by Velvet. An interesting fact I found is that for some reason, the viral mutation in RE removes reproductive organs. jedi_master_zll wields a Shield and Lance that also function(s) as a Rail-gun. The assault rifle is weird, trying to visualise how that could work with a hammer. As a Semblance, it allows a skilled fighter to anticipate their opponents' movements to the point of seeming to possess unnaturally keen reflexes to the unobservant. Aura replenishment- the user can take fall the damage they've taken and replenish their aura. Overpowered semblances:-Time warping and\or stopping-Reality warping-Auto-hit semblances-Semblances that make you immortal-Negation semblances-Sadly, teleportation XO-Grimm Summoning-Glyphs(Schnee Only)-Berserker Mode. When Volume 4 comes out this guide WILL NOT BE UPDATED until Volume 4 is over. Their faunus trait (if desired) is a Cat tail, Their color theme for their weapon and outfit is Green. As for the rest of the Semblances I've seen listed, I love most of them quite a bit, some not so much, but overall people here are pretty amazing. I can be quickly drained of energy if i'm not careful so I would have to mostly rely on my weapons instead of using my semblance all the time. If I do get it going, I'll try to share a link here. That means they can only reduce the velocity to a point where the damage isn't so great.

Honestly that's pretty good, rapiers are my favorite weapon and green is my favorite color. (Such as a sword or a speeding bullet). For example, Ruby Rose's semblance is Petal Burst and her weapon is Crescent Rose, and Blake Belladonna's semblance is Shadow and her weapon is Gambol Shroud. Now don't get me wrong. axel wields two Katanas that also function(s) as an Assault Rifle. This name generator will give you 10 random names for weapons and semblances part of the RWBY universe. But who am I against a random generator published in Internet? I liken it to rolling a boulder up a hill and watching gain speed as it goes down the other side. :D. Telepathy:  The ability to send and receive thoughts. Jesus christ I am OP, guess Purple is Powerful was true after all. 1. Please any help is appreciated also any alternate semblences that work with ambush teams and someone based on scottish highlanders and uses a claymore as a weapon. Weakness: WILL NOT work if aura is completely drained, making marks(yellow cubes) to shoot light hot enough melt metal this can be refined by using a prism (doubles as a laser when combined with semblance) this would also (in theroy) negate hard light, another idea is to negate the effects of dust all together i see two ways of doing this, being able to just act like its not there (walking through a hardlight wall), this could also be a transferable semblance like rens, how about one that lets the user pause time for a few seconds in rapid succession, Do you guys think a form of precognition would be a good semblances idea I’ve been racking my brain for a semblance idea and I read this and fist thing I thought of was precognition.

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