10 Changes Made To Kaiba In The Dub That Make No Sense, Transformers & Their Avatar: The Last Airbender Counterparts, Buffyverse: 10 Best Characters In Angel, Ranked, Batman & Robin: Dick Grayson’s 5 Best Comics (& Tim Drake’s 5 Best). It also symbolizes strength, but in this case it's a fake power, born not from willpower and control, but from dominance over others, often by fear and tyranny. Also, please double check the lists in the next post to make sure the name you wish to use hasn't been used on another semblnace. They have a mind of their own, meaning they're capable of fighting alongside her. Your IP: A very regal and pompous character could summon clones (taking a large amount of aura to keep them out, of course) to take hits for them, almost like an army for a king/queen. Likewise, Clover’s Semblance means he can bring good luck to those he chooses. ), Chumin Ro: "Bloody Regalia" (the ability to extract his blood from his or another living creature's body and use it to form weapons, such as a whip. (he is a Silver eyed warrior btw) he is also very fatalistic believing everything happens for a reason, this is also shown through his sadistic take on most combat theory and his belief that all men love fighting regardless. The entire Schnee bloodline has the same Semblance. His control over his Semblance is certainly stronger than Qrow’s, but the two would make quite a formidable team. Seen in use by Jaune Arc, someone with this Semblance can literally amp up someone else’s aura. However, it can be said that she literally falls apart, having lots of pressure on her that she can't comprehend at such a young age. This needs a 1 minute recharge time, and there is the occasion when she doesn't know how to exploit the weakness she is presented with. It works as a power of persuasion. 10 Things That Make No Sense About Hulk & The Agents Of S.M.A.S.H. TBD - the ability to distort how the physical force of weight is felt by herself or others; this has no affect on gravity in her environment. What I'm trying to say is 'good luck with your resume and any auditions you may have in the future, but maybe think about using your writing skill to make short stories/novellas you can self publish to earn money between jobs, or get a job as a editor for others so you are using your skills to make ends meet. "Limited total domain and control over beast and animals around the world, they have unlimited control and power over all manner of creatures ranging from the mundane (dogs, cats, turtles) to the most powerful and mythical (dragons, sphinxes, phoenixes).". These Semblances are two sides of the same coin, and as a result, they tie for the spot of third most powerful Semblance we’ve seen in. You can make an OC who's interested in the floral department, and they could have a semblance relating to plants or growth. For a sword fighter, this could be used in conjunction with a feint to trick their opponent into using defensive tactics such as shielding, blocking, or creating a barrier of Aura—and then smashing their defense to pieces. This is utilised in battle as a way to properly visualise battle plans and to scope out an area. A more general option is temporarily sapping the strength of others, either via physical contact or by being in close proximity. Similar to the snake-haired woman's ability to turn mortals to stone, Mauve's semblance paralyzes opponents for a bit. this cannot be done in a hurry, else it can leave permanent damage to Thyme, ranging from some cosmetic scratch to the possibility of a material permanently bonding to Thyme's skin. this is utilised in battle by producing roses that can bind an enemy and possibly injure them with the thorns of the vines. if she holds it in a non-active state for 20 mins, she'll experience severe knockback, possibly knocking her off her feet. In other words, she'll be dead for good, roaming the world for eternity. With her disguises and illusions, Neo can give the appearance of disappearing into thin air and has experience wielding many weapons. She can only be out of her body for fifteen minutes at a time, eighteen, at most, or else she'll be "locked out of her body". Jaune’s ability to amp the auras of others means he can help their bodies to heal, boost the reach of their Semblance, or increase their stamina in a battle. She could carry crystals around to use as grenades, or use it to sabotage enemy weapons. Feels excruciating), Woody Blaze - "Chemist Riot" (Able to combine water with different parts of nature and his aura to create low level potions. Flash Strike - a Semblance that allows the user to add an extra strike to their attack by gaining superhuman capabilities for fractions of a second. Jolt - being able to revitalize oneself, a mental and physical reset that temporarily removes accumulated stress, wounds, and pains. Great job! Glyphs are symbols used by the wielder of the Semblance to give them additional skills in battle. Here's some more things that you can base an OC's semblance in: •Past Event in Backstory (for example: a situation in which a certain skill was needed, or a certain strong emotion was felt). It works best with people who genuinely like Abro in some way, and if Abro also finds them agreeable, visually or spiritually. Lacking any of this, the sensation is almost to the level of tickling.

He doesn’t have a lot of control over it, but he has enough that he can amplify it in battle, causing his enemies to have bad luck. please let me know if anything is wrong, thank you. "Hindrance Sight"; an ability to spot loopholes in a defense, or chinks in people's armour, etc. Will be willing to discuss any of these if they seem unfit and/or problematic. Neopolitan is the only character seen to use this particular Semblance. For example, a character inspired by Sleeping Beauty could have a semblance that has something to do with sleep. The deeper the wound, the longer it takes to heal, and only half the Aura the wound cost her is restored. She does, however, feel the pain and take on damage just like Yang does when she uses her Semblance. However, I've gotten better (I hope) at coming up with semblances from the time I started making OC's. My mistake.

• This rapid healing only occurs in close death calls, and not minor things like cut.

She keeps this consistently at around age 19, it is something that she has grown used to; its disadvantage is that the Semblance has little use in main field combat. Huin Saek Park - "White Noise" (ability to increase or decrease sound volume drastically. RWBY Roleplay Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. The Ilustration are also different to varying extents. She also learns to use them to summon copies of old enemies.

A semblance is probably one of the more difficult things for RWBY OC makers. She used her skill to get by as a thief until she began working with Cinder Fall, and there is a limit to how many people she can make see hallucinations, which is why this Semblance takes the number two spot. Ability puts him in a death-like state in order to fully heal him, although he is not dead. Drawback - a passive Semblance, meaning that it is always active, similar to that of Qrow Branwen. Both semblances help others, but one is defense, the other offense (which may clue you in to a possible personality). The downside to Yang’s Semblance is that, despite absorbing the energy of an attack, Yang still gets hurt by the attacks. the repulsion field, however, requires that Marble's shield is placed in a frontal defensive position, else it does not work. I would see OC's that had semblances that weren't fully explained, not possible, or simply over-powered; and there were those times when I was stuck at the semblance category. His semblance is laughing maniacally to throw people off in fights, which is a wonderful example of personality semblances. ), Lead Zeppelin: "Eye of Horus" (can see through enemy disguises. Fine Tuning - a Semblance that allows the user to adjust some minor aspect of an action, moving a pancake just a bit closer to the pan as it falls after being flipped, or nudging your opponent so that your Dust shot hits the chink in their armor instead of exploding across their breastplate. Nice job on the idea for this one! Cannot form living things. RELATED: Hogwarts Houses Of 10 RWBY Characters. The angrier they are, the more power is added to their attacks, but it also becomes less and less controlled the angrier they get), Hyacinth Lantana: "Mariposa" (allows her to produce, control, and even turn into swarms of Morpho peleides, Morpho menelaus, and Morpho rhetenor butterfly species. Jaune’s ability to amp the auras of others means he can help their bodies to heal, boost the reach of their Semblance, or increase their stamina in a battle. The ability to telekinetically cause nearby Dust to detonate. In battle, she utilises her Semblance by using them as a scope from every direction at a 20 meter radius, though the butterflies are as fragile as real ones which ends with them getting eliminated by one hit. Instead, it’s one that can give the appearance of those things. "El Diablo" - the ability to manifest fire. It also allows them to heal. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Mauve's semblance is a reference to her inspiration- Medusa! universe isn’t one that launches punches or summons enemies to a fight. ), Umber Nighy - "Mr.Congeniality" (If he wishes, he can affect people around him to like him more, and either feel some lust for him, or want to do what he says. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. It is like a darker Strength, almost an Inverse Strength. if she hasn't touched it, she can't control it. It’s one of the most useful of Semblances, though perhaps not the outright most powerful. Thus, only helpful when planning. the most powerful weapons are produced from the blood directly from the heart. There are many other ideas that you can use to create a semblance. ), Heliotrope Sutton: "Improbable Inducement", Berit Berlin: "Enhanced Imperceptibility", Montana Sparrow: "Force-Field Imprisonment", Zinnia Bellefleur: "Audiographic Distortion", Bracken O'Dowd: "Elemental Randomization", Ahren Hellmuth: "Transcendent Consciousness", Forrest Westbrook: "Containment Suppression", Cedar Virtanen: "Empathic Healing Factor", Kunzite Lantana: "Neural Impulse Disruption", Diesel Deegan: "Doppelganger Manipulation", "Enhanced Senses" (______'s senses of sight, hearing, and smell are highly acute. "Power mimicry"; the ability to absorb, or mimic, another person's semblance. Nearby insanity helps make his power more intense.

Pyrrha was able to “throw” every single can in the cafeteria during a food fight, showing how much range and control over it she had. while his absolute limit for using this is 5 hours, his vision begins to deteriorate after 30 minutes of use and he begins to lose a bit of his short term memory after 2 hours of use. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Aura is just so odd to work with and just doesn't feel right. What about a semblance where you can speak to the dead, it might sound ridicelous, but it was something that popped into my head and thought it was a cool idea.

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