Turkish Drama has so much more depth than American shows. The story was interesting and the plot twists were jaw-dropping. B-movies. Hazal’ın hikayesi Ali’ye hayatındaki yanlışları hatırlatacaktır. In short, Ali and Hazal was in love. Thankfully, Ali shows up just in time to defend her (my hero!). Thank you so much for giving such a remarkable review of this Turkish masterpiece. İbrahim Çelikkol's performance is too angry. That couple also has fantastic chemistry and the plot is full of twists and turns. 2014 Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Required fields are marked *. Although it’s a remake from the Asian version , it’s much much much much much deeper and more expressive , thanks to the outstanding performance and expression Ibrahim Celikkol gives. Ubah ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The main protagonist is the mysterious loner Ali (excellently played by the handsome Ibrahim Çelikkol), who works as a water deliveryman by day and as a parking garage attendant at night. One wonders how Hazal is able to live so independently and remain so cheerful, but Bilgin makes it seem credible. I cannot believe I actually used some of the Turkish lines from this film on my ex.... CRINGEEE , Throw back to when I was obsessed with my Turkish boyfriend (now ex) and watched this shit to try and get in touch with Turkish pop-culture lmaooo. Görüyorsun ben düşmeye çalışmıyorum. I’ve watched it many times now and it still gets me every time! ve Tic. Enjoy! LT → anglais → The Never Ending → Call Me Up → turc. Ibrahim Çelikkol portrays Ali as a man deeply ashamed of what he’s done in life and who doesn’t seem to expect good things to happen to him. I have not, but I am interested in watching more of his work. But a shocking revelation and subsequent sacrifice will challenge everything they have known. Black Money Love ((Kara Para Ask) is AMAZING. And Sadece Sen has it...and has it a lot! Change ). I’m a little late to the party, but…..What a great review! The use of light really enhances some of the more beautiful imagery of Sadece Sen. It’s not just the use of light and dark that is a highlight of the cinematography.

I completely agree about the depth of Turkish love films.

Nice film! I agree with you about his acting skills. ( Logout / 

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This gritty, romantic drama left me on the edge of my seat and totally invested in the outcome of Ali & Hazal’s story. Then, if Ali was dead, how the love story has its ending? (Tissues required). The main protagonist is the… I also really loved the use of light and darkness in this film. Then, Hazal’s birthday arrives and she takes him to her parents’ grave to “introduce” them. How do you believe the Turkish culture influenced this film? I have found many of these films to be of equal, sometimes better caliber than American films. Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. (Video credit: Midnight Talks, YouTube.) Imagine what would happen to you if you’d made mistakes that totally ruined your life, but you still had to get through the rest of your life. The Secret Lives of Color: A color-full book, Turkish screenwriting profile: Sadece Sen, Turkish screenwriting profile: Ateşböceği (Firefly).

Ali just realized that Hazal did not recognized him, she was half blind. Çekingen ve durgun bir … I have watched many exceptional films which emotionally impacted me, but none more so than Sadece San. I have found many of these films to be of equal, sometimes better caliber than American films. Things go south for Ali in Bulgaria — he wasn’t expected to win the fight but he does and gets punished for it by being beaten up and thrown into some water. vai se fude eu amo o amor .

Karşılıklı bu aşk bir gün Hazal’ın hikayesini anlatmasıyla yeni bir boyut kazandırır. Thanks for telling me. But I’m a bit jealous taht you got the experience of watching it on the big screen in the theater…twice! Brittaney has had her head in the clouds ever since she first fell in love with books and film as a young child. A stark contrast is the dark, toneless scenes whenever Ali’s past makes an appearance. There are also scenes of implied physical intimacy which are fairly modest. A.Ş. 4-5 kere izlemişimdir. Ali is a lonely, former boxer with a tragic, violent past he would like to forget. Your email address will not be published. Die Liste wurde am 02.08.2020 aktualisiert. It was refreshingly unpredictable and a happy ending by no means guaranteed. Biz Çizginin sonundayız.

OMG. Yet another scene shows Ali leaving their apartment, only to stop and look at Hazal standing by the front door, watching him leave. He’d need to wear blue contacts and learn to speak English with an Irish accent, but to my mind: THIS.

Report this film, I have this list with (mostly) non-English spoken movies that I’ve seen and that I recommend.

Gözlerimi kapatmamı engelliyor. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Ubah ), You are commenting using your Google account. Hayatını Hazal’a adayan Ali’nin aşkı için son bir dövüşe daha çıkması gerekecektir. Letterboxd's most controversial films, ranked by the variance in their ratings. The story was interesting and the plot twists were jaw-dropping. He hardly shows any of that remorse or brokenness that made his character endearing until the end, when he is literally broken. The plot can not be predicted, but in a simple-but-still-full-of-conflict flow. A A. Ara Beni. Ali says, “You don’t have to put up with this hassle and return back to that job.” But Hazal is strong-minded and maintaining independence is important to her, so she asks what else she is supposed to do instead. Brittaney is a native resident of Texas and has been honing her own ability to write and tell stories for many years now. But he can only resist her for so long. Gastei 1h45m da minha vida para ter um final assim. Last Fall I watched ‘Love, Loves Coincidences” which is the English translation of the Turkish title. Imaginem os altos e baixos que não tive. Maybe the leads had other film commitments, sheesh.) They start talking and the woman (her name is Hazal) understands that Ali is not the person she was expecting. Mobile site. In short, Ali and Hazal was in love.

San. She was friends with the previous attendant and they would watch TV together.

The chemistry between the main actors (Baris Arduc & Elcin Sangu) is fantastic. Then, is the surgery succeeded? A thunderstorm comes up and Ali kindly says that Hazal can stay and watch TV with him until the storm is over.

These are the simple moments that most couples have which portray the depth of their connection. Probably, it’s the first time someone’s been kind to Ali in a long, long time. Cezmi Baskın Belcim Bilgin İbrahim Çelikkol Erol Demiröz Kerem Can Necmi Yapıcı Levent Sülün Barış Arduç, 105 mins   Hazal picks up two stones, holds them in her hands and closes her eyes. Over time, Ali and Hazal become friends and eventually fall for each other. Exploitation. This is a great love story. ( Logout /  His job was to frighten people so they’d pay up, and Ali was good at it — a little too good.

I actually just started that series precisely because he’s in it. I can handle the truth. Isikan data di bawah atau klik salah satu ikon untuk log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ("Just You" in English. Depois a Hazal faz 1 + 1 mas já é tarde mais, ele já foi embora. (WARNING: Serious spoilers ahead.) Content: While this film does not come with a rating, I would say the few violent scenes would garner it an R rating. I have never been touched by a movie that way. Those scene was part of a 2014 Turkish film entitled “Sadece Sen” (Turkish: Only You). I don't sell e-mail addresses, not even for chocolate. Celikkol uses his entire body and expressive face to portray Ali’s inner torment. He hesitates, then runs back up the stairs to grab her in his arms, unwilling to say goodbye. (I recently saw this same concept of stones holding memories used in the Japanese film Departures). I LOVE foreign films for the same reasons you described. [Afif E.]. Como um todo não acho merecedor de 4 estrelas, mas aqui quem manda é o meu coração e ele decide que vale. I haven’t gone back to American TV since discovering Turkish Drama! ( Logout /  The passionate love between a former boxer and a beautiful blind woman. One night, he shows up at her apartment, drunk and aggressive. (Video credit: Midnight Talks, YouTube. You can find more of her wordsmith skills at her website www.storyenthusiast.com. But he can only resist her for so long. This film and Intersection killed me. (Side note to Nora Roberts fans: If they ever film her “In Death” series, this actor would make an amazing Roarke. Karmaşık ve zor bir dönemden geçen eski boksör Ali (İbrahim Çelikkol) ile sıradan bir hayat süren görme engelli Hazal’ın (Belçim Bilgin) tanışmasının ardından bir süre sonra aralarında büyük bir aşk başlar. Through conversations with the coach, we also find out that Ali was tempted by some easy money, worked as an enforcer for a criminal gang (hired to frighten, but not kill) and went to jail. Directed by Hakan Yonat. como queria viver um . Can y’all leave suggestions for movies I can watch for that list? I’m convinced ,after watching his portrayal in the series, he is the best Turkish actor and possibly one of the best actors I’ve seen on screen. You can also rent it on iTunes. Image courtesy of Svetlana Gumeroa, Unsplash. You’ll like the ending, trust me. ), Tagged as Belçim Bilgin, Ibrahim Çelikkol, Sadece Sen, Turkish movies, Turkish screenwriting. Sadece Sen Film Konusu Karmaşık ve zor bir dönemden geçen eski boksör Ali (İbrahim Çelikkol) ile sıradan bir hayat süren görme engelli Hazal'ın (Belçim Bilgin) tanışmasının ardından bir süre sonra aralarında büyük bir aşk başlar. If you are up for a series (and their series are LONG) try Erkenci Kus. In addition, Hazal’s sight is continuing to deteriorate and she needs an expensive operation to regain her sight or else go fully blind. Hazal has been alone since a car crash caused her to be mostly blind and took the life of her parents, and Ali likes having someone human to care about. Ah!

“You pierce my soul. No spam. Fans of City Lights will also appreciate the subtle references to Chaplin’s masterpiece sprinkled throughout the film. Sadece Sen was the first Turkish movie I've seen, and I chose well. But the unexpected twists and turns of this particular romance kept me engaged. It’s a Romantic comedy that’s been sweeping the world, mostly because the chemistry between the lead actor/actress is off the charts.

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