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While both models are powerful commercial-grade mowers suitable for nearly any commercial mowing task, there are differences between the two. The company’s tagline, “There is no competition,” says it all.

This is especially important if you have a large lawn.

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font-weight: bold; } For example, the increased power allows them to easily cut through longer/tougher grass, and they are not limited by cord length or how long the battery lasts. You can manipulate it to fit your size since the seat is already quite large. There are other commercial mowers on the market that are more expensive and some are even cheaper but the Scag price range is a fair representation of industry standards. Their top of the range SCAG TURF TIGER II with all the bits and trimmings can have a price tag of around $19 grand. Probably, I think.

.hidden { The Turf Tiger also uses a more advanced hydraulic system. Both are highly capable commercial mowers with zero turn capability and many users would be satisfied with either. display:block; width: 100%; Monday we had the opportunity to run a new Turf Tiger II for a few hours.

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They respond fast, which then reduces the time it takes to learn to steer one. Each of them has 3 Marbain blades. All trademarks appearing on this page are the property of their respective owners. After using the Tiger Cats for hundreds of hours I honestly can't see how the Turf Tiger is that much better.

When looking to buy commercial mowing equipment, seek out dealers with a wide selection. text-transform:uppercase}

The results are clear. 5.1 vs 3.9 }

They are quite powerful as the horsepower suggests, and they are ideal for commercial use. Each of these models comes with a seat that is air suspended for comfort, but most users note they are not the most comfortable especially when negotiating rough terrains. vertical-align:middle; A higher cutting height is needed when your lawn doesn’t have optimum conditions, for example when there is extreme heat or cold, as a longer leaf allows it to stay healthy.

/* Content Template: complete-mower-comparison-layout - end */ Tiger II does a maximum 12 MPH forward, 5 MPH reverse, while Cheetah has different speeds for different sizes. Sometimes it can be hard to start gas-powered lawn mowers, but with an electric starter you can be guaranteed of it starting first time. height:200px; The company has four models of zero-turn lawn mowers; Freedom Z, Patriot, Tiger Cat II, Cheetah, and Turf Tiger II. padding-bottom:40px !important;} vertical-align:middle !important; Scag makes a great zero turn mower.

Owners who must clear large tracts of land in a short time frame should also select the Turf Tiger. These can be used both residentially and commercially. display:none;

← Overview of the Scag Cheetah. Posted on June 5, 2013 by Admin. } The cut grass helps to fertilise the lawn and helps preserve moisture in the summer, and means that you do not have to empty a grass bag/box. Good thing, though, is the adjustability. font-size:1.8em; The Tiger Cat has dual fuel tanks containing a total of seven gallon of fuel above the wheels. How to Maintain Your Scag Mower → Scag Tiger Cat vs. Scag Turf Tiger. The decks are constructed similarly, but not identically. Horsepower is the most common unit for measuring the power of an engine. font-size: 22px; vertical-align:middle;} There are a variety of other minor differences between the two. height:100px; font-family: Teko; Posted on June 5, 2013 by Admin. The deck drive for a Scag zero-turn is shaft driven. Furthering this fact is the difference in top speeds between the two units. Magni dolorum quidem ipsam eligendi, totam, facilis laudantium cum accusamus ullam voluptatibus commodi numquam, error, est.

JavaScript is disabled. Optio, neque qui velit. With a wider cutting width you will have to make less passes when mowing your lawn, reducing the time it takes. The company has four models of zero-turn lawn mowers; Freedom Z, Patriot, Tiger Cat II, Cheetah, and Turf Tiger II. Why is Scag Tiger Cat 48 better than Scag Cheetah 61? Scag Mowers Reviews: Here’s What to Expect.

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Both models use dual pumps, but the Turf Tiger uses larger 16cc pumps with fans mounted on most models. Scag intended to take care of both residential and commercial users, and so this selection only goes to show its commitment. SCAG Turf Tiger 2 Demo! The engine choices also vary between the two models.

1.2 greater cutting height ratio? font-family: Teko; High strength precision drive spindles are used to ensure reliability under difficult conditions and unexpected shocks. opacity:1; This also means you do not have to empty a grass bag/box. Toro Zero-turn Mowers Review: The Definitive Guide, Can't Decide On The Best Lawn Mower To Buy For Your Half Acre Lot, Scag Mowers Reviews: Here’s What to Expect. opacity:0; text-align:right; Purchasing and Servicing the Tiger Cat or Turf Tiger. These mowers are a force to reckon with, and Scag is making remarkable moves. min-width:300px;}

/* ----------------------------------------- */ Turf Tiger II has a single 12-gallon tank mounted at the lower side of the mower. This page is currently only available in English. Can a Turf Tiger withstand abuse, whatever the cause, better than the Cat?

/* Content Template: loop-item-in-company-drop-down-menu - start */ Compare different Scag lawn mowers and learn more about the product. Actually, they make several models that are really good. Even the fuel tanks are different between the two models. .product-dd h4 {

1.2 greater cutting height ratio?

.product-dd{ /* ----------------------------------------- */ Safety features standard to both models include a seat actuated kill switch, parking brake, and mower engagement switch. letter-spacing: 2px;

color:#ffffff; Freedom Z and Patriot both have their fuel tanks mounted above the wheel, and they each need 6.5 gallons of fuel to fill. A lower minimum cutting height is an advantage if you prefer a shorter grass length for your lawn. vertical-align:middle !important;

This makes it quicker and simpler to adjust the height of the lawn mower. The Turf Tiger also uses a drive shaft to power its blades, eliminating the risk of belt slippage; the Tiger Cat uses a straight belt. One answer is to just go slower. border:none !important; /* Content Template: complete-mower-comparison-layout - start */ While Freedom Z, and Patriot have standard-style decks, Tiger Cat, Cheetah, and Turf Tiger II have a Custom-Cut baffle system that allows for customization to meet required cutting sizes and other requirements. The cutting height ratio indicates the ratio between the minimum and maximum cutting heights, providing more versatility when choosing the optimum cutting length for your lawn.

The company offers a reasonable extendable warranty, and spare parts are available either from the Scag or from any of its independent dealers. We were on a large property and ran it with two Tiger Cats. Scag zero turn mower prices starts off at around $4 grand mark and starts going north from there. The steers are ergonomically designed for comfort, and all the other controls you need, including the start key, are within reach while one is seated. The Turf Tiger is slightly longer, heavier and taller than the Tiger Cat, even with comparable deck widths. The Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger also come standard with Scag’s Velocity Plus cutter deck, which uses a unique design to deliver precision cutting and high-velocity discharges while the mowers operate at full speed.


My last mower lasted 13 years but I spent a lot on maintenance and repairs. However, the Turf Tiger’s range includes four liquid-cooled engines including a three-cylinder 28 horsepower diesel from CAT, for those users who prefer to use diesel.

Scag was a late entrant in a market that was already dominated by bigger names, but the intention was clear from the get-go: to dominate no matter how many others there were… and in this scag mower review, we’ll go over some of the reasons why they have the bigger names on edge. You must log in or register to reply here. I did a lot of research and the most compelling was that a significant majority of professionals seem to be hauling Turf Tigers on their trailers. This is useful if you need to clear debris from the lawn mower, or travel across a gravel area.

Both models are equipped with an hour meter, allowing users to monitor the machine’s usage and determine maintenance intervals. The 20 percent increase in top speed coupled with the larger deck size results in a substantial improvement in productivity over the Tiger Cat. color:#B11E25; The deck are adjusted using a foot pedal that has a self-locking for safety, and the increments for these adjustments range from a minimum of 1″ to a maximum 6″ across all the models.

.label, .output { I just have to wonder if the Turf Tiger wouldn't hold up to tough conditions, such as lousy terrain and abusive operators, better than the Tiger Cat series. Since 1984, Shanks Lawn Equipment has helped thousands of people find the Outdoor Equipment and safety gear appropriate for their needs. The wider deck and more powerful engines ensure that the Turf Tiger is capable of greater productivity than the Tiger Cat. Each of them is designed differently with different sizes and capabilities, but they all … The Turf Tiger also uses nine anti-scalp wheels regardless of deck size, while the Tiger Cat uses only four or seven, depending upon the deck size. Tiger Cat II’s dual tanks that are above the wheel can take up to 9 gallons of fuel while Cheetah’s dual tanks are mounted to the lower the center-of-gravity for stability and will take in 10 to 15 gallons of fuel depending on deck size. Turf Tiger II, which is the most powerful of all zero-turn mowers for Scag, is available in variations of Briggs Vanguard 35hp, Kawasaki 25hp, 26hp, and 31hp, and Kohler Command Pro 26hp. However, this is not as effective as a mulching lawn mower. These mowers have a smooth learning curve, great features, and they are meant for both residential and commercial users.

margin:auto; The Tiger Cat and Turf Tiger are two premium zero-turn riding mowers manufactured by Scag Power Equipment. .btn-red:hover{ Instrumentation also varies; the Turf Tiger comes with an ammiter and a water temperature gauge, allowing users to keep a closer eye upon the machine’s health. /* ----------------------------------------- */

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