As Paul so eloquently asked, “Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?” No one, Paul thunders, and his answer still brings assurance and peace to the disciples of Christ today (Rom 8:35–39). This is a two-way relationship. But we had learned the hard way about the mischievous nature of the rambling, rapid growing grape vines! © 2020 Discover The Book Ministries | A Nonprofit 501C3 Bible Teaching Ministry, "This highly enriching, with undiluted truth. They’re not connected to my choices.”, much too forgiving to impose escalating consequences or to intentionally cause me, pain just to motivate me to stop sinning.”, benefit I’d get from stopping. The Lord isn’t teaching here that true believers can lose their salvation, for this would contradict what He taught in John 6:37 and 10:27–30. Today readers continue to count on sound teaching from Bruce Wilkinson. v. 1, I will trusts God’s Word over my fears. Dank einer täglich aufgefüllten Minibar, 24h Zimmerservice, Pool und Strand Bedienservice, kostenlosem Wifi und einem reichen Angebot an Aktivitäten und Unterhaltungsprogramm fehlt Ihnen hier an nichts. What is the spiritual result? I will only experience pain as long as I hang on to my sin. that the sun (like the Son of God) cannot reach into the area where fruit should form. The only thing that could be done with the wood pruned out of a vine was to make a bonfire of it and destroy it. His plan is to prune, which means to thin, to reduce, to cut off. ? The Lord isn’t teaching here that true believers can lose their salvation, for this would contradict what He taught in John 6:37 and 10:27–30. Mo-Fr: 09:00-19:00 Uhr • Sa/So/Feiertage: 09:00-15:00 Uhr (Ortstarif, Mobilfunk abweichend). SometimesHemustchastenus(Heb.12:1–11).Atthetime,ithurtswhenHe removes something precious from us; but as the “spiritual crop” is produced, we see that the Father knew what He was doing. Dr. Wilkinson demonstrates how Jesus is the Vine of Life, discusses four levels of "fruit bearing" (doing the good work of God), and reveals three life-changing truths that will lead readers to new joy and effectiveness in His Kingdom. Jacob confessed that the Good Shepherd had led him all of his days. That’s why Jesus declares, “By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit” (John 15:8). The production and consumption of wine was an economic mainstay for the farmers of Palestine in Jesus’ day. We are #HotelsbyDrone. Repentance is a turning away from the sin that ails you to the bounty God promises you. Chastening is something you feel as emotional anxiety, frustration, or distress.

Pruning embodies a paradox of life—that growth and productivity require deprivation and stress. ?

Jesus is talking grapes this morning. Please try again later. In fact, the vinedresser will even cut away whole bunches of grapes so that the rest of the crop will be of higher quality.

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