Shaw Industries and each of its brands carefully consider the impact of our products throughout their lifecycle. True to its name, Array is a large, disparate collection of planks, squares, and rectangles (12-inch by 24-inch products). Once your Bianco Classico Plus Vinyl ships, an email will be automatically sent to you with your tracking information. Approved underlayments include Shaw Industries Bravo and Selitac. Use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol) with a clean white cloth for spots requiring a solvent type cleaner that water and cleaning agents cannot remove. Leaving dirt laying can scratch vinyl over time, which will eventually dull its surface. The softest mineral used is talc (a #1 rating if no scratch), the hardest is a diamond (a #10 rating if no scratch). If you have any concerns about the product fit or finish, call Shaw Information Services at 1-800-441-7429. This floor offers a simple glueless installation system perfect for DIY installs. Epic's EnviroCore makes it harder, denser, and greener than comparable solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring with softer plywood cores. 72" Reducer Multi-Purpose Trim. You are subject to the destination sites privacy policy and terms and conditions. Lightly damp mop with ready-to-use Shaw Industries Hard Surface Cleaner or the recommended dilution ratio on the label of Shaw Industries Hard Surface Cleaner concentrate.

Third party testing organizations certify a product's characteristic property to release vapors after installation. Use appropriate safety measures.
94" Overlap Stairnose. Shop vinyl plank and a variety of flooring products online at Avoid the use of stiletto heels on your floor. 140–170 s.f./gal. Follow the cleaning manufacturer's instructions for damp mopping and application.

Do not use vinegar as a cleaning agent on Shaw Industries luxury vinyl products. Appropriate vinyl floor cleaning equipment and cleaning agents (neutral pH cleaners) are recommended. The test is performed by scratching the surface of the tile with different minerals and subjectively assigning a Method of Hardness "MOH's" number to the glaze. Please note that some stain conditions may become permanent. At 6.5mm it is the thickest floor and best quality plank in the Floorte line. Explore our Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank and Tile Styles Buy Shaw Luxury Vinyl Plank & Tile Flooring and Save 30 to 60%! Details. Compare; Find My Store . for pricing and availability. In fact, the 20-mil thickness can even stand up to commercial settings. Both abrasion resistance and glaze hardness should be addressed when considering using glazed tiles as floor products. All Shaw Industries recommended flooring products are engineered to resist and minimize common staining. Formaldehyde is used in manufacturing for its binding properties. Consumers have legitimate worries about the release of volatile organic vapors after installation. T moldings are generally used to transition between wood/wood-like and tile floors, sometimes it is used to transition between an existing wood floor as well, or maybe any surface close in height to the new wood/wood-like floor. For information regarding the proper method or solution to use on a specific stain, contact the Shaw Industries Information Center at 800-441-7429. use appropriate wide floor protectors under tables, chair, and any other heavy home furnishing to avoid permanent damage. TG58A. Recommended for pad attached products. Certain types of rubber heel marks may be removed by rubbing with a cloth dampened in mineral spirits. A care program consists of key areas: 1) Preventative maintenance; 2) Routine maintenance; and 3) Spot and spill removal. Sample Sets for Installers, Contractors and Decorators. * This cost is a manufacturer's estimate and reflects materials only. Shaw's tattered 12x24 tg54a - bianco Tile and Stone for Flooring and Wall Projects from Backsplashes to Fireplaces. This color body porcelain features the warmth and elegance of fabric enriched by the appeal of used materials that are perfectly worn thanks to Clarity Digital Imaging. New floors should not be saturated or wet cleaned for 5 days after installation. spread rate. LVP / LVT Adhesive.

8mm/12mil floating Luxury Vinyl (LVF/LVP/LVT) plank: Featuring a variety traditional visuals, Classico Plus is a popular style sure to please. Floorte Bianco is also flexible and great at concealing imperfections, which means less floor prep is needed. Shaw's complete smr04 - bianco resilient vinyl flooring is the modern choice for beautiful & durable floors. Wet mop as part of routine maintenance using Shaw Industries Hard Surface Cleaner.

Used on the outside corner of a stair or step down to finish/trim out the wood, laminate, or vinyl between the riser and the tread. During peak sunlight can result in discoloration, and excessive temperatures might cause tile expansion.

All Shaw Industries luxury vinyl floors are resistant to staining. NOTE: You are leaving to visit a website not hosted by Costco. 3 white risers for the vertical portion of your steps or stairs. Shaw Matrix with Advance Flex Technology 12-Piece 5.9-in x 48.03-in Sea Salt Hickory Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring 2.76'' X 11.81'' Financing. Made in the USA. Avoid tracking in tar or asphalt from driveways, as this can also discolor vinyl. Premio planks reproduce the look of extremely battered, "rain-struck" wood, as the company literature says. Your Bianco Classico Plus Vinyl typically ships within 2-4 business days and typically delivers within 7-14 business days.

7.5" x 47". ft./carton,78 ctns per pallet, Completely waterproof (Submerged in water for over 10 days, then wiped dry), Floorte Bianco flooring does not need underlayment. Safety caution: The surfaces of luxury vinyl floors change during wet cleaning and finish applications. Exceptionally durable and easy to clean, resilient vinyl flooring is a great choice for high-traffic areas. Daily removal of dirt and dust of your Floorte Bianco floor is important to prevent particles from abrading the surface of luxury vinyl floors. Shaw Floors Overview. Shaw Vinyl Plank and Tile is recognized around the world for its Quality, Durability, and Value. You're now signed up to receive updates from Shaw. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. DeSitter Flooring in Glen Ellyn, IL | La Grange, IL | Chicago has a top selection of Shaw Industries Luxury Vinyl Flooring, including CASA Bianco in 5.83 IN'' Model #LX52207216. NOTE: Shaw Industries R2X Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner and Shaw Industries EPA/Dfe Green Formula Hard Surfaces Flooring Cleaner are recommended for general spotting and cleaning. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Wide variety of patterns & colors, in plank flooring & floor tiles. 94" Baby Threshold (also called an End Cap or Square Nose): Used to transition from hard surface floors to carpet, masonry (fireplaces), sliding doors, and other exterior door jambs.

Check with your local retailer to get a full estimate for your flooring project. Always pre-vacuum or dust mop prior to any type of wet cleaning. Floorte' floors are also flexible, concealing imperfections of the floor beneath-so less floor prep is needed. At 6.5mm it is the thickest floor and best quality plank in the Floorte line. Please enter your email address below to receive a password reset link. Always protect floors when moving heavy objects to prevent permanent scratches and tears. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. In fact, the 20-mil thickness can even stand up to commercial settings. Shaw Floorte Waterproof Flooring is Rated #1 year after year, order yours today at American Carpet Wholesalers! Indicates the manner in which this product can be installed. Allow the recommended minimum of 24 hours before moving heavy objects. This measure informs you of what variation a given product is expected to have. Tweet. Stair tread in one piece with right side return, use this one if you have a wall on the left side of your stair with an opening on the right and your stair is less than 45" wide. Wide variety of patterns & colors, in plank flooring & floor tiles. If rinsing is necessary, use clean water and expedite drying with air movers or fans. Emulating the top species and colors of hardwood, these are marketplace must-haves that work with tons of decorating styles. Shaw Floors recommends this product in the following areas: Variations in size, color, texture, and pattern are to expected in ceramic flooring. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Floorte utilizes the Fold-N-Go Locking system, which is precision-engineered for an easy to use, strong and durable installation. Avoid the use of rubber-backed mats, as certain rubber compounds can permanently stain vinyl. Used to Transition to most other flooring types that are lower in height, sometimes they are installed backwards to transition to a higher surface. Copyright © 2019 Products Direct. As you may have guessed, the thicker the wear layer, the tougher the flooring will be. If you’re choosing flooring for a high-traffic entryway into your home, go with the middle or higher wear layer.

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