Your hardwork pays off. All you need to know about Dhanishtha Nakshatra , 23th Lunar Mansion of Moon. There will be no complaint from your boss or customers. ?is astrology that good,or is it just a forecast???? In the night sky, it appears as the shape of the eagle and it looks like three footprints. You will enjoy family life this month. There is one more symbol for this Nakshatra that is three footprints. Money related matters will see improvement from August onwards. Celestial Lineage (Gothra): Sage Vashishta. They will taste both success and failure. Shani transited in Shravan nakshatra from 15th March 1991 to 23rd July 1991. This perfectionist attitude, however, she does not apply to her husband, on whom she showers a lot of love and caring, and who, to her, is a real gentleman.

Avail FREE Marriage Match Making and check compatibility with your partner. Shravana Nakshatra Monthly Predictions January 2020.

Anger spoils the positive energy.

Moon in Shravana: Intelligent, good speech, fame, wealthy, creative genius, art interests, charitable, a good host, principled, political interest, overly zealous, generous, religious, perfectionist, eats good food. Land Mark : Near HDFC Towers on 100 ft Road, Vadapalani, Landmark : Near Nungambakkam Police Station, Shravana Nakshatra Female Characteristics, It enhances the power of the Moon which denotes Softness, Charming Eyes, Family Love; etc. Shravana the apex of Lunar Energy is represented in the celestial Firmament by three bright stars in the constellation known as Aquila.

Symbol of this nakshatra is an Ear, three footprints. It will be better if you chant Rudram(Namakam and Chamakam) everyday. Shravana Nakshatra 2020 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Makar Rashi. Shravana Nakshatra 3rd Pada: The third pada of the Shravana Nakshatra falls in the Gemini Navamsa ruled by Mercury. Professional Life: Uneducated; Take up menial jobs if necessary; Exponent of fine arts; She is a very good dancer. Shravana Nakshatra. This native is also very religious and undertakes many pilgrimages. 3. Shravana Nakshatra is all about “hearing good words” as Shravana means listening. The focus of this Pada is on being Sympathetic and Receptive. Swadharma: What is Swadharma & How to know your Swadharma? Worship Lord Shiva. © 2020. You should give due attention to your health and thus adopt a disciplined lifestyle. Copyright © 2020 Pandit Ventures Private Limited. ‘Daiva Bhakti’ (Devotion to God) will increase. Helps in increasing memory and brainpower.

Results will be mixed this year. This is a nakshatra … Chant Kuja Stuti (Mangal Stotram) and Durga Stotram. At the same time, you should take care that your financial standing remains strong. 2. Required fields are marked *, Mrigasira Nakshatra November 4th – Wednesday Today Star:  Mrigasira (Next Day upto 04:50 am) Thithi: Chathurthy (Next Day upto 05:15 …, Copyright © 2020 - Astro-Vision Futuretech Pvt. Your mind power and wisdom may take you a better way. Career and new job related matters will never be as planned. : निवारक टोटके, लाल किताब वास्तु, ग्रह - प्रभाव और उपाय, 49C, Pocket-B, SFS Flats, Mayur Vihar-3, Delhi 96, Moon Sign Forecast 2020 : Capricorn (Makara). Visit Durga / Devi temples and offer pujas.

Relations with women will improve. His wife will possess all the good qualities of a housewife and will take very good care of him. Fear of snakes and other reptiles.

Shravana belongs to the constellation of Capricorn ruled by Saturn and its lord is the moon, so people born in this Nakshatra show the characteristics of Saturn and Moon. Family economy will be affected and the more you remain patient the more improvement in the situation will come. Health: Suffer from Ear; Skin diseases; Tuberculosis & Problems related to the digestive system. You might opt for meditation or yoga. The female native of the Shravana Nakshatra is likely to be uneducated and therefore will have to take up, if necessary, menial jobs. Good months are January, June, September and December 2020.

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