The SG 551 carbine has a short pattern 363 mm (14.3 in) barrel, gas tube and piston compared to the SG 550.

It was renamed to Krieg 552 in game.

In 2012 the SIG556R or SIG556 Russian chambered for the 7.62×39mm cartridge and using AK-pattern box magazines was introduced. The National Firearms Association of Canada considered pursuit of the matter through the legal system. Among those variants are the SG 551-1P police carbine (designed to engage point targets out to 300 m; equip… The 3-round burst mode "3" and the fully automatic "20" position can be disabled by a rotating safety guard to avert accidentally activating the continuous fire mode. The modifications are available as a conversion kit that includes a new bolt carrier, charging handle, recoil spring and gas tube. Apart from the charging handle (round, steel), externally it appeared to be a shorter version of its bigger brothers, the SG 550 and 551. Scenario The SG 550 is an assault rifle manufactured by Swiss Arms AG (formerly a division of Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft, now known as SIG Holding AG) in Switzerland. The grenade launcher is a single-shot breech-loaded weapon that is supplied with a leaf sight that attaches to the rifle's rear sight base and enables accurate firing out to 200 m. The lightweight aluminium launcher weighs 1.7 kg (3.7 lb) unloaded, and is operated independently of the rifle. The SIG SG 552 is also known as the Commando, while its successor, the SIG SG 553, is known as the SOW, short for Special Operations Weapon. [10] Several folding stock models have been released as well as variants with railed forend combinations. The SIG522 accepts commonly available AR-style .22-caliber conversion magazines.

33 This model is no longer in production. The steel receiver housing and several other components are manufactured using stamping and welding; external steel surfaces are finished with a ceramic-reinforced enamel coat known as Ilaflon.[2]. The SG 551 cannot be used with a bayonet or fire rifle grenades. The SG 552 Commando version with integral Picatinny rail and accessories. The SIG SG 552 is a fully automatic assault rifle, very similar in capability to the standard in-game Assault Rifle. The rifle is hammer-fired and has a trigger mechanism with an ambidextrous safety and fire selector switch that has 4 settings: "S"—safe, "1"—single fire, "3"—3-round burst and "20"—fully automatic fire.

While SIG claims these changes were necessary for technical reasons on this extremely compact assault rifle, they led to certain reliability issues - unusual for the company. A long barrel version of the SG 552 known as the SG 552 LB incorporates a 346 mm (13.6 in) barrel with provision to fire rifle grenades and support a bayonet. Further factory options for the SG 553 rifle series are an integrated receiver Picatinny rail and an adjustable butt stock. Sig Sauer Rifles-Pistols. All rifles are test fired for accuracy and function prior to leaving the factory at the manufacturer's underground 300 m test range. SIG SG 552 firing upon Common Infected in a hallway. The bayonet has an overall length of 310 mm and a muzzle ring diameter of 22 mm.

The SG 551 cannot be used with a bayonet or fire rifle grenades. Others An accurized variant of the SIG-Sauer SIG556 designed for use as a Designated Marksman Rifle, often fitted with a Magpul PRS stock and bipod. The barrel, bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin are all made with steel that has been gas nitrided, hardened and tempered. 360
Damage per Shot The SG 550 series is available with either 178 mm or 254 mm (1:7 and 1:10 in) twist rate barrels.

Surplus gas and powder residues are evacuated through an exhaust port in the gas cylinder. Damage

Used by D Random new rifles out of production were tested on a machine rest. 376 (no scope)244 (scope) Weapon Type 50% )", "Red Flags and Buicks: Global Firearms Stockpiles",, "Exeter's Sigarms gets $115 million federal rifle contract",,—portal for articles, information and manuals, etc.

FKU Damage per Magazine

23 The SG 552 is the shortest version of the 550 family. 90% The SG552 in real life is used by the law enforcements instead of the Terrorists.

From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games, Black & White Episode 1: The Dawn of Assault, Five Brothers (Comme les cinq doigts de la main), The Interceptor (Zapreshchyonnaya Realnost),, Based on the earlier 550-1 (with Gw. The SG 551 comes in several specialized variants designed for use with security and special forces. Using the scope also reduces the weapon's rate of fire. As of May 2017, SIG has discontinued the SIG556, SIG556R, and 556xi series of rifles and no longer displays those models on the products section of their website.[12].

It has a 2x scope which accentuates its long range accuracy, much like a Hunting Rifle or a Sniper Rifle, but not nearly to the same degree as either of these weapons. The rifled barrel has 6 right-hand grooves and the Swiss Army specification 254 mm (1:10 in) rifling twist rate is optimized for Swiss military GP 90 ammunition. Due to its operating principle, the rifle has no mechanical commonality with other SG 550 variants. The damage per shot is the same as the Assault Rifle, but it fires two more shots per minute. Aliases

In the U.S, a variety of semi-automatic SwissArms firearms are available for sale. "SG" is an abbreviation for Sturmgewehr (assault rifle).

Using the scope also reduces the weapon's rate of fire. C It uses a simple blowback semi-automatic operating system and its barrel has a 406 mm (1:16 in) twist rate. The sights are adjustable via micrometer screws with windage and elevation increments of 0.15 mil (≈0.52 moa), or 15 mm (0.6 in) at 100 m. For night use, the dedicated "1" notch setting in the rear sight drum is provided with two self-luminous tritium-powered inserts fitted laterally on each side of the notch and additionally in a flip-up post attached to the foresight.

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