“That carries with it some responsibilities.

This is done by hammering in one specific area multiple times. In the hysteria of the crisis, some doctors dropped infected patients, fearing that they could catch the disease, according to news accounts of the time. “Dr. Frankfurt | Germany 129 comments. rights reserved.

Cristian Glitch, “She paused for a minute and then she said ‘fine’ and dismissed me.

Like what you're reading? “He is one of the remarkable figures in this country.”. In the midst of the unrest, St. Mike’s then president Jeff Lozon quietly tapped Berger to become the hospital’s next head of family medicine. But in more serious moments, he has admitted to detesting bigotry and abuses of power.

Simon Berger is an artist who works with a hammer and glass.

“When Philip digs his teeth into something, he doesn’t let go. Newspapers Limited, One Yonge Street, 4th floor, Toronto, ON, M5E 1E6. Toronto Star articles, please go to: www.TorontoStarReprints.com, Dr. Philip Berger, who worked from 20 years at Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital, has spent his medical career pushing the boundaries and fighting for vulnerable populations. He could be critical of the government, but properly critical of the government and occasionally of me,” concedes Decter, now chair of Patients Canada, an advocacy organization.

There was a lot of conjecture that you could easily get it if you got blood on your skin. Berger spent seven months in Africa in 2005, leading a Canadian delegation in establishing a clinic in the small southern country of Lesotho, which was being ravaged by HIV/AIDS. In a 2014 interview for the Salt + Light Catholic TV network, Berger told the story of being called into the head nun’s office when he was a 26-year-old doctor in training. To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.

All The CPSO kept tabs on patients using methadone to treat opioid addiction. Beautiful!!!! His improbable trajectory has taken him from firebrand to respected senior hospital executive. If I do something here, I can go for it.

Within weeks, the provincial government announced funding for a methadone clinic at the Parkdale Community Health Centre.


“Philip proceeded to give as speech as only Philip can, for 10 minutes, not prepared, off the cuff, about why that should never happen anywhere but for sure not a St. Michael’s Hospital,” Howard says. Back then, AIDS was considered a death sentence. ..Together, she and Berger formed a group of painters called Direct Vision, and promoted shows of their work..

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Some of Simon’s works have been recently displayed in Philipp Brogli’s gallery Artstübli in Basel, Switzerland. 0:00. “He has such energy and passion, such a willingness to call out what he sees wrong in society, I can’t believe . Voodoopriester,

Of its 2 million residents, 30 per cent were infected. Belothar, I love it! A look back at his career shows he has been ahead of his time in shaping the delivery of care for vulnerable patients. One wrong hit and he'll have to start all over again. “Human faces have always fascinated me,” the artist said.

Please enter your email to complete registration. Intricate broken glass art by artist: Simon Berger.

It's a delicate process, and an expensive series of mishaps could cost hundreds of Swiss francs.

It was 1943 and hospitals were rarely, if ever, hiring Jews. A young couple, they confessed to Decter that they had posted the flyers with his phone number. The group advocated for publicly funded medicare and went head to head against the Ontario Medical Association in 1986 over extra billing. Berger, who is married and has two adult children, originally planned to slow down and take life a little easier upon retiring. Woshi. Jason Berger's work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from $225 USD to $9,225 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. “Yes, he could be difficult. ”. Simon Berger is an artist who works with a hammer and glass.

He is incredibly thorough, very disciplined and true to the facts.

I think that approach has served him well.”.

“[Using my workmanship experience,] I have found a technique which is probably the most unique in the [entire] world.”. St. Mike’s was then run by the same order of nuns. He has a tremendous amount of empathy,” Rachlis says. “Then he becomes a warrior,” Howard says.

He had been ordering X-rays on them for bullet fragments and evidence of torture, even though they then had no OHIP coverage. Berger often took on the medical establishment through the Medical Reform Group, which he helped found in 1979.

“You cannot over-acknowledge Philip,” Lewis adds. He studied the ethics guide of the Catholic Health Alliance of Canada to ensure he was comfortable with it.

It was really quite brilliant,” Howard says.

The more often the hammer hits the glass, the more vibrant the cracks become, creating the appearance of white lines. Don’t embellish or cut corners because you will be caught out for that.”. The pair helped lead the successful fight against extra billing of patients by physicians back in 1986.

In the years since, Berger has continued to act as a strong advocate for methadone patients.

Est. The tactic worked. we won’t hear his strong voice and social conscious in the future on important issues.”. Berger described it like this in a 2011 interview for the St. Mike’s website: “We saw a lot of deaths every day.

The OMA last year gave Berger its Life Membership Award, another example showing him to be an insider-outsider.

- and he did! ..By all accounts she was a forceful personality, as evidenced by one of Berger’s rare portraits (cat.. The teaching hospital was located a block away from the epicentre of Canada’s AIDS epidemic where Berger was a highly trusted advocate. Since 2005 the record price for this artist at auction is $9,225 USD for St. Dominics, sold at Skinner, Boston in 2019.

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