Below is the current matchup chart for Super Smash Bros. Melee as of December 23rd, 2010. Credit to Blaziken1337 for coming up with this this idea and running it for Smash 4, it was very useful (here’s his latest compilation: They also disagree regarding Lucina, which Cosmos has as +1 and Armada believes is Even.

Here's the matchup chart from Magister for Incineroar: Smash Ultimate 3.0 Fighter (Balance) Adjustments, Mii Gunner’s Best Special Moves and Movesets, Mii Swordfighter (yes, some consider him high tier). In short, Cosmos has a positive outlook on Inkling’s matchup spread. Here’s Cosmos’s tweet: Early meta INKLING match up chart ):, Rizeasu:, kameme:, KingArc:, Morpheus:, Plup:, ScAtt:, BONK! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Here’s Cosmos’s tweet: MY OPINION BTW *runs away*, — PG Cosmos JAPANNNN!!! Thanks for that, my main method (searching Twitter for "matchup chart" and "MU chart") probably misses most Japanese MU charts, so it's helpful if people can point out those I've missed. 331 votes, 217 comments. By combining every single MU chart I came to the conclusion that Pikachu wins, Here’s a Corrin matchup chart from Lycopis (fairly notable Japanese Corrin player), Fun fact: Only two MU charts pre-4.0.0 remain, Sol's Little Mac and Jeda's Lucario: and :, Stocktaker69:, Tweek:, Raptor:, Ron:, Suarez:, colinies:, Toast:, Zan:, AceAttorney:, Meru:, Mystearica:, Bankai:, JeBB:, Juice:, Kuro:, Marss:, shky: It’s generally because Pikachu is a top-tier character with a very steep learning curve that requires a slightly different mindset to play than other top-tier characters, which is primarily why people that used Pikachu in previous games like ESAM, Cosmos, and DM are the only top players using Pikachu in this game., Larry Lurr's (also Light I guess) 3.1 Fox MU chart, Samsora's old:, Larry's old:, Old:, New:, Thanks for this. I contacted him 28 days before I made this to see if he was going to keep running the compilation for Ultimate but I haven’t gotten any response, so for the time being I’m going to keep working on this until he comes back. The entire Smash Ultimate character roster is here. Fatality is making one for Falcon as well today I think. Probably, though it would be incomplete since many characters are missing right now, although all top tiers and most high tiers are represented, at least. Thank you, replaced the old chart with this one.

Welcome to Reddit's finest Smash Bros community! I'm seeing the Matrix here and the code is asking me why the hell every competitive player is not straight playing Pikachu all the time. Larry Lurr:, Lui$:, ZD:, Jw:, Lea:, Somé:, Stroder:, MkLeo:, Rango:, Ryuga:, Magister:, Abadango:, Armada:, Cosmos:, Space:, Xzax:, bocchi:, BassMage:, Hungrybox:, Blank:, takera:, ZAKI:, Muk:, Jesuischoq:, RiotLettuce:, T:, Sol:, Etsuji (Edge):, MkLeo:, WonderBread:, Elegant:, Ron:, Dark Wizzy:, Ron:, kameme:, Morpheus:, Aikota (NovaPixl):, Hugs:, iTheta:, Maister:, BestNess:, S1:, Dabuz:, DKbill:, Klaatu:, Myran:, Poet:, Dabuz:, Frozen:, Gen:, Towa (Atelier):, BlazingPasta:, Captain Zack:, Ling Ling:, Meru:, MuteAce:, Samsora:, NAKAT:, Tachyon:, VoiD:, ESAM:, Brood:, HIKARU:, IcyMist:, Leffen:, Pandarian:, Puppeh:, Wishes:, Vreyvus:, Locus:, Epic_Gabriel:, Raffi-X:, WaDi:, Dath:, Jul:, Goblin:, Leffen:, Static Manny:, YB:, Charliedaking:, Nicko:, Ally:, MVD:, Shogun:, KEN:, Sigma:, Glutonny:, Meru:, AceStarThe3rd:, Wii Twerk Trainer:, Daybreak:, Larry Lurr:, Seagull Joe:, Zackray:, Ron:, AeroLink:, Biddy:, colonies:, Mystearica:, Marss:, heres kens sonic mu chart.

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