Other fights have included Steve stealing money from Snot to support his energy drink addiction, resulting in Snot as well as Toshi and Barry attacking Steve physically. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Snot has had a short relationship with Jenny Fromdabloc, one of Roger's personas where he believed he lost his virginity, but it turned out Roger was using a stress ball with a cut in it to fake the sex. In the episode "Licence to Till" we are introduced to Snot's uncle Soloman, a cabbage farmer.

Snot has a puppet of Fozzie Bear he tries to use to amuse Steve in "License to Till". In "License to Till", Steve and Snot kissed at the end.

Tobias Nath (Staffel 4). In "G-String Circus" Snot, Steve, Toshi and Barry go to space camp.

American Dad ist eine 2005 im US-amerikanischen Fernsehen gestartete Zeichentrickserie von Seth MacFarlane.

However, at the end of the episode, the girls leave them when the cars get repossesed. However Snot and Steve tend to turn on eachother more then anyone else. In "A Ward Show", Snot whispered to him regarding their kiss oath meaning nothing and in "Virtual In-Stanity", Steve mistakes Phyllis' comment regarding Chelsea that a curly haired person wanted to dance for Snot. Steve retaliates by attempting to touch Snot's mothers breasts, but ends up having her head touch his genitals. Ozan Ünal (Staffel 3; abwechselnd mit Konrad Bösherz) Snot often appears to be outwardly angered by Barry's lack of understanding of the world around him, often seen rolling his eyes at his remarks. Snot is a nickname given to him by the group.

In the episode "The Magnificent Steven," everyone has to tell someone a secret during gym class.

In "Moon Over Isla Island," Snot is pulled out of the Smith's pool by Francine and accidently gets a face full of her breasts. '", Snot's father is implied to have left them, and in "The Magnificent Steven" Steve says that he shot Snot's mom in the face with a flare gun. When Steve and Snot come back with it runs out of gas, and they can't bring in the harvest.

Snot was clearly aghast at Steve for putting him in a perilous situation, but their friendship resumed when Steve sold much of his old toys in order to raise money to provide an excellent Star Trek-themed Bar Mitzvah for Snot. Snot has a dog named Dreidel whom Steve uses with Snot to present his argument that he could have a dog in "Stan's Best Friend".

In "The Magnifacent Steven" Steve remarks that she has a wooden foot. „Snot" ist Steve Smiths Freund.

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