Duarte S; Araújo FG, 2002. According to Gerstner (2007), the dispersal and station-holding ability of Hypostomus spp. Texas Parks and Wildlife, 2012. (Diversidad genética del Bocachico (Prochilodus reticulatus) de la Cuenca Alta del Rí Cauca (Colombia).). Lastly, I’d like to mention that these fishes need to be protected from being burned by heaters. Naturally nobody knows a thing. Temporal trends in non-native fishes established in the continental United States. Introduced populations of Pterygoplichthys sp. Hypostomus sp. Ma X; Bangxi X; Yindong W; Mingxue W, 2003. Spotted this species somewhere? (Diversidad genética del Bocachico (Prochilodus reticulatus) de la Cuenca Alta del Rí Cauca (Colombia).) Though these larger suckermouth cats are not plant eaters per se, they will definitely damage soft-leaved to waxy plants even if there’s enough food and greenery around. There is a strong spine at front of the dorsal, pectoral and pelvic fins. ASAP, 1996. © 2020 Aqualog.de - All about tropical fish, Other Catfishes (excluding Mailed & Suckermouth). Freshwater Tropical Fish Articles | TFH Magazine, Breeding the Cactus Pleco | Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine, Common Pleco (Hypostomus plecostomus) Species | TFH Magazine. and Pterygoplichthys sp. US chain pet shop stocks are now dominated by Pterygoplichthys spp., which are sometimes sold as Hypostomus spp. It has been recorded in several other watersheds in Texas, including Comal Springs (Comal County), San Marcos River (Hays County), San Felipe Creek (Val Verde County) and White Oak Bayou (USGS NAS, 2015). in Hawaii, Mexico, Texas and Florida (Hoover et al., 2014). List of freshwater fish of Argentina. Hypostomus sp. > 10°C, Cold average temp. Additionally, as you can appreciate, there is little for them to feed on when the tank is new. Commercially bred in large outdoor ponds in Florida, US.

tolerate brackish water of 6-12 ppt, though are not found in higher adjacent salinities (Barletta et al., 2000; Hoover et al., 2014). Male H. plecostomus burrow into banks and bottom sediments to create chambers in which females lay eggs. Baensch HA, Riehl R, 1985. Lack of nutrition is the next likely cause. In an aquarium environment, H. plecostomus require temperatures of 20-30°C (Baensch and Riehl, 1985; PlanetCatfish, 2015). H. plecostomus is a very popular ornamental freshwater fish, native to northern South America, that has been introduced to the aquatic habitats of at least 17 countries in the Americas, Asia and Europe. Anonymous, 2015.

Size at maturity of H. plecostomus is comparable with other Hypostomus sp. sp(1) Though largely sedentary, the large plecos need high levels of dissolved oxygen; the more aeration the better.

A library of images of H. plecostomus may be viewed at PlanetCatfish (2015). The introduced fish problem and the aquarium fish industry. Aqualog.de offers up-to-date information and background reports about aquaristics, terraristics, vivaristics. Biodiversitas, 70:1-5. This Pleco was inadvertently caught while bass fishing. Liposarcus anisitsi (Eigenmann & Kennedy 1903) is the snow king pleco (formerly of the genus Pterygoplichthys) and grows to 17 inches in length (30 inches according to Burgess 1989). USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Database. during reproduction may cause erosion, sedimentation and increased turbidity. Often, fish stores will trade you a smaller specimen (or two!) Found over flood plains, lakes and swamps of the River Basins. Way too often abused out of lack of knowledge and understanding, the larger species of plecos need space, delivered foods, and a modicum of regular maintenance to do well in captivity. Having fished in these tanks during visits over the last 10 years,it appears that over time these invasive guys are displacing the bass and blue gills which were originally introduced in the 1980’s. http://www.lavanille-reserve.com/index.php/en/park/reptiles-animaux/poissons-d-eau-douce/46-catfish.html.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (2015) inferred that introduced Hypostomus populations in Florida were restricted and not successful in comparison with the large and rapidly increasing populations of introduced Pterygoplichthys spp. H. plecostomus may have been accidently introduced to Florida and Mexico. Plecos are established in the San Antonio, San Marcos, Comal, and Guadalupe River systems, as well as Buffalo Bayou. Pound et al. Sterba G, 1966. Data are similar to those from various Hypostomus sp. Fish were cultured in outdoor ponds and these ponds were seasonally drained to harvest adult fish.

Proceedings of the 33rd European Marine Biology Symposium, Wilhelmshaven, Germany, 7-11 September 1998. To learn more about Snow King Plecos and the rules intended to prevent them from becoming more widespread, check out the TPWD page here: http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishboat/fish/didyouknow/exotics.phtml. D. diaboli is an algivore and is probably subject to resource competition with H. plecostomus (Hoover et al., 2014). Members of the Hypostominae possess distinctive lunate pupils believed to provide greater visual acuity along the frontal-caudal axis (Douglas et al., 2002). Power ME, 1984. (2011) investigated the diet of introduced populations of H. plecostomus from the San Marcos River using gut contents and stable isotope analyses.

H. plecostomus is omnivorous and principally consumes algae/vegetal matter, periphyton (microorganisms adhered to submerged substrates), detritus and benthic aquatic invertebrates (Texas Parks and Wildlife, 2012; Froese and Pauly, 2014).

Aquarium species in the Philippines. H. plecostomus can be directly removed by fishing or netting (Hoover et al., 2014). Large pipes are best for hiding places. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. In Columbia, introduced populations of H. plecostomus are well established in the anthropogenically-impacted upper basin of the Cauca River. Robinson L; Culbertson J, 2005. The one that I see that really concerns me is oak wilt.

USA: Galveston Bay Estuary Program. H. plecostomus have been observed burrowing in the nests of blue tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) in Mexico, which could cause fish to abandon nests, and reduce reproductive success. Respiration and suction can function simultaneously. Genetic diversity of Bocachico (Prochilodus reticulatus) of the Cuenca Alta of Río Cauca (Colombia).

In China, H. plecostomus was recorded in the Huizhou segment of the Dongjiang River in 2007. The potential for the release of a fish species is correlated with the popularity of that species and its abundance among fish hobbyists.

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