Sōtō Zen or the Sōtō school (曹洞宗, Sōtō-shū) is the largest of the three traditional sects of Zen in Japanese Buddhism (the others being Rinzai and Ōbaku).

Sorry but it’s just a pet peeve of mine since the word is most frequently misused by people attempting to sound scholarly. It defines human relationships. Zen is influenced in large part by the Yogacara school of philosophy as well as the Huayan school. And sure they will roll out the red carpet and they will treat you with super respect, but at the end of the day, its all about trust. It’s just culture. Far more than they would do if you are just an acquaintance. English is not my mother tongue so again my apologies for any mistakes therefore, but I am sure I can make my point. [3], The Sōtō-shū organisation has an elaborate organisation. The core concept revolves around the idea of dividing people into two groups, a in-group and an out-group. With about one hundred fifty fully transmitted priests, the Sōtō Zen Buddhist Association now represents about 80% of Western Sōtō teachers.

In summary, my own culture has its own system of tatemae, and of uchi-soto. Until the promotion of Dogen studies in modern times, the study of Chinese texts was prevalent in Sōtō: After textual learning was revived during the early Tokugawa period, most Japanese Sōtō monks still studied only well-known Chinese Buddhist scriptures or classic Chinese Zen texts. outside,exterior,open air,other place - Definition of 外, そと, soto The uchi-soto relationship can lead to someone making great personal sacrifices to honor a visitor or other person in an out-group.

The meditator strives to be aware of the stream of thoughts, allowing them to arise and pass away without interference. So how does this all relate to the “Gaijin Complex”? Aug 28, 2014

Southerners are amazing people too! Tōzan Ryōkai) and the teaching of the Five Ranks. It can be better understood if translated friends/not friends…but broader and applies in more situations.

I am sure Japan would love to tell everyone to kiss off.

I want to practice this with my volunteer place. As relationships take years building (and require neutering), perhaps you are a little more uchi than soto. [17] Opposition arose again, and Gikai was forced to leave Eihei-ji, and exiled to Kaga Province, Dajō-ji (in Ishikawa Prefecture). I accept criticism and still stand by my opinion.

Similarly, an overnight guest is offered the best sleeping arrangements even if it greatly inconveniences the rest of the family. very nice.

When Japanese people have a chance to talk with foreigners, they feel lost for not knowing how to appropriately interact with them. [34] From its beginnings, Sōtō-shū has laid a strong emphasis on the right lineage and dharma transmission.

I cannot see that “the free exchange of ideas and prevalence of logic and rationality over personal sensibilities has been a hallmark of improvements in science, technology, and society throughout the world.”. Soto, referring to the outside, denotes the unknown and the unfamiliar, and can also be associated with something dangerous, impure, and dirty. [6][7], The Caodong-teachings were brought to Japan in 1227, when Dōgen returned to Japan after studying Ch'an in China and settled at Kennin-ji in Kyoto.

The culture of uchi and soto means the Japanese often call a person from another country gaijin (外人, a stranger, literally "person from outside").

Were in the east particularly Japan, the word respect carries other connotations with it. I can’t help but think setsubun “oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi” when I see the headline!!

[web 1]. Contemporary Sōtō-shū has four classes of temples:[53], While Eihei-ji owes its existence to Dōgen, throughout history this head temple has had significantly fewer sub-temple affiliates than the Sōji-ji. It is an extension or subbranch of the Chinese Caodong, which was brought to Japan by Dogen Zenji (1200–1253), and which after his death became known as the Sōtō school.

This became and continues to this day to be the official Sōtō Zen view. Uchi (内) literally means home, while Soto (外) refers to outside. Not a great record for “the free exchange of ideas and prevalence of logic and rationality over personal sensibilities” that you see as a hallmark of improvements in science, technology, and society throughout the world.” We had a great time and I left late in the evening, with the promise of seeing each other the next time I went.

The basic concept revolves around dividing people into in-groups and out-groups. Suzuki's assistant Dainin Katagiri was invited to come to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he moved in 1972 after Suzuki's death. How can I be accepted?-if you want to be accepted.

(Japanese tr. By Yumi Nakata Underneath all that is a process of sizing you up via a well developed sense of feeling that these Japanese have. And what are the hallmark of improvements in science, technology and society you have in mind ? The fact America nuked two major Japanese cities and still holds it hostage says a LOT too…. Still have questions?

Rinzai and Sōtō Zen chose to adapt, with embarrassing consequences when Japanese nationalism was endorsed by the Zen institutions. Scientific research by international research teams with U.S. and Japanese college students show that the Japanese are better at performance-approach/avoidance than Americans. This is also why foreigners (soto) have a hard time being truly accepted into Japanese society and those who wish to become Japanese citizens (uchi) face many obstacles. I’ve been living in Tochigi for 2 years, but still getting a grasp of the culture.

[35] When an abbot changed position, becoming abbot of another temple, he also had to discard his lineage and adopt the lineage of his new temple. Thanks for your reply. This theory can be found in any nation. For the original Chinese sect, see, Azuchi-Momoyama (1573–1600) and Edo (or Tokugawa) (1600–1868), Meiji Restoration (1868–1912) and Imperial expansionism, 「洞上の玄風、天下にしく、故に諸方の宗匠、ともにこれを推尊して洞曹宗という」.

3 A few students have a car.? Of course, you can go to Antai-ji, if you want; but if you want to deepen your practice of true Zen, you can do it in Europe. I would like to know what the Japanese are thinking, as they are being so kind or polite. Thank you for this article, I hope one day I can fit in better to Japanese society ☺. i wish i know some japanese people, i find them very intrsting and the culture as well. No scientific work is of any use to humanity if it excludes that fact. Uchi, referring to the inside, the familiar, the home, is associated with something clean, safe, and pure. I made a point of bowing and, in my best Nihongo, I said, “Doumo arigatou, gozaimasu.” How do you think about the answers? Japanese; Ts'ao-tung (Chinese); one of the two major schools of Zen Buddhism; it was brought to Japan by Dogen in the thirteenth century; it emphasizes zazen, or sitting meditation, as the central practice in order to attain enlightenment. In 1243 Dōgen founded Eihei-ji,[11] one of the two head temples of Sōtō-shū today, choosing... ... to create new monastic institutions based on the Chinese model and risk incurring the open hostility and opposition of the established schools.[12]. Hongzhi's writings on "silent illumination" had greatly influenced Dōgen's own conception of shikantaza.[8]. Tell us in the comments below. The general idea of this cultural belief would be to practice being polite to everyone in every situation which needs to be practice in Australia customer service a lot more, yes I agree..I don’t know the customer service in Australia but I live in America and I notice that there is a room for some improvement here…. For example, another company’s employee. I find that not civilized and depressive and to a degree it is a consequence of our degeneration and decadence. If you want to learn the ceremonies practiced by the Sōtō School, you need only head for Eihei-ji or Soji-ji.

u should try it.

Again, it is all about cultural perspective. With about 14,000 temples, Sōtō is one of the largest Japanese Buddhist organizations.

One hot summer afternoon she decided to take her boyfriend to a farm outside the town.

Until trusted, they will continue as they do, and you will regarded as a soto and simply outsider or someone that has something to offer them in the interaction. Respectfully yours and best regards.

But I don’t think that would work out to their favor. Anybody got any information on this? Sōtō Zen, like all of Zen, relies on the Prajnaparamita Sutras, as well as general Mahayana Buddhist sutras, such as the Lotus Sutra, the Brahma Net Sutra and the Lankavatara Sutra. (see uchi), www.aikido.org/rgvaikikai/aikido_terms.html, out/outside; movement outside of uke's arm.

In 1959 Suzuki arrived in California to attend to Soko-ji, at that time the sole Sōtō temple in San Francisco.

I always thought that being invited to such a private place such as a home broke some invisible social barrier and now I am more than just an acquaintance. Gikai introduced esoteric elements into the practice: [W]ith the premature death of Dōgen the group lost its focus and internal conflicts led to a split. Learn about the name Soto(奏斗): Meaning, Origin, Kanji, Theme, Other Readings, Hiragana, Katakana. [33], The Sōtō school started to place a growing emphasis on textual authority. And the ‘soto’ is practiced with such deference that you’d almost feel the toffs accepted you as one of their own old chap. In a piece of advice to western practitioners, Kojun Kishigami Osho, a dharma heir of Kōdō Sawaki, writes: Every year, about 150 novices arrive. The Japanese family, which can be likened to a clan, was an isolated unit, close-knit and led by the head of the family. In 1899 the first lay ordination ceremony was organized in Eihei-ji. It’s totally understandable too. This is my naive question: am I “uchi” or “soto”? This does not mean that the customer is right per se. Alas, no. However, I am not the focus of this example: it is a fact that there are many others like me in the world. I can’t say that I find it strange, but I do find the uchi-soto philosophy problematic (as well as its continued acceptance) in a changing world. If a Japanese person considers you a close friend they will do everything they can to help you if you are in need. Some of them may be truly interested in getting to know you but most of them are simply following the custom. I just hope one day people will stop assuming foreigners find Japanese culture strange because “they’re foreign.” It’s extremely difficult precisely because most people don’t realize how deeply ingrained their prejudices are, or how to identify them. At any age, in your family, at school, in a sports club or in a business, you have to know your place. I don’t mind taking a long time to get to know people. This distinction is made on a daily basis by the Japanese, and forms the basis of the social codes followed. habitational name from any of numerous places named Soto or El Soto, from soto ‘grove’, ‘small wood’ (Latin saltus). I value humility, politeness and respect. Soto Name Meaning. I told my Japanese friend about this “uchi-soto” concept. However, when dealing with someone from another company, the middle manager's entire company is the in-group, and the other company is the out-group.

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