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‣ Comic Walk - Sidney Torch [Patrick "cleaning" the deli slicer with a brick] "The Goofy Newbie" Credits 7:00 pm (suddenly, a red alert goes off, scaring the king and queen) Robber: (running, with a money bag) Ha ha ha!

https://spongebob.fandom.com/wiki/Boss_for_a_Day/transcript?oldid=3343551, [Incidental 49 takes Krabs to the Krusty Krab in a wheelchair], [Patrick is flipping the patties in the counterclockwise with his spatula], [Patrick is smashing the patties with his spatula and puts the Krabby Patty in the wrong order].  • Vibe Q Sting - Nicolas Carr ["Mr. Krabs, you are better!"] The episode was confirmed by Vincent Waller on June 6, 2019. In this episode, Mr. Krabs has an accident and leaves SpongeBob in charge of the Krusty Krab. "The Goofy Newbie"

 • What's This - Nicolas Carr ["Wait, Mr. Krabs.

Most notably Gullible Pants and CopyBob DittoPants, but it also rips off Squid's Day Off, Big Pink Loser, Bummer Vacation, and No Hat for Pat to an extent too. "Boss for a Day" is a SpongeBob SquarePants episode from season twelve.  • Greenhorn Rag - Nicolas Carr, Sage Guyton, Jeremy Wakefield [SpongeBob accidentally kicks Krabs out of the Krusty Krab]

Multiple times throughout the episode, when SpongeBob changes into Mr. Krabs and back to his normal form again, parts of his belt are miscolored as white. The first being ", SpongeBob has been put in charge of the Krusty Krab before in ".  • Sea Weed - Steve Belfer [Patrick is the new fry cook] U.S. premiere time (EST):

When Squidward breaks the smile from SpongeBob his forehead wrinkles disappear for a split second.

For further questions go to SpongePedia:Contents !  ‣ Evil Mind 3 - Dick De Benedictis [Krabs sees horrified who the new fry cook is] In this episode, Mr. Krabs is horrified to find out that SpongeBob hired Patrick as the fry cook, even though Mr. Krabs hired him temporarily back in ", This is the third episode in which SpongeBob has been cloned, the first being ". 10 minutes, 51 seconds Both episodes also preceded the live-action, This and "Pineapple RV" are currently the least-viewed episodes in the series, with only 0.73 million viewers, until it was overshadowed by ", This is likely because both episodes were uploaded on the internet a few months before premiering on. SpongeBob is excited to meet him and shows him what he's done.

Afterwards, SpongeBob constantly tells Patrick he's doing his tasks wrong, making Patrick frustrated enough to quit his job.  • Great Idea Patrick - Nicolas Carr [Closeup of the penny] [This episode starts at the Krusty Krab when Mr. Krabs is trying to sort out some chaos.] 21 DVD and will be available on. Boss for a Day”For the original title of this episode

List of episode transcripts This article is a transcript of the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Boss for a Day" from season twelve, which aired on July 17, 2020. Season №:

12  • Great Idea Patrick - Nicolas Carr [SpongeBob gets an idea] Next Supervising Producer(s): Airdate:

Adam Paloian He leaves the doors opened, causing the SpongeBob slices to fly out of the restaurant, causing enough chaos to make Mr. Krabs snap and break out of his body cast. "Breakin'"

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