• Wonderful Wormy • Yo-Ho-Ha-Ha-Ha!

• Beyond Bikini Bottom!

• The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in E.V.I.L vs. the I.J.L.S.A • The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in The Mega-Justice Collection • The Good, the Bad, and the Krabby • The Great Patty Caper • Time for Ice Cream • The Bikini Bottom Bike Race • The Eye of the Fry Cook: A Story About Getting Glasses • The Good, the Bad, and the Krabby! Writer(s):

• Buried Treasure! They believe the Magic Conch should never be questioned and should always be consulted before any action is taken. • Behold, No Cavities! • SpongeBob's Big Coloring Book • SpongeBob SquarePants Phonics Box 2 • SpongeBob Goes to the Doctor • SpongeBob JokePants • Spring Cleanup • SpongeBob MoviePants • SpongeBob's Special Delivery • SpongeBob PartyPants • SpongeBob Saves the Day (Cine-Manga book) • SpongeBob Saves the Day (phonics book) • SpongeBob Saves the Day (Triple Pack) • SpongeBob, Soccer Star! 16

• In a Fix • Jellyfish Jam • Jumbo Coloring Party • Just Say "Please!" SpongeBob accepts the offer. 0449818926 (10)978-0449818923 (13) • Happy Birthday, Squidward!

The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in What Were You Shrinking?

(Note: Due to his recent deportation, 21 Savage was not available as a guest artist on this track. 10th Birthday Edition, Chuckle and Cringe: SpongeBob's Book of Embarrassing Stories, Election Connection: The Official Nick Guide to Electing the President, For Singing Out Loud! • Shiver Me Timbers • Special Delivery!

The Adventures of Man Sponge and Boy Patrick in What Were You Shrinking? The Insider's Guide to SpongeBob SquarePants • SpongeBob Tees Off • SpongeBob RoundPants • SpongeBob's Book of Excuses • SpongeBob's Best Days • SpongeBob's Kitchen Mission Cookbook • SpongeBob's Easter Parade • ScribbleBob DoodlePants! • Behold, No Cavities!

Season №: • Serving Up Smiles, a Joke Book • SquaredyPants! If it has, this section is being expanded. SpongeBob and Patrick begin Squidward's initiation into their "club," but Squidward stops them, and attempts to get out by pulling on a smaller tree. SpongeBob and Patrick try to comfort Squidward by telling him it could be worse, and that they will survive as a club and as long as they have the "Magic Conch Shell," a Magic 8 ball-like device which SpongeBob and Patrick treat as prophetic and all-knowing. Nickelodeon PublishingKelli Chipponeri

Characters victory screeching after something good happens. General  ‣ The Promised Land - David Farnon [conch tells them to do nothing]  ‣ Newsreel - Sam Fonteyn ["Take that, SpongeBob and Patrick!"] This is the second episode to reference the 11-minute runtime, the first being ", SpongeBob also breaks the fourth wall by saying "This copyrighted conch is the cornerstone of our organization" as a reference to the fact that the Magic Conch was copyrighted by.

March 12, 2002 July 12, 2002 September 3, 2002See more... August 27, 2002 (EBS) September 3, 2002 November 22, 2002 September 2, 2003 October 3, 2004 January 1, 2006 December 2, 2007 January 1, 2009 November 22, 2009 July 3, 2019 • Go, Team SpongeBob! • SpongeBob Goes Green! The clam coughs up the pearl with Patrick's assistance, and Patrick claims it is a volleyball. • Party Time • Pest of the West • Plankton's Christmas Surprise!

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