- my time and energy is saved for my girls' running team, instead of all used up trying to get volunteers.

The Expos are an old team in baseball that no longer exists. Ans: Basketball, Qus: What male tennis player has won the most Grand Slam titles? My name is Shweta and recently visit on this website and i get lots of important sports trivia questions and answers which are based on different sports. What is the biggest stadium in the world?

The five rings in Olympic Flag represent? A: Golf, Q: What sport is Bela Karolyi known for coaching? Click to Flip Steve Davis Click to Flip Michael Phelps Our easy sports trivia questions and answers are perfect for kids. c) Five Ocean, d) Five Stars Qus: Frankie Fredericks represented which African country in athletics? No Click to Flip Required fields are marked *. a) Headman the puck, b) The House, c) Hand Pass,d) All of the above Martina Navratilova Click to Flip Three times Formula One world champion (’88,’90,’91).

Click to Flip 5. a) FIFA, b) ICC b) Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas, and Oceania 3. How many pins are there in bowling ball? Which team in L.A. wears the colors of purple and gold? Simple Sports Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers: Qus: Bobby Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time in which game?

Usain Bolt 19. 74. 10. Take this quick quiz and find out. Ans: Table Tennis, Qus: Which sport do the Oklahoma City Thunder play? Sports trivia for kids can be played in the home, or in the school. 97. 78.

Ans: West Indies, Q. Which one is the Runner-up of the team in Hockey world cup 2018? Click to Flip

What is the standard size of the tennis court The Olympic flag was created by Pierre de Coubertin, in which year? At last, I have also provided a small list of Kids Trivia games. As of Nov 01 20. Thanks!

These are going to be some pretty simple questions related to all different kinds of sports. Won world cup with India in 2011. are helpful in intellectual development as well as entertainment. 8 Ans: Edmonton Oilers, Qus: Muhammad Ali retired from boxing in 1981, what was his career record? Bangladesh are beneficial in keeping the body healthy. A: Bike race, Q: How old was Tiger Woods when he won the Masters? Q: What does NBA stand for? Played in 200 Test matches. Ans: 1877. 77. Kylian Mbappe (France)

79. A: Tennis, Q: What type of race is the Tour de France? 6.

Many sports-related events are organized. Whichever way you play, everyone is sure to be a winner. Muggsy Bogues (5'3”) Olympia, Greece Click to Flip Click to Flip What is the most prestigious cricket tournaments in the world? 84. How many pieces are there for each player in the Chess game? 42. Enjoy our sport quiz for kids.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lacrosse/ Hockey Where is the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee? Run out is a dismissal in which sports? 3. Ans: 1916, 1940, 1944, (World Wars I and II), Qus: In what year did Tiger Woods begin his professional golf career? Click to Flip Ashes Series is played between which of these two countries Sir Donald Bradman is a legend in which sports? Shape of the tennis ball is How much do you know about sport? a) Australia, b) India Let's start out in Hollywood for our journey around the NBA. Questions. Click to Flip

Those six teams are known as the Original Six.

64. Who's the shortest player in the NBA? How many rooks are there in total in the Chess game? Click to Flip Click to Flip Brazilian motor racing champion. Click to Flip a) England, b) France Won world cup with India in 2011. View an Example, Q: How many sports were included in the 2008 Summer Olympics?
Click to Flip

c) Deep Mid Wicket, d) All of The Above

29. Pele is a legend of which sports? A: 4, Q: What part of the body can’t touch the ball in soccer? Family Sport Quizzes, Questions and Answers which are free and printable making them readymade for school or party games for kids at Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Halloween. They were both 7 ft 7 in tall (231 cm).

Ans: Green Bay Packers, Qus: What year was the first Super Bowl played? Answer: Baseball, Questions: National Game of India is? What is the shape of the basketball field?

First of all, I would like to say this is a wonderful place where we can easily get a huge number of trivia questions which is based on different fields.

20.12m USA A: Gymnastics, Q: What color are the goal posts in football? 106. Click to Flip How many players are there in baseball team? Britain a) West Indies, b) India Roger Federer to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the bottom of that page. Ans: Chess, Qus: What is the regulation height for a basketball hoop? c) 1930, d) 1918 Sports are healthier.

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Chicago is located on the banks of Lake Michigan which is one of the five Great Lakes.

Ans: Polo, Qus: In 1950, India withdrew from the World Cup because FIFA refused to let them do what? There are annual sports events in schools. Click to Flip What is the most prestigious basketball tournaments in the world? Ans: Cricket, Q. (Switzerland, tennis) Has won a record-breaking 20 single Grand Slam titles.

Ans: England, Australia, South Africa, Qus: What was the name of the horse that won the Triple Crown in 1973, to be the first winner in 25 years? 110. Our trivia features questions from team sports, indoor sports, to football, tennis and hockey. How many rings are there in the the Olympic logo?

15. 63. Which squad are called "Azzurri" and sport a light-blue jacket? Quiz: Baseball History Using Abbreviations.

sports trivia for kids is an awesome resource. How many players are there for each team in soccer?

Older people also should check these. a) Table Tennis, b) Ice Hockey, c) Cricket, d) Volleyball

Buzkashi is the national game of which country? 96. Click to Flip c) The Netherlands, d) Germany Butterfly is a stroke of which sports? 95. Click to Flip 59. Who is the fastest footballer in the world?

A: Checkered flag, Q: How many regulation strokes are there in swimming? Click to Flip Died in a motor racing accident, Bologna, Italy. Click to Flip In this article, I have listed more than 200 Trivia Questions for Kids. won four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics helping to break Hitler’s pride.

53. Derby is accosiated with which sports? 48.

How many players are there for each team in cricket?

Your email address will not be published. The Senators are a Canadian team, but they are a professional hockey team in the NHL. Aryton Senna 107. The Detroit Red Wings are a popular team in hockey, and have been around since 1926.

Diego Maradona Ans: Cricket, Q. Ans: South Africa, Q.

c) Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, and South America 9. Some famous players were Roberto Baggio, Paolo Rossi, Gianluigi Buffon. Squash Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Tiger Woods Sports Trivia For Kids 1. 102. Your email address will not be published. Seven times world champion. The world's first skyscraper was built in Chicago. Click to Flip Quiz Questions on Sports Cricket (Cricket Trivia Questions and Answers for Kids): Q. Visit this site for our Sports Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids. Click to Flip Eddy Merckx

Click to Flip

Playing in schools and other higher education institutions is considered to be an integral part of education.

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