I have been a Statis Pro fanatic since I dominated my league with Dave Williams and Robert Newhouse in the backfield. The draw play works great and I won the guessing game. (4.0) SEQUENCE OF PLAY (4.1) PLAYS In STATIS-PRO FOOTBALL, there are two types of plays.

... We’ve brought 28 years of Statis Pro Football play and over 10 years of design work to the game. 2015-16 NBA Season ( *.txt files) *Dropbox Download* StatBaseball STBB2015.exe 5 MB I think I had Joe Montana as my QB. ALREADY RELEASED NFL 2019-20. Table of Contents Eagles blew out the Packers, eh? I print up a handfull of cards each yeah.for me and.my son to play we love it..wish i could get a league going. ( Log Out /  Tabletop Football can be played by 1, 2, 3, or 4 players. The player-coaches will determine the line-up. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Change ). If you've forgotten your password, simply fill out the space below with the e-mail address or the membername you used when you registered. We’ve updated to a Base-10 system allowing for greater variability and realism in the results. i really would like to create cards for some teams from 1970-1977. i think that was a great era in football. link for lots of downloads for Statis Pro. OK, as promised, here are my scans of the Statis-Pro rules, official rules 1st – 5th editions, plus the 6th edition rules which would have been in future sets, along with the ABC/TTF versions of rules which are effectively the 7th and 8th edition rules (with much expanded rules). He could not move the ball on me. Hey John, I am currently playing the 2010 playoff. If you want to see the action unfold on the field on every play…feel the pressure of making that tough 3rd down call…you must check out PTG Football, We’ve brought 28 years of Statis Pro Football play and over 10 years of design work to the game.Jim Barnes the creator of Statis Pro said. Solitaire Rules are available for single player games. If you wish to change the email address you supplied in the New Member Registration form, please enter it below and click the Update button.

I played one game head-to-head and the Eagles blew out the Packers 27-7. I cannot recall which edition of the game switched to the different rule sets, PS a couple of the rulebooks are missing the pages where the play selection charts appeared. About; flipping FAC since 1984 Statis-Pro Rules (all editions) by Dr.Manhattan. Let me see what I can find. But I ran all over him using McCoy. The Action Deck works like the old FAC deck from Statis Pro.

This will not be a simple stat keeper or die roller but a full-blown adaption of the board game to computer with dozens of features and abilities the board game cannot reproduce. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Keep an eye on our forums for the upcoming computer version of PTG Football. 2016-17 NBA Season (*.txt files) *Dropbox Download* Statis-Pro Basketball SPBInstall4.1.exe 4 MB. Statis Pro Football. Who is your favorite team to play? Play by Play has been studied and every ball handler in the game now more accurately reflects on-field performance.

Once you learn the system, plays can be completed in under a minute. I put Asante Samuel on Greg Jennings and doubled two other receivers. 2019 Season Now Available!! One of the beauties of the Statis Pro system was and is the simplicity. I cannot recall which edition of the game switched to the different rule sets, Statis-Pro Football Official Formulas (Avalon Hill).

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