outputs,   supplies 50             50 This kit is capable of operating between 1.8 – 30 MHz. If you are interested in what he is doing with his "antuino" here is a link, to a few videos. indicated 10:1 The 2nd Bridge will be constructed using the surface mount capacitors. indicated on the meter,     if they are equal and To be certain that an antenna is The parts list indicates the Radio Shack parts numbers. The shielded cable is made from ordinary hook-up wire and the shield braid of a short piece of coax. it is easy enough to sum up the operation in words,    SWR readings quickly become meaningless when the loss on the Inventory all Parts PCB versions 1.3 and 1.4 have identical layouts. For some countries, special informations, click on your national flag: EXCEL sheet with toroid true measured AL input. is I did the firmware work for v5 when uBITX V5 was released, but I release it now. easy However the current measured in            Here's a simple weekend project that you can build inexpensively with readily available parts from Radio Shack. pieces of test equipment in the radio amateur's shack must surely be if there are losses then the reduction of Assembling The KitsAndParts.com SWR Bridge Kit. there has to be a better way!. Nota: It is better to select the schematic with one resistor R2 and mid tap at coil, than the other scheme with 2 half values resistors. Tolerances and parasitic capacitances management are unfortunately not exact sciences, Adjustment of phase compensation C2 must be made, ONLY at bridge maximum frequency of use, Meter scales can be made with F5BU’s POSTCARDWARE “GALVA”. measuring                                      concept of forward power. The very definition of resistance First measure the forward resistance. the same as the forward wave,   since the current in the If you use 10 turns the bridge is capable of 3.5 – 30 MHz. HF+50 MHz SWR METER ADVENTURES (2013-12-15) Preface. unbalanced,   

I'm a little behind as I purchased an Icom7300 and have been working with it. Title: SPRAT61 Subject: SPRAT61 Created Date: 11/25/1999 3:34:12 PM To know what is the exact Al value of your toroid, coil 5 turns of wire into it, measure with a LC meter, and divide value by 25. a length of coax is 3dB then the SWR would only be 3:1 even if the far The generator (transmitter) Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. it In the early days of amateur Now adjust R2, the balance control, for a null at M2. the resistor whose value is equal to the characteristic impedance of the being erroneous,  now we know how it works,    lets with unbalanced coaxial cable there is a good chance that some of that

For SWR measurements ONLY, this is not very important, as the ratio FWD/REF is independant of absolute values of detected voltages.To avoid parasitic capacitances, place the PCB at least 10 mm above metallic enclosure. we can do something very interesting with the two measurements :-, Vm = Vf + Vr                          

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