When they look to the part of the story that tells us one of the travelers is crushed between two rocks, some scholars are convinced that this is a metaphor used to discuss the semi-visible shape of the man in in the moon as a crushed Indian warrior. There are some that still argue the pterodactyl could be a likely candidate because the wings could have been a similar color and the Native tribes may have simply observed these creatures from a distance without ever interacting with them up close. Frieze of Imdugud (Anzu) grasping a pair of deer, from Tell Al-Ubaid. He was born on the mountain Hehe, and he nested at the top of the Sabu Mountains. The people below stare in awe at this mighty protector and enforcer. as a bird for the last 3.500 years and the greesk incorporated it Despite these speculations, the origin of the Thunderbird myth is admittedly unknown. There is one pictograph in particular that intrigues researchers for its resemblance to a stellar feature that many believe could be a supernova.

Behold – the mighty Thunderbird. Learn how your comment data is processed. The oceans rose so high that even the tops of the mountains were covered with water. The oceans rose so high that the Quileute were forced to get into their boats to take shelter. They supposedly did this by removing their feathers (which could be put on and taken off like a blanket) and tipping their beaks up over their heads similar to the way one might do with a mask. This ridge reached from one edge of the prairie to the other end. Source: ARATUS, PHAENOMENA

The wing was as long as a canoe paddle and it did not take them long before they had come to believe the hunter. According to legend, the Thunderbird Wakan Tanka was the grandson of the great sky spirit that had created the world and brought people into existence. The elders talked for a while until they were able to decide on a way to help him understand the origin of thunder. The Menominee Thunderbirds are also known to be messengers of the Great Sun and were highly respected by these peoples. The major drawback to the pterodactyl being the source of the myths is that the wings of the Thunderbird and wings of the pterodactyl appear to be very different. When they found land again, some of the Quileute found that they were in Hoh. This was the sign that Thunderbird was returning and was angry with the people for stealing his food while he was sleeping.

All that needed to be done for them to transform again was to pull down their beaks and put on their feathers again. The Thunderbird appears to be a creature of extreme intelligence and intrigue. His only surviving work is the Phaenomena, a book describing the constellations and weather signs. There are many stories that tell of the Thunderbird in Native American legends, which make the creature appear to be one of the key deities in their beliefs.

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