Over time, risks of cancer in the affected area would rise, but perhaps only slightly. Dirty Chemical

DISCLAIMER – Please understand that this article is only meant to point readers in the right direction regarding such situations.

External radiation occurs when either part of or all of the body is exposed from an external source, such as when a person is standing near the site of where a radiological device such as a suitcase bomb or suitcase nuke is set off and he or she is exposed to radiation, which can be absorbed by the body or can pass completely through it.


Nuclear What Is the Blast Radius of a Nuclear Bomb. The test had a yield of 190 tons, but was intended to be fusion boosted (and thus would probably have had a yield in the kiloton range) but its yield was insufficient to ignite the fusion reaction and it failed to boost in this test. Devices

Why Did Ancient Egyptian Scribes Use Lead-Based Ink? It is quite likely, that should the suitcase bombs described by Lebed actually exist, that they would use this technology. To balance the scales, the United States wielded the will, or at least the bluster, to threaten mass nuclear retribution for any militaristic slight, says Foreign Policy: The strategy had a major flaw, however. Communications

Even if some of those reports exaggerate the actual number of suitcase nukes on the black market, even just a handful of these nukes could devastate us if we are ever attacked. Once you closely examine the statistics of the Bali bomb blast, you realize the warhead that caused that blast might have been nuclear! Adam Rawnsley and David Brown chronicle in a sprawling feature the stories of the special forces troops, Behold the Largest Congregation of Bald Eagles in the United States, Watch an Amazing Time-Lapse of Growing Mushrooms, The Hunt for Julius Caesar's Assassins Marked the Last Days of the Roman Republic, Step Into 'The Starry Night' and Other Vincent van Gogh Masterpieces, The Alaskan Island That Humans Can’t Conquer, The Electoral College Has Been Divisive Since Day One, In Fluke Accident, Sculpture of Whale Tails Saves Train From 33-Foot Plunge, Researchers Uncover 2,000-Year-Old Maya Water Filtration System, Anxious About Election Results? The blast radius of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima was about 1.7 miles. Though massive retaliation was economical, it allowed the United States almost no flexibility in how it responded to enemy aggression. Then, of course, there’s the nuclear fallout that will be discussed to an extent later in this piece. A yield of 10-20 tons is also equal to the yield of the lowest yield nuclear warhead ever deployed by the US -- the W-54 used in the Davy Crockett recoilless rifle. Attack Plans To date, those are the only instances of nuclear weapons being used for warfare, but the reality is there are almost 15,000 nuclear warheads remaining in the world today - and many of them are substantially bigger than the ones used during WWII. Planning Documention Though the impact from the explosive itself would likely be the most damaging aspect of a dirty bomb being set off, that’s not to say that the radioactive material couldn’t be damaging. Evacuation Mask FAQ’s The amount of fissile material that constitutes a "critical mass" varies with the material density and the type of neutron reflector present (if any). Its overall length was 86 cm (34"). A terrorist-built nuclear bomb detonated in Times Square would injure 300,000 people and kill 250,000 — 20 times more deaths than in any natural disaster or act of … A mix of physical symptoms must be used to judge the seriousness of exposure. Always consult with medical and emergency personnel immediately when available during such situations as they may have updated information and / or different directions for those exposed. Info Suitcase When ingested, these agents bind with some metals more strongly than others to form a stable complex that, when soluble, are more easily excreted through the kidneys. A limited exception to this is that a thin beryllium reflector (thickness no more than the core radius) can actually reduce the total mass of the system, although it increases its overall diameter. That's unlikely to make much difference for those unfortunate enough to be at the centre of the explosion, though. Prepared The warhead was basically egg-shaped with the minor axis of 27.3 cm and a major axis of 40 cm. The fireball resulting from the detonation of the Tsar Bomba is estimated at 1.8 miles, with a thermal radiation radius of 47.8 miles. However generally speaking, adding explosives or neutron reflectors to a core adds considerably more mass to the whole system than it saves. This low yield seems trivial compared to weapons with yields in the kilotons or megatons, but it is actually far more dangerous than conventional explosives of equivalent yield due to the intense radiation emitted.

“Soldiers from elite Army engineer and Special Forces units, as well as Navy SEALs and select Marines, trained to use the bombs, known as "backpack nukes," on battlefronts from Eastern Europe to Korea to Iran," they write. This is probably a fair description of the W-54 Davy Crockett warhead. The only one to be deployed was the W-48 nuclear warhead developed by UCRL, packaged in the M-45 AFAP (artillery fired atomic projectile) shell.

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