She’ll research this dark power at the Torre library. She feels like she’s being watched. – Purple Serpents In Her Hair, Follow lucifermeanslightbringer on

Her mentor says to do better next time. Which it is! Against the fire moon symbols. . Some think the Night’s King and the last hero were the same person anyway, and I would think they are related at the least. ( Log Out /  The pale morning sunlight ran up and down his blade as Jon clasped the hilt of the bastard sword with both hands and raised it high. The “alive with moonlight” phrase basically just shoves the word ‘moon’ into Dawn’s “alive with light” description. He orders more guards to be stationed throughout the palace. This is a nice one, from AFFC as Cersei sits in the throne room: The torches on the back wall threw the long, barbed shadow of the Iron Throne halfway to the doors.

“Then you shall have it, ser,” the Sword of the Morning replied, and made an end of it. The first one went great, and we’ll be doing this every month going forward, so don’t miss it!

The Doom Fang Pauldron is ok on its own, but has a neat little combo with the Monte Carlo Exotic auto rifle. Civil Twilight from 07:05-07:51 in the morning. It was Dragonstone where she had been born. We’ll be coming back to this idea in a major way in the next episode, so if you think I’m making too big a deal about the pair of moon maidens – maybe you just need two to hold up a lintel, right? ✧ Greenseer Kings of Ancient Westeros The first time we saw Ned Stark, he was cutting someone’s head off. Houlun remembered more stories while they were gone, this time about the three Wyrdkeys. The eastern sky was pink near the horizon and pale grey higher up. Nesryn finds a two-week-old note from her uncle and rushes to his house. Yrene tells Chaol she’s convinced Hasar to take them on an overnight excursion to Aksara to celebrate Yrene’s birthday. They are the primary avatars of ice and fire, and of the ice and fire moons – or at least, pieces of those moons. Known relatives Get up close and personal, drop your bubble on your enemies, and hack or punch them apart while they’re blinded by the light. She’s afraid they might target her family to try to get to her. Think about it, and set aside all my mythical astronomy stuff for a moment and just think about some of the popular speculation in the fandom that has been around for years. Yrene oversleeps the next morning due to her exhaustion from her session with Chaol. In other words, I am suggesting that the Others symbolize ice moon meteors, and Dawn is an ice moon meteor. They finally come across old pillars leading below, displaying men, animals, Fae, and the Valg. She says she’s glad. No one’s sure what to do. Nesryn tells Falkan she might know his niece and asks if he will come north with them if the clans decide to join the fight. Ser Mandon on the bridge of ships was called “a white steel shadow,” while Ser Boros’ white steel armor looked ghostly in the moonlight, and in TWOAIF Dawn is described by the maesters as being some kind of white steel, looking “like no Valyrian steel they know, being pale as milkglass but in all other respects it seems to share the properties of Valyrian blades, being incredibly strong and sharp.” Dawn is a white steel sword, and so are the Kingsguard, whose white blazons shine like the dawn.

Track down the rest of the Mythic Dawn Commentaries. It’s kind of an intuitive thing at its most basic level – after all, what better name for a huge white sword than “Ice?”.

She learns from Hasar that Nesryn left with Sartaq. Yrene doesn’t show up on time the next morning, so Chaol mounts a horse (with a little help) and heads toward the Torre.

grotesque definition: 1. strange and unpleasant, especially in a silly or slightly frightening way: 2. wrong or unfair….

He even knows about her bow and arrow shot that saved Lysandra. But as ever, the question is, what does it mean? She’s going in and conquering the darkness in Chaol’s spine. Though originally intended as a novella, Sarah J. Maas adored the project so much that she expanded the length to a novel. ✧ Burn Them All

✧ Flight of the Bones, Moons of Ice and Fire

Now the Others don’t actually come from the moon, just as dragons don’t actually come from the moon – the Others are the earthy symbolic representation of these hypothetical ice moon meteors, just as the dragons are for fire moon meteors.

It seems possible. Now the idea of the dragons and the Others as representing a kind of ice and fire duality has occurred to many people – it’s not exactly super esoteric or anything. She killed her younger sister when she got suspicious. It was Dragonstone where she had been born. The knight was a. Dany glimpsed Ser Barristan sliding closer, The white cloak of the Kingsguard was draped over his broad shoulders and fastened with a jeweled brooch, the, “Ser Meryn Trant of the Kingsguard,” a herald called. The mail was gilded, finely wrought, the links as supple as good leather, the plate enameled, hard as ice and bright as new-fallen snow. The royals ride ahead.

Chaol and Yrene leave Aksara ahead of everyone else. When they make it to the Torre to look at the ancient texts, Hafiza is nowhere to be seen.

He agrees to. It’s a tough flight home with his extra weight on Kadara. Sartaq meets her family and then takes Nesryn on a walk.

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