My words rained over you, stroking you. O my America! While the sad wind goes slaughtering butterflies.

If only he could touch her, Her name like an old wish In the stopped weather of salt On a snail. “Graze your fingers against my skin like a soldier crossing a landmine throw your kisses like grenades into the trenches of my mouth carve bullet holes onto my chest and remind me of where it hurts let your moans sound like gunfire and your breath feel like death i'll come unarmed if you promise to destroy me make war not love?” — “Make War, Not Love” by Andrew Noske, 28. Using wild sensual poems is a great way to spark passion. I caressed her curves in every love letter. So they dance to the tune of an imperfect harmony. Like a roses petals, no other flower could compare. Rowing in Eden - Ah - the Sea! “In bed this morning you tucked into the cove of my belly our feet slipping past each other like fish I reached out to embrace the flat rock of your back and carved out our names with my tongue.” — “In Bed This Morning” by T. Blagg, "Your traveled, generous thighs between which my whole face has come and come...", 44. RELATED: 11 Lusty Love Poems For The Horny Woman In All Of Us. You feel so good. The breaths catch...while fingers orchestratean exhaled symphony of moans. Every time I try to leave you, I always find myself running back into your arms.” ― “Bitter Sweet Love” by Michael Faudet, 41. My hands will wrap around the tendons of your wrists to hold you here, lowered over me like clouds before a storm, the enormous thunder and then the rain.” — “Late Afternoon” by Molly Fish, 49. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. "She lived for nights thick with lust and romance and wine and naked kisses." No, look closer. "Once in civics class, he touched my blouse like it was a page he wanted to turn. Write a beautiful poem on a card and give your girl the sweetest and most romantic apology ever. Whatever you choose to do, do it ardently. Were I with thee/Wild nights should be/Our luxury! Follow up your apology with beautiful quotes on handwritten notes, Facebook posts, pins, tweets, texts and funny messages on WhatsApp. How you must have suffered getting accustomed to me, my savage, solitary soul, my name that sends them all running. You lay beside me; your hand moved over my face as though you had felt it also— you must have known, then, how I wanted you. I shook at the touch Of his fresh flesh, I rocked at the shock of his cock. I Am Sorry Poems for Girlfriend: Saying sorry for your mistakes doesn’t always have to be as simple as uttering the three words I Am Sorry. Nay, whatso seem, Have faith, dear heart; this is the thing that is!” Thereon I woke, and on my lips her kiss.” ― “Assurance” by Emma Lazarus, A Few Things to Know About Voting in Person, FYI: All Your Fave Celebs Went to the Polls Too, No, Really, Young People Are Def Voting This Year, Team Cosmo Explains Why We’re Voting This Year, Texts to Send Your Friends Who Haven’t Voted Yet. I Am Sorry Poems for Girlfriend: Saying sorry for your mistakes doesn’t always have to be as simple as uttering the three words I Am Sorry. Come with your rodthat twistsand is a serpent. — "Described" by Wendy Maltz, 40. Rowing in Eden -Ah - the Sea!Might I but moor - tonight -In thee! Around the door
loose in its frame, and around the transom, the
light from the hall burns in straight lines and
casts up narrow beams on the ceiling, afigure throwing up its arms for joy. Undress her body, sounds of her clothes as they tear. Leave one of these saucy rhymes on a handwritten note somewhere unexpected (like in their work bag or taped to their bathroom mirror) for bae to find, and they'll be booty calling YOU when they're done reading it. We burrow in closer wrapping arms and legs over and under each other. 2. “Now let us sport us while we may; And now, like am'rous birds of prey, Rather at once our time devour, Than languish in his slow-chapp'd power. Forgive nothing. “I dream’d this mortal part of mine Was Metamorphoz’d to a Vine; Which crawling one and every way Enthralled my dainty Lucia. ― "Basket of Figs" by Ellen Bass, 51. 10. ", 3. "She loved to spend rainy afternoons lost in thought, her hand daydreaming beneath the fabric of her floral panties." "These are the lips, powerful rudders pushing through groves of kelp, the girl's terrible, unsweetened taste of the whole ocean, its fathoms: this is that taste." 25. 1. Straddling my legs a little I inserted his divine Person between and closed on it tight as I could. Then I explode I climb so high. 2. “I am hypnotized.

In the mirror, the angles of the room are calm, it is the
hour when you can see that the angle itself is blessed,
and the dark globes of the chandelier,
suspended in the mirror, are motionless—I can
feel my ovaries deep in my body, I
gaze at the silvery bulbs, maybe I am
looking at my ovaries, it is
clear everything I look at is real
and good. I wanted it to leave a mark: that’s how I knew I loved you. — "Love Sonnet XI" by Pablo Neruda, 7. PSA: Writing Your S.O. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Low and deep Spake in mine ear her voice: “And didst thou dream, This could be buried? Come with your rod that twists and is a serpent. Her hair is fine like that of an olden wife. Then you kissed me—I felt hot wax on my forehead. Forgive tasting Judas. I should have been careful from the start, Please forgive me for the that fateful day, I Am Sorry Poems for Girlfriend: Apology Poems for Her, Funny Goodbye Messages for Friends: Farewell Quotes, I Am Sorry Messages for Wife: Apology Quotes for Her, I Forgive You Quotes for Her: Forgiveness Quotes for Girlfriend, Birthday Wishes for Fiancé: Quotes and Messages, Birthday Wishes for Grandma: Happy Birthday Granny, Military Homecoming Quotes: Welcome Back from Deployment, RIP Mom Poems: Funeral Poems for a Mother’s Death, Will You Marry Me Quotes: Proposal Messages for Him, Sympathy Messages for Pets: Condolence Quotes for Dogs, Cats and more, Inspirational Quotes for Girls: Motivational messages for young girls, Thank You Notes for Nurses: Quotes and Messages to say Thanks, Inspirational Quotes for Teens: Motivational Messages for Teenagers, Will You Marry Me Quotes: Proposal Messages for Her, Pick Up Lines to Impress a Girl: Cute and Funny Quotes to Ask Her Out, Funny Messages for Friends: Friendship Quotes, RIP Poems for Dad: Funeral Poems for a Father’s Death, Get Well Soon Messages for Husband: Quotes and Wishes, I Forgive You Quotes for Him: Forgiveness Quotes for Boyfriend, Birthday Wishes for Doctors: Quotes and Messages, Birthday Wishes for Ex-Girlfriend: Quotes and Messages.
A long time I have loved the sunned mother-of-pearl of your body.
The art of seduction has definitely changed, considering somewhere along the way a "U up?" We entwined. The air was dank with dew, between the trees, The hidden glow-worms kindled and were spent. RELATED: 11 Lusty Love Poems For The Horny Woman In … "We aligned mouths. “Touching you I catch midnight as moon fires set in my throat I love you flesh into blossom. I am the bush.I am burningI am not consumed. — "The Platonic Blow" by Wystan Hugh Auden, 9. Graze your fingersagainst my skinlike a soldiercrossing a landmine, throw your kisseslike grenadesinto the trenchesof my mouth, carve bullet holesonto my chestand remind meof where it hurts, let your moanssound like gunfireand your breathfeel like death, i'll comeunarmedif you promiseto destroy me, RELATED: 20 Love Poems To Help You Win Back Her Love. Sleepwalking to the rhythm of your words, Never wishing to wake.” — “Hypnotized” by Michael Faudet, 31. I hunger for your sleek laugh, your hands the color of a savage harvest, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails, I want to eat your skin like a whole almond. ― "Dirty Pretty Things" by Michael Faudet, 18. I go so far as to think that you own the universe. Cummings Poems That Put Your Feelings Into Beautiful Words. He’d do anything, Would dance three days & nights To make the most terrible gods Rise out of ashes of the yew, To step from the naked Fray, to be as tender As meat imagined off The bluegill’s pearlish Bones. "Calloused fingertips trace the silhouettes of smooth, contrasting thighs. The candle light the flame; it wants to burn and the wick, it wants to be burned. I would lift it tenderly, as a great animal might carry a small one in the private cave of the mouth." Cummings, 12. Hunger feeding my desire. I will suck this world’s ashes from your fingers. Now that all of them belong to the past, it almost seems as if you had yielded to those desires—how they glowed, remember, in the eyes gazing at you; how they trembled in the voice, for you, remember, body.” — “Body Remember” by Constantine Cavafy, 26. “At first I cannot even have a sheet on me, anything at all is painful, a plate of
 iron laid down on my nerves, I lie there in the 
air as if flying rapidly without moving, and
 slowly I cool off—hot,
 warm, cool, cold, icy, till the 
skin all over my body is ice
 except at those points our bodies touch like
 blooms of fire.” — “After Making Love In Winter” by Sharon Olds, 16. “If only he could touch her, Her name like an old wish In the stopped weather of salt On a snail.

Futile - the winds - to a Heart in port - Done with the Compass - Done with the Chart! Read one of these poems as you get ready for bed, or send a sexy text to him at work so he thinks about you all day long.

24. I'll kneel before the sunset of your skin, its pale tone beginning to blush, evenly, every cell inspired to read, pushing toward that ruddiness of purpose, that sigh.

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