Upon reaching the door on the top left you will find the Grappling Beam inside. The Grappling Beam is used to swing Samus to unreachable areas. Jump into his hands and go into Morphing Ball and it will take you to a door with the Gravity Suit. While Samus is in this mode she can roll through small openings not normally accessible and later plant bombs after you find the morph ball bomb upgrade. Once in Brinstar, got to the room left of the underwater Maridia area (the room with two claws in the water that try to grab Samus). Thumbnail of Map: Image Size : Image Type : Complete Map. you will find a dark hallway with alot of spikes use the enemies that glow as light sources shoot them with the Ice beam don't destroy them all or the room will be pitch black. on the top of the screen. Latch onto the block and let it disapper. Home | Super Metroid Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map | Super Metroid Map Select | Prev Map | Next Map Ignore the number of energy tanks, missiles, supermissiles, etc. Go through the narrow tunnel above to find a green door. Central Base Mother Brain. The Ice Beam allows Samus to freeze enemies and even use them as stepping stones. The following locations are all found within the Alimbic Cluster.

The following locations are all present on planet Zebes. The Screw Attack, allows Samus to charge up energy when she uses her somersault and will break special blocks and most enemies. From Norfair, go through the door on the left. Keep going right untill you read a large green room. keep heading left untill you enter a shaft and jump to the bottom. Go all the way to the left and use the X-Ray Scope to see a Super Missle BLock.

After getting the Space Jump go to Maridia. Go through the door at the base and you'll be in a cavern with debris. 279 KB 7680 x 4560: PNG: Mini-Boss Hideout I. Kraid. This is a list of locations visited in the Metroid games. The following locations are found on the BOTTLE SHIP☠. 185 KB 3072 x 3600: PNG: Norfair. Now use the space jump to reach the large shaft at the top then head through the door on the right. Now for this next room you will want to have your missiles ready as soon as you grab the bomb upgrade the Chozo Statue will come to life. Located in Maridia you will find Draygon you must defeat this specimen and head to the door on his left to find the Space Jump. It also allows her to travel in any extreme temperatures allowing her to explore the deepest depths of Norfair.

In the next room you will notice a special enemy, use a power bomb on the purple wall. This is a list of locations visited in the Metroid games. Use the Grappling Beam to cross the spikes and reach a Chozo Statue. The Charge Beam will allow Samus to hold down the fire button to charge up her shot for a stronger attack. With the Spped Booster Samus can break enemies and special bloocks with arrows on them. Climb up and head through the right door. Once through the upper door, blow open the roof section above to reveal a hidden shaft. Blue doors are also opened with the Grappling Beam. Ridley. Each section appears in chronological order (as you come across it in game). Surpise it will come to life after you defeat it go through the door on the right side of the room to find the Screw Attack.

Just click on the relevant section below and it will take you to the walk-through for that area. The Wave Beam allows Samus' beam to penetrate walls ceilings or any enemy. Jump through the hole to the ledge above if you already have the Hi-Jump Boots upgrade this will be alot easier. The Spring Jump allows Samus to jump while in the Morphing Ball form. Once you reach the door on the right of the hallway The Speed booster is in the room. As you make it to the edge of the cliff you must hold the Jump button to make a huge gap. Another upgrade that requires the Grappling Beam to aquire. Kill all the foes in the enxt hallway and you can now go through the door on the left to be back in Crateria. Go through and blow up the upper wall to reach the Hi-Jump Boots. You will want to go to the bottom left corner of the room to find some blocks which you must bomb you will fall through a opening to find a Chozo Statue that will be holding the upgrade. Enter the tunnel above then head left and drop down to find the X-Ray Scope. In Super Metroid, players once again slip into the role of galactic bounty hunter Samus Aran and in an interesting twist on the previous games, attempt to retrieve the last surviving Metroid. After awhile you will find a area where you must use the Grappling Beam to cross the spikes. In the green room to the right of the main elevator, you'll need to get to  the upper door. This list only contains playable locations.

When Samus latches onto a block she can swing back and forther and then release the beam to go flying in that direction. Drop down the next shaft and wait till you pass the purple ledges then go through the next door. All of Planet Zebes. Once you defeated Phantoon the power will restore in the ship. From the main elevator in Norfair you will want to descend to the bottom of the shaft to where two doors are facing each other.

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