Season 01 There is an identity challenge for the bikes. We're literally going to pipe in a C cable like that's the only way we can do it.

Iyin: I'll say both. We are looking for a place that has the ecological and historical perspective where people can feel like. And you know, it's really funny because it's always an evolution of your thinking about where the world is going and where things are going. Damola: To that point, the Lagos has said that these motorcycles are not part of the plan of the Lagos city of the future. Damola: Okay. And, I think for us also, we're thinking in distributed terms. We're not going to be changing any laws per se. It's prevalent people, not even in Silicon Valley where there are disconnects between the average population and this growing tech community, right? And none of those needs require additional government. Iyin: What I was seeing was a lot of interest from the opposition at the time in engaging young people in his campaign. And then the last thing is community. There’s going to be obviously a lot of facial recognition and fast technology that's built into the security systems to make sure that everybody's monitored no matter what you're doing, to make sure that we're keeping everyone safe. Iyin: I've gotten a lot of predictions wrong. That's definitely going to be one. Damola: Can you touch a little bit more on that? It's built around the talent that's focused on innovation and design and technology.

We offer $50,000 in equity, to up to 20 companies a year, for up to 10% of equity. It's super important for them. And now we've learned the lesson, which is, look, if you want to participate in government, you got to be there as a stake holder. Performed by Ethan Helfrich (Rest You Sleeping Giant SAVE. Iyin: So what is amazing is our ability to convert the free trade structure to what works for the community that we're trying to build. I think people actually looking for cost savings in the wrong places when they talk about remote work. I think the most, the worst one I would argue was the current government. Right? Season 01 So that makes our lives a lot easier. They have a life of purpose. Voice Actor. In a scheme that lasted over a decade, Jerome "Uncle Jerry" Jacobson defrauded fast food giant McDonald's for over $20 million by rigging the promotional Monopoly game. It's like Google, but for podcasts. We don't take more than 10% of your equity no matter what. You don't have a subway system, so that even increases pressure on, this. You know, you know people at Google, you can go, but there's nothing to really see, right? Damola: Cool. Mens Rea: A true crime podcast.

That's a reality. And when we really need the expert opinion, then we bring them in. Early in the process, we were working with Erican, amazing woman who basically built our community and she had conversations with I think about 200 members in just trying to find out like, what are you expecting from us? Because they were like, why would you provide insurance? Because trust needs to be built. So, it's not going to be a mixed new city.

Is it stakeholder involvement? Damola: What would be the attraction for that Encore talent? So in terms of design of the Talent city, we think that there could be three models, right? So that kind of helps do it. Land rights, property rights. So whether it's, resource scarcity or just increased pressure for people to provide services to the booming population. Damola: Interesting. There's no like Hollywood Boulevard you’re going to see. … About Episodes Team Episodes. We're going to be operating under SEC rules. I mean, there's so many examples of Nigerian entrepreneurs. Bonus,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Damola:  So what we want to know from her is what's her perspective? Iyin: So the way we think about a city is a city is the economy and people and the interactions that happen between them.

Right. Like how would you design urban mobility in Lagos? 5. And what you're going see happen over the next 10 years is more frontline healthcare workers that may not be doctors but assisted by machine learning and other kinds of future forward technology can be as good as doctors especially on the diagnostics front.

It is going to be a mix of all three. That's going to be crazy costs. The couple was separating and refinancing seemed like the best way out of … And if you think about the US as well, that's really what it is, right? And then as we evolve, to become a network or distributed network across Nigeria, each place would have a different kind of bent depending on what it wants to focus on. Bonus,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Think about California. I mean, we've done quite a bit of remote work. Iyin: I think what it is an evolution and really kind of one of the values that we like to incorporate in our companies is the idea of thinking about the future. It's very, very small place. INSTAGRAM: April 1, 2018.

Then once we had some general kind of, would we call them, checklists or checkboxes for the kind of experience a particular reaction would elicit, we were basically able to then take that online through the Andela learning community and build this nationwide community that basically helped to train people and it was exactly the same, but virtual in the way that we did it. We go there like one time they tell us your land boundaries are eating into somebody else's land. An American company avoids accountability for its role in an accident at a pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. I think we hold a very unpopular opinion that we don't need doctors. So from a vision perspective, we then have to say, okay, what's our best path? So the idea was if we didn't do a physical class, if we tried to do a MOOC, it would have been a different kind of program, which we wanted to be able to feel what people felt when they had the program. What would you do differently then? r/LPOTL: /r/LPOTL is for anyone that listens to and loves Last Podcast on the Left.

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