Multi-width tiles provide the greatest degree of authenticity and flexibility. The fact that roofing contractors can walk on the synthetic tiles without fear of damaging them makes a huge difference. 4. That means a hell of a lot mere material and labor. I notice that the Davinci scratches easily, with my fingernail – and wonder how it looks after being stacked ? The classic look of the 12″ Traditional tile provides beauty and architectural appeal to any building. Just like with other exterior building products like siding, windows, and doors, there are countless roofing options available. I don’t see any CONS. Each one is different, offering advantages and disadvantages to be carefully considered. Usually, big roofing manufacturers such as GAF, IKO, Owens Corning do not bother with these niche roofing materials, because the market share is too small. Reviewing Tapco Synthetic Slate Artificial Roof Tile - Pewter Grey (804) (Pack of 25) 27th June. Do you have any preference between Davinci and Inspire for faux slate roofing? Is Ply Gem a good engineered slate roofing ? This means you will have significant time and cost savings, compared to a natural slate roof install. You can install a high quality composite slate roof for about $15,000 on a simple 1,500 sq.ft. Majestic is a beautiful slate shingles roof, manufactured by EcoStar. These synthetic slate tiles combine the strength and durability of EcoStar’s traditional product lines with the added benefit of multiple widths.

Brava composite slate is not only energy efficient, it is far more durable than quarried slate, and requires virtually zero maintenance. The cost will depend on your location, the size and slope of your roof, and your roofing contractor. Check out our guide on metal shingles. Would you choose or not choose “Davinci” in comparison to other polymer composite shingles such as Ecostar, Inspire roofing, CertainTeed. stephen jones. Perhaps it’s because there would have been twice as many pages. DaVinci Slate delivers on that promise with its astonishing versatility. Specifications for Brava Old World Slate shingles recommend exposure at 10" but this may be adjusted to a lower measurement if desired or if a staggered application is used to achieve a rustic appearance.

What is your recommended synthetic cedar shake for Indianapolis, Indiana (hot as heck in summer and subzero temperatures in winter)? All Rights Reserved. And the look can actually be enhanced by fungus and mold growth. With a 1” profile, Brava’s Old World Slate polymer tile has the volume of traditional slate roof tiles with a fraction of the weight. Absolutely gorgeous! DaVinci Slate fits well with my traditionally-based and French Provincial designs. you would spend between $14,400 – 17,600 on faux slate. Which characteristics of DaVinci drive your decision to NOT to select / purchase / use this product: Which are the Top 3 barriers / restraints? Now, there is a metal faux slate product, StoneCrest Steel Shingles, manufactured by Tamko. Now in 2019 I need to replace the entire roof after only 12 years and I will not use Tamko again. Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code.

Its tiny fissures make natural slate susceptible to damage caused by freeze and thaw cycles. We know that you'll love our roofing products! Synthetic slate roofing is also low maintenance. 3.

Another is PlyGem Slate and Cedar Shakes roofing. According to the Certainteed Rep at the company Symphony is no longer being manufactured. Hello – we are doing a survey on DAVINCI – can we get your cell number to speak with you. 7. DaVinci offers the beauty of natural slate in three different tile options, giving you the ability to meet your aesthetic vision as well as respect your budget.

Slate is only an option when you have large roof areas and a structure that can hold the extra weight. Hello-

2. Our eco-friendly composite slate tile is the ideal replication of slate roofing. From education programs to installations details, we specialize in supporting you in creating projects that make you look good. However, it is not invincible and can be damaged by large hail and even foot traffic.

Slate Select is a fairly new, top quality synthetic tile manufactured from a proprietary fiber cement matrix with reinforcing non-alkaline glass fibers. When you use the high square cost you comparing 175 -200+ year slate. Maintenance-free: you will not need to invest much time and money into regular maintenance or repairs. ", - Jim Rogers, Pickle Roofing Solutions, 30-years experience in roofing industry, “When I was satisfied that I had properly finished my homework, Brava Shake came out the clear winner…it is the most realistic imitation shake roof on the market…My roof was finished June 2015 and I couldn’t have been more pleased. Natural slate tile is fragile and requires lots of attention throughout the years. You can enjoy the aesthetic and appeal of all-natural slate tiles without all of the expense and hassle by instead going with the composite roof equivalent: polymer slate synthetic roof tiles by DaVinci Roofscapes or Brava Roof Tile. Slate roofing tiles are made from metamorphic rock.

Brava Old World Slate is also available in Class A or Class C fire rating. By comparison, total installation cost for a real slate roof starts at $1,650, and can go as high as $3,000 per square. Where can you buy this type of shingles in Pittsburgh, pa. It’s best to check 2-3 local roofing suppliers.

This ensures superior resistance to fading, dirt, and environmental aging. This is a lot less labor intensive than having to nail through pre-drilled holes in slate, and possibly breaking some tiles in the process. If you want all the benefits and looks of real stone, but without the shortcomings, consider Polymer Slate, manufactured by Davinci Roofscapes. By far, the biggest advantage of slate is its beauty. Exceptional durability: specially coated with top quality Kynar 500®/Hylar 5000® coating system. Majestic Slate Hip and Ridge is designed to provide the look of natural stone slate in the ridge and hip portions of the roof.

Your cost per square is a joke if you want to have half a chance of a half decent roof over a decade and that is FACT.

. Because slate is a natural material and highly durable, it requires little maintenance.

Our composite roof tiles achieve and in some cases surpass the authentic, aesthetic look and beauty of their natural counterparts. Majestic Slate is the lightweight and affordable alternative. You won't find a more realistic or better-performing roofing product anywhere. It has all the characteristics you can expect from a traditional slate tile such as authentic finish, riven edges and in the traditional slate colour. It is available in 11 colors: Smoke Gray, Federal Gray, Midnight Gray, Black, Earth Green, Sage Green, Cedar Brown, Chestnut Brown, Driftwood Brown, Stone Red, and Mountain Plum.

As a result, synthetic slate roofing can give you that beautiful, upscale look that you would get with slate, without all the weight and at a fraction of the cost. This is their customer service number for the product: 800-782-8777 In general, there are very few manufacturers that produce composite roofing, and synthetic slate roofing in particular. This roofing guide is presented by Leo B. The same look and appeal of the 12″ Traditional in a smaller size for additional customization.

For that you need actual attic insulation installed/added/upgraded. Pick the one you like best, or the one that meets your price/looks/quality standards. Excellent lightweight tiles that look just like slate. Did You Know? Available in two widths and multiple designer accents, this slate alternative offers endless possibilities for residential and commercial projects. Polymer Slate. Before making a final selection, be sure to review actual material samples and roof installations. This allows for less expensive shipping costs and ease of installation.

Easy, cost-effective installation: the process of installing this roof is very similar to wood shingles. They offer the highest ratings available to roofing materials, with a Class A Fire Rating, a Class 4 Impact Rating, and anywhere from a Class F to Class H Wind Resistance Rating.

These synthetic slate tiles … It is manufactured in Garland, Texas. This is at least half the price of natural slate, which ranges from $650-750 per square. Our tiles are engineered to be lighter, to resist impact and to maintain their color longer. The Random-Width Blend is an even blend of 6”, 9” and 12” synthetic slate tiles, which provides unparalleled beauty. 5.

F Wave’s synthetic slate roofing shingles are an incredibly durable roofing option. Brava has by far been the most pleasant vendor for our home projects. These garbage tiles flap around like mud flaps AND YOU know it. They went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction! The F Wave Vermont Natural Slate Collection (available Fall 2020) is a square tile with the look of hand-cut traditional slate. Cost-effective: the total cost of this roofing system (including materials and installation) is about half the cost of the natural stone. 4. Brava’s lightweight design means it’s products can be installed on any roof without any costly structural modifications or special tools. It’s been on for 3 years and we still get strangers stopping by to ask about our roof!

2. How does it compare to what you listed? Then the wind began blowing off individual pieces. Brava composite tile is the best alternative to traditional Spanish clay tile, natural slate, and cedar shake roofing! Highly durable: offers strong insect, algae, rot and fire (class A and B) resistance.

DaVinci tiles are proudly manufactured in Lenexa, Kansas. Slate can weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,500 pounds per square. Cost is also a factor. It’s hard to beat Mother Nature, but DaVinci has done it. of Insurance Evaluation (RC-135), Manufactured in strict adherence to ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management. Realistic chisel marks add a hand-crafted finishing touch. Installed, synthetic slate costs about $900-1,100 per square.

The solid tile accessory which is exclusive to Brava Roof Tile products assures a realistic appearance at the gables and assists with easier installation for open valleys. All are available in a variety of popular color choices. It has a fire (class A), impact (class 4) ratings. Mike, I’ve never heard of Ply Gem … let me look it up, I’ll get back to you on that.

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