The double-action pull is quite easy and smooth, however the single action pull registers 7-1/2 lbs. flat-nose gas check. In my experience, this package makes for the most comfortable shooting .357 Magnum. Surely this was a sixgun that was the epitome of power. [citation needed] Loads are available with energies from about 400–800 foot pounds of muzzle energy and can be selected for various applications based on desired use and risk assessments. Sixteen different .38 Special loads were used with the average for five shots at 7 yards being right at 1″ or less. This brings me to the latest .357 Magnum being offered to handgunners — the Taurus Raging Hunter, a sixgun especially made for hunting. 1: The Raging Hunter uses a pair of cylinder locks to ensure rock-solid lockup. Although the original guns from 1955 to 1957 were cataloged as Combat Magnums they were not marked as such. Except for the relatively unnoticed increase in barrel length and the 21st Century internal changes common to all S&W sixguns, this latest version looks much like the original. Being a semi-old guy with a big gray mustache, I sorta’ stood out from most of the fit, muscled young writers and bloggers in attendance. Many police departments allow the carrying of .357 Magnum revolvers but require the use of .38 Special ammunition. In the meantime, I’ve come up with another Long Range Ruger, however, that’s another story for another time. And then came the .44 Magnum. An early writer for GUNS Magazine, Kent Bellah, wrote articles that always caught my eye, and in my youth, I paid attention to his stuff. But I know why we did well.

It is at its best as a defensive round; a varmint and small game round for hunters and outdoorsman; and is only pressed into service for big game occasionally, and is generally regarded by many as a round that should only be used by expert shots for hunting anything above the size of coyotes. [17] It therefore produces considerably more energy than the .38, despite its case having less than half the powder capacity. The second Speer bullet that has given excellent accuracy is the Speer 180 grain .35 Remington Soft Point bullet. The first report I saw of this sixgun was by Skeeter Skelton. Notes: Groups the product of 3 Shots at 50 yards. The 101/2″ .357 Maximum bull barrel was placed in my parts box, waiting for who knows what future project. Although the Raging Hunter is a seven-shooter I always give myself a stress-reducing mulligan which is the closest I ever get to golf. Every manufacturer has chambered one or more of their models for the original Magnum. It is a fine small- and medium-game round and is sufficient to hunt deer at reasonable ranges if suitable loadings are used by a competent marksman. What I mean is, it loved .38 target wadcutters. Sixguns became more and more powerful. The sights on the Carry Comp consist of a fully adjustable rear sight matched up with a tritium front night sight. Top Photo: Perfectly framing the .357 Magnum — the blued M19 Classic “K” and the stainless, non-fluted “L” PC 686. “Just right” comes to mind. Order Your Copy Of The September/October 2009 Issue Today! Handgun hunters and law enforcement personnel took it up as well. By John Taffin. Over the years I’ve had several such conversions performed on both Flat-Top and Old Model .357 Magnum Blackhawks.

All sizes in millimeters (mm).

No issues at all, and the weight and good grips made it actually enjoyable. [12] The .357 Magnum's effectiveness on game is similar to that of the .45 Colt, but with a much flatter trajectory due to its higher velocity. Click here to follow GUNS Magazine on Facebook. The .357 Magnum was looked upon as a handful of awesome power in the 1930's. Cast bullets that perform well at 1400 feet per second may or may not perform well when driven at the velocities possible with the 353 Casull five-gun. Everything about the Raging Hunter .357 Magnum has been definitely positive up to this point, however there is one negative — trigger pull. The over-travel stop was set perfectly. Photo: John Taffin Cop-carry classic: The M19 — Bill Jordan’s dream gun — is a manageable, medium-frame .357. I re-cannelure these bullets for an overall loaded The cylinder is locked both back and front with thumb locks. The original was available in Bright Blue or nickel. One can only wonder what this pistol would do with a decent trigger pull and perhaps someone much younger who can really shoot. The .357 Magnum was a direct competitor with the .38 Super. Then they went back to autos. 2: The Raging Hunter uses a transfer-bar mechanism to prevent the hammer from meeting firing pin unless the trigger is pulled fully to the rear. Loading the 353 Casull is accomplished with standard .357 Magnum brass, and I used RCBS .357 Magnum Carbide dies. I have run into the same situation when using some .45 Colt bullets in the .454 Casull. All more powerful than the .357 Magnum while fitting in standard-sized sixgun cylinders. John Taffin, GUNS Magazine Photos: Robert Jones/THE Imagesmith, LLC. It smells like a .357 Magnum. Box 856, Lewiston ID 83501; phone: 800-627-3640., Lyman Products, 475 Smith St., Middletown CT 06457; phone: 860-632-2020., >> Click Here << To Read More Handloading. What’s not to like there? This is a very rare M19 with just over 200 being manufactured. This rifle bullet gives 1570 feet per second with 17.0 grains of AA#9 and does seven-eighths of an inch at both twenty-five and fifty yards. This includes single- and double-action revolvers, semi-automatic and single-shot pistols, as well as lever- and bolt-action rifles. For the next two decades the .357 Magnum was the most powerful factory handgun/cartridge combination available. These are both burly, stout guns easily able to handle full-power .357 Magnum loads and I fired a few for fun. It used a different powder load, and ultimately the case was extended by 1⁄8 inch (3.2 mm). This resulted in a weight reduction of approximately 1/2 lb. In 1955, Smith & Wesson introduced the .357 Combat Magnum which would become the Model 19 two years later when the company went to a model-numbering system.

of either WW296 or H110. In addition to the other handloads, I also went with my favorite cast hunting bullet for the .357 Magnum — the NEI 200-gr.

[9] Elmer Keith also contributed the Keith-style bullet, which increased the mass of bullet located outside the cartridge case, while leaving more room inside the case for powder.

Because the .38 Special and the early experimental .357 Magnum cartridges loaded by Keith were identical in physical attributes, it was possible to load an experimental .357 Magnum cartridge into a .38 Special revolver, with potentially disastrous results. The .357 S&W Magnum (9×33mmR), or simply .357 Magnum, is a revolver cartridge with a .357-inch (9.07 mm) bullet diameter. The ability to also fire the .38 Special makes .357 revolvers ideal for novice shooters who are not yet used to firing full-power .357 magnum loads but do not want the expense of buying a second lower-powered gun to train with. Winchester, however, upon experimenting further during the cartridge development, modified the Sharpe-bullet shape slightly, while keeping the Sharpe contour of the bullet. Speed solution: The extended cylinder latch is a typically innovative Performance Center touch. This resurrected version is the M19 Classic and has a Bright Blue finish representative of the original, but it differs in that it is marked on the left side of the barrel “Combat Magnum” and the barrel length is 4.25″ instead of 4″ as on the original.

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