Vilgefortz walked towards them, his cloak billowing out behind him like dragon wings. Then sighed, realising what was happening. ‘Be careful, Regis …’, ‘Be careful?’ said the vampire. And started to squirm. Bonus: Gonna go with Talion, since he has better tools for survivability. (really can't remember a ton but I'll be replaying it), Here he clears this rubble upon first relearning Aaard 28:10, He goes on to defeat Savolla he's a pretty strong wizard. ', 'You know, Yennefer,' sneered the wizard, 'that is the second generous offer I've had today? Depends what do you mean by that, even orcs apparently have their values, they visibly express notion of what is acceptable and what not, they frown upon leaving comrades (but in a bit of hypocritical humor they do just that on the other hand there seems to be some care for their own among them, by the example of orc Ufthak from Shagrat's unit, who went missing, apparently other orcs started to look out for him and they found him in Shelob's lair entangled in her webs, what happened then is that orcs saw him hanging and thought it was very funny so they laughed a bit but they didn't release him in fear of Shelob, they deemed that angering her isn't worth the trouble especially considering that Cirith Ungol tower is so close to her tunnels, but that indicates some level of bonds, why would they even look for this missing fellow if they were completely amoral they would feel no obligation for such behaviour), orcs can hate each other, but always we see them fight and slaughter their fellow orcs it is mostly between different tribes or groups, so there is a tribal bond of loyalty and sense of community, when they promise help they usually do so toward their own, but they can be also treacherous (Mauhur lads brought reinforcements for Ugluk's group), they are fiercely loyal to their chieftains, going to great lengths to avenge their death as well as death of their comrades (,,we came from the mines to kill and avenge our folk" said Northerners/goblins/orcs from Misty Mountains and even Gimli supports this saying ,,orcs can pursue foes for many leagues into the plain if they have a fallen captain to avenge"), they can have personal relation being colleagues/brothers-in-arms or rough friendships (Shagrat and Gorbag were such friends but the quarrel for spoils and following orders conflicting with personal desires caused them to come to blows and their whole troops against each other, no surprising, humans kill for wealth for thousands of years, but they even can share as Shagrat claims that he gave Gorbag better loot than he got), the orcs apparently frown upon cannibalism or rather specifically eating orc-flesh, they occassionally eat members of other sentient races if they are in need like man-flesh (Isengarders were accused of eating orcs and they angrily denied that, apparently it was great insult among orcs, they also can sometimes threaten other orcs that they might go into pot or even lick blood from blade after killing other orcs but they actually do not practice cannibalism on their own kind in book), on their own when forming independant comunities they prefer raiding and being to simply put it bandits, they apparently also know and acknowledge the rules of parley (Aragorn gave sign to talks at Hornburg and they stopped shooting to listen what he has to say), also while they like to torture their prisoners (they call it sport) or kill for pleasure they can also treat the wounds of their captives ,,in orc-fashion", give them medicine and feed them (which also implie they would treat the wounds of their own people), though most likely this has more to do with practicality than mercy (but there is also curious sentence said by an orc to Pippin when he woke up in their camp ,,rest while you can little fool we'll find use of your legs soon and you'll wish you never have them" or something like that, maybe it's a glimpse of pity mixed with a small bit of malice or simply a fancy like that of troll William who said about Bilbo ,,poor little blighter! ‘I could ruin your brain through your ears.’ Vilgefortz said from far away. If you want to know how Shadow of Mordor ties into Tolkien lore you know, here's some information on the newest adventure in Middle-earth. However, none of them hit, and they all bounced harmless off of the wizard’s magical shield.

As well as curses and whatnot. He spat blood from his cut lip. Sliding over the slippery cargo, Fifteen fell onto the flagstones, silver with scales. Tavik felt a hard blow just above the hip, fell to his knees and, when he saw his hip, started screaming. 'Look out!' @marvelfanatic: recommend you play shadow of war or watch the end because now Geralt is outclassed an outmatched. The Sorcerer was fast, the wand in his hand flashed like lightning. The twins simultaneously attacked the black, blurred shape rushing toward them, mistimed their attacks and collided with each other as Geralt slashed Vyr across the chest and Mimir in the temple, leaving one twin to stagger, head down, into a vegetable stall, and the other to spin in place and fall limply into the gutter.

Ah, Talion can actually do this as well when he's about to be killed by an Uruk archer, he deflects their bolt with his sword. Come join our discussions, post your own battles and kick some ass! ‘Or I could melt you into a glassy mass, as I did with that monster. Who can survive the longest in a death arena in Mordor?Aragorn gets two companions of your choice (must be from the LOTR universe, preferably the Third Age). (Can't find good videos honestly). Who is the strongest being these two could defeat together? I beieve that Geralt will triumph after a awsome fight. He sword and jumped aside, seeing the group fall apart, scattering around the market stalls.

Maybe they could go the route of one of the rogue uruk-hi and you are a leader of a small band of them and you have to unite the other band either by peaceful negotiations or by killing the leader and gaining his followers increasing your army size and your influence. The dwarven blade, covered with runes, shielded him and but the stream of fire in half. Blades hissed as they were drawn from sheaths, the group pressed shoulder to shoulder, bristling with blades. Furthermore, as Talion dispatches the captains (or loses to them), the relationships between the orcs will also change as they take part in their own power struggles and intrigues. In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins goes on an adventure with 13 dwarves and, along the way, steals a magic ring from the twisted subterranean creature Gollum. Something that led him to being MIA/Dead for 7yrs mysteriously before reappearing alive with no memory of what'd happened.

I don't remember in what tier Combat Drain is in, but if he has access to that, he could Shadow Strike all day, Brand someone and repeat. Edit:I am assuming Talion can make an army, not just control 30 uruks. Right between the eyes.". I saved my money for it.

Do you bleed from the nose? I was conceived, of course, by accident, by two people, of whom at least one of them was a sorcerer.’, ‘The druid who discovered my humble abilities, of course, had fortuitously met a sorcerer.’ Vilgefortz calmly went on. Canonically Talion completes these quests primarily with his sword, since that's kind of the point of them - he's "forging the legend of his sword" by completing them, and he twirls his blade around at the beginning every time.

He was surrounded on all sides by an overwhelming force.

Round 1 most certainly goes to Aragorn. Aside from a pretty hefty lawsuit, the result might look something like Shadow of Mordor from Monolith Productions and WB Games. However the Uruks are fighting without fear. He thought that Vilgefortz had gone. I would just hope that it wasn't one of the really small or big ones. "He deflected it...." groaned Fifteen. Talion the Gravewalker is the victor here. Celebrimbor is a pivotal supporting-cast member from The Silmarillion, but even if you've never read that book, you probably know Celebrimbor's handiwork: the three Elven rings.

Maybe some co-op in SOM 2? Geralt did not believe he could stand up. Tolkien wrote that Aragorn was six feet six inches tall, given that Numenoreans were taller than men will Talion's character height reflect that?

He was chasing the witcher when he saw Geralt running in the opposite direction, toward him.

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