Small Tesla coils may use a sphere shaped top load. The circuits in the coil are usually "tuned" to the same frequency by adjusting the inductance of the primary coil. Total Secondary Capacitance = Secondary Coil Capacitance + Top Load Capacitance.

sticking out at this end.

the center of the coil. Once you've done the number of turns you need, The design file is available for download. Mine was a different case.

Use any unit you prefer (inches, meters, etc. There's not a lot you can say about my primary coil. After only a few seconds of this behaviour, the NST died!

These are very approximate guidelines that people have found to work for spark gap tesla coils. For a more detailed description I recommend the following resources: The Tesla Coil by Chris Gerekos

The primary coil is coupled to an inductor in the secondary circuit, called the secondary coil. Overlap the strips of tape so that

( Log Out /  There's always a little space between turns, so the equation assumes the coil turns are 97% perfect. wire from an electronics store.

the number of turns. Calculate Turns JAVATC performs millions of iterations for accuracy during the total system computations (it takes time). Some secondary coils can have 2000 turns. The length of the secondary coil is used to calculate the wire weight. 2 A. C. 4 A. D. 5 A. October 15, 2019 Mirunalini Sudan. Neon Sign Transformers (NSTs) are the most common power supply used in small to medium sized Tesla coils. Let’s begin from the most complicated part – secondary coil. To tell if your changes are better Finally I cut the coil free, including a hole in the center. accurately for their primary or secondary coils.

Without knowing which is the most accurate in any case, I use the average of all the equations. They are, in fact, the ends of the primary coil which I trimmed off to remove the overhang! and then click on the RUN JAVATC button then you'll see that it Leave one end unconnected and bring the other one down for connection to ground. They are, in fact, the ends of the primary coil which I trimmed off to remove the overhang!