The Fool is the prankster who loves to laugh and make others laugh. In A Midsummer Nights Dream the fool is literally named Bottom and becomes a literal ass in the second act. Often, a bad guy who is pretending to be good will reveal their true character by mistreating the fool.

The fool becomes a talking monkey or cricket or meerkat. “Remember, Pinocchio,” says the Wish Upon A Star Lady, “be a good boy, and always let your conscience be your guide.”. The fool is probably the archetype I most resonate with at present. The Fool’s shadow can show up with overindulgence. The fool is not necessarily a clown or an idiot. Rather he invites them to discover the fool within themselves. And this Empowers YOU to Step Out of Your Old Self and…. You can discover even more about the power of working with archetypes in my LIVE courses. Got it yet? To Transcend.To Become Immune to the criticisms of others. Before we do that though, let’s talk about what the Fool is. In ancient traditions, such as Kabbalah, The Fool corresponds to the number ZERO, the first letter of the hebrew alphabet, Aleph, and the first Key or card in the Tarot. Spring is the perfect time for renewing your relationship with childlike innocence of the Fool. Everything can be made into a joke. They are templates in consciousness that are…within US ALL!!! Want mentoring for your spiritual path? Nearly every film they are in, they play the fool. The fool becomes a talking monkey or cricket or meerkat. Imagine confidently communicating – with any person, in any situation – with an AIR of panache that transcends resistance. Which Archetypes are most familiar to you? Another attribute of the fool is that he doesn’t take anything too seriously. We are all fools, and we all wear masks. However, not being versed in Tarot interpretation and not having any taste for divination, I do not use it as a tool in my practice; divination being antithetic to a happy heuristics stance . Imagine a Court Jester allowed entry into royal settings and the most powerful circles. Zero represents Absolute Unity – the One Reality. As J. Phillip Newell says in his Shakespeare and the Human Mystery: The fool is calling us to be truly ourselves and points out the falseness of what we have become.

Which archetypes have you been embodying and expressing throughout your life?

I realized this when I remembered Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio.

For now…let’s explore the deeper meaning of The Fool…and how this archetype can Empower Your Life. Now that we have an overview of the Fool archetype, let’s look at how playing the Fool is good for you. In ancient wisdom traditions, The Fool is a powerful archetype. They’re part of your psyche and they have Light and Shadow expressions. Practice using the fool by writing about how they try to get him or her to stop. Carl Jung defined archetypes as “forms or images of a collective nature, which occur practically all over the earth as constituents of myths, and at the same time as autochthonous individual products of unconscious origin.” This is just one of the many powers of… The Fool.

In medieval plays, they often wore masks. Now that we have an overview of the Fool archetype, let’s look at how playing the Fool is good for you. The fool is usually male. He loses all self control and dignity. You know that feeling when you think you’re about to WIN something AWESOME for FREE! According to mythology, The Fool transcends ideas of being insulted.

It may be thought of as the (unimaginable) container of the contained, the eternity inside of which time and space happen. In animated films, they are a mask. The journey begins with the Fool, the zero card of the Tarotdeck, representing innocence and inexperience. Pop quiz: what is one character archetype that appears in almost every Shakespeare play AND Disney movie?

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