It reveals a realistic social disarray still felt in much of the world. BORING PROTAGONIST Even if you try to see it that way, it is still very hard to like the whole thing, since it is boring to have an OP character that wins all the time. That is never expanded on. If you said no one memorizes spells or maybe only 10, and he has 10,000, then it would have a much better and clearer indication of where he and his skills stand compared to other magic powered characters. But if you watch it for any sort of depth or good characterization, you will be greatly disappointed. This is part of a strange system of overfocus on underage people. The year is 2095. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei follows the siblings, Tatsuya and Miyuki Shiba, who are enrolled in First High School.

The problem is, it is left hanging a bit too much to get a feel that there is anything there. Your IP: Humor and jokes in many animes often resort to subtle or overtly adult themes with strong sexual suggestions or with strong harem overtures. Because that's what You-know-who would have to do to save this series. UNRELATABLE PROTAGONIST It is also impossible to get to like him. Makoto Naegi gets a super lucky break and enters the highly prestigious school, Hope's Peak High School.

However when his or his friends' lives are on the line no one is more calm and collected than he is unless you were using a combat android of some type or some sort alien like a Vulcan. Also, the reasoning and logic in all of these characters is flawed: if this character is not a cardboard cut out, that means usually they are going to become one or are going to disappear and not expanded upon in any way.

Animation: 10/10 

• Enemies that cross certain lines and turned to allies is a bit harder to swallow with some rare exceptions however, and it is used a bit too often in the same anime story. His occasional jabs at perverted behavior is not an absolute since he does not take every oppornity to act like a fool like other perverted characters. However, for all the hyping up of these battles, they felt and looked certainly more disappointing than I felt they were in the light novels, which is always pretty bad.

On the trip to the nine schools event, there is a implied suggestion that she blushes or something when one of her friends mentions his name. 9. Tatsuya, the brother, has a secret… I mean, they weren't exactly Aldnoah.Zeros' Heavenly light by Kalafina, so I wasn't really impressed. P.S. Several characters also act out of character, and do not progress the story in any way even though what would be a natural reaction for them is not expanded upon. The Irregular at Magic High School: Get to Know Magic Studies! 5. There are plenty of enemies to come across but the biggest and main enemy that is constently hinted at is as yet presented in any story arc as the enemy. 魔法科高校の劣等生 online for free in high quality. This new wave of releases includes some major returning series (some delayed from their initial Summer release due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic), and some brand new potential favorites. This show is supposed to appeal to pretentious overthinkers as well, since there is a lot of technobabble about the magic system used in the show. He does seem to get a bit shaken under some social issues which he struggles to understand and sometimes dealing with the finer points of women. It would benefit the writers and the audience a great deal more if far more thought than was put into this so that it would not sound like a conjumbled mess of political jargon. Mahouka doesn’t have that; it is just a school where pampered high school kids with super magical skills gather and act like jerks to each other, while teachers and parents pay for their rent and luxury.

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