The Pittsburgh Pirates played their home games at Forbes Field, which opened in 1909, and was the second oldest venue in the National League (Philadelphia's Connie Mack Stadium was oldest, having opened only two months earlier than Forbes).,, Three Rivers Stadium - (Pittsburgh, 1970-2000), Led Zeppelin, July 24, 1973, Pittsburgh, PA, Three Rivers Stadium, Pittsburgh brings down Three Rivers Stadium,, Multi Media: Adrien Brody going darker and deeper, Heinz Field: Standing up to the competition, Steelers Break Ground for New Football Stadium, City, Pirates break ground for PNC Park with big civic party, PRO FOOTBALL; Steelers Rout Redskins in Last Three Rivers Game, A Dynamite Drumroll and Three Rivers Stadium Bows Out, PLUS: STADIUMS; Three Rivers Is Demolished at 30, Pirates Open Their New Park, But Reds Celebrate 3-2 Victory, Pittsburgh Pirates Attendance, Stadiums and Park Factors, Where are they now? "Program: International Centennial Celebration and Conventions of the Disciples of Christ", (, "Forbes Field Rated Tops .

[34][35] With the newly constructed Heinz Field only 80 feet away, effects from the blast were a concern. Boxing bouts were held at Forbes Field from the 1910s to the 1950s, attracting crowds of over 15,000 people.

[32], Until 1942, Forbes Field's batting cage, when not in use, was stored on the field, in front of the stands directly behind home plate,[33] a bare-bones but viable solution rendered obsolete by the introduction that season of a new, considerably larger cage.

[25], Barney Dreyfuss "hated cheap home runs and vowed he'd have none in his park", which led him to design a large playing field for Forbes Field. Offer available only in the U.S. (including Puerto Rico). [59] The first hit in the stadium was by Pittsburgh's Richie Hebner, in the bottom of the first inning. Pittsburgh, PA. For three decades along the banks of the Allegheny River sat Three Rivers Stadium, home of the Pittsburgh Pirates. It is a marvel of which people in other cities can have no adequate conception until they come here and see it. [102] The event included first-aid and rescue demonstrations. [51][52], Like most stadiums demolished during this time whose replacements were located nearby (including the Civic Arena over a decade later), the site of Three Rivers Stadium mostly became a parking lot. A civil engineer, Leavitt had founded an engineering and landscape architecture firm in 1897. [26], Three Rivers Stadium was similar in design to other stadiums built in the 1960s and 1970s, such as RFK Stadium in Washington, Shea Stadium in New York, Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, the Houston Astrodome, Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia, and Busch Memorial Stadium in St. Louis, which were designed as multi-purpose facilities to maximize efficiency. –Capacity: 59,000 [49] The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs played a double-header on June 28, 1970. Pirates' pitcher Ken Brett was the game winning pitcher. [92] On July 18, 1951, the heavyweight boxing championship was held at the stadium. Forbes Field was built mainly for the Pittsburgh Pirates (MLB) in 1909. [22], Pictures depict the flag at Forbes Field at half staff on opening day. 42–8. The Panthers played their full home schedule here for the 2000 season. In the latter years, four rows of seats were added between the dugouts, covering the warning track behind home plate. [69], On October 2, 1920, Forbes Field hosted the last triple-header in MLB history. [19] In 1975, the baseball field's outfield fences were moved ten feet closer to home plate, in an attempt to boost home run numbers. The stadium was named after its adjacent street, Forbes Ave., itself named for British general John Forbes, who fought in the French and Indian War and named the city in 1758. [34] Renovations for the start of the 1983 baseball season included replacing the Tartan Turf with AstroTurf, the center field Stewart-Warner scoreboard being removed and replaced with new seating—while a new Diamond Vision scoreboard with a White Way messageboard was installed at the top of the center field upper deck—and the outfield fence being painted blue from the previous aqua. With 59,568 in attendance, the largest crowd to ever attend a baseball game at the stadium,[30] the National League won 8-7 in the 10th inning. –Surface: Astroturf [15] Construction continued, though it became plagued with problems such as thieves stealing materials from the building site. [84][87] During their years at Forbes Field, Pitt's teams were led by Hall of Fame coaches Joe Thompson, Glenn "Pop" Warner and Jock Sutherland. [11] The sight lines were more favorable to football; almost 70% of the seats in the baseball configuration were in fair territory. They played here in the following games: 1974: #10 Penn State 31 vs #18 Pitt Panthers 10, 1975: #10 Penn State 7 vs #17 Pitt Panthers 6, 1976: Penn State 7 vs #1 Pitt Panthers 24, 1982: #5 North Carolina 6 vs #1 Pitt Panthers 7, 1998: West Virginia 52 vs Pitt Panthers 14, 2000: Boston College 26 vs Pitt Panthers 42, 2000: North Carolina 20 vs Pitt Panthers 17, 2000: West Virginia 28 vs Pitt Panthers 38, Three Rivers Stadium opened on July 16, 1970, but the Pirates lost 3–2 to the Cincinnati Reds in front of 48,846 spectators. [23][24] The team donned new uniform designs for the first time that day, a similar plan was for new "mini-skirts" for female ushers.

Another 3,000-4,000 viewing from atop Mount Washington and an uncounted number of people viewed the demolition from various high points across the city. . [33] The bullpens were moved to multiple locations throughout the stadium's history; however, their first position was also their final one—beyond the right-field fence. The park was the second oldest baseball field in the league at the time – only Shibe Park in Philadelphia was older (it was replaced in 1971 by Veterans Stadium). Prior to moving into Three Rivers Stadium the Steelers played at Forbes Field and Pitt Stadium.

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