[6], Some tieflings form merchant families, allowing them to live a life of relative safety and ease thanks to wealth and the ability to travel. Spilled fresh blood is dark and gets brighter as it ages out of the body. Tieflings have been known to drink mixtures of broth, oil, and sulfur. They variously operate as things like thieves' guilds, mage societies, and the like. thinkdm Changing the Rules, Character Creation, Player Tips 1 … They have large horns; thick, nonprehensile tails that range in length from 4 to 5 feet; sharply pointed teeth; and eyes that are solid orbs of black, red, white, silver, or gold. That color gradient that is pointed to or marked is your Tiefling skin color. Appearance

Common themes in tiefling art include rage at the injustice of the multiverse, and the corruption of the fringes of respectable human society.

It is implied that this means a devil, demon or other evil being, but TSR's policy in this era censored explicit mentions of such beings.

[50] They also make excellent warlocks,[51] and often pay homage to archfiends. 4th Edition Statistics[2]

Some did this through constantly doing good, as though to make up for the evil that begot them. Shar, like Gargauth, appealed to those with a taste for vengeance. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. [47] Tieflings are famed for their loud and howling voice in battle, particularly with the shouts of bardic magic. Most tieflings were, however, the grandchildren or even great-grandchildren of fiends and in Mulhorand's neighbor, Thay, most tieflings were spawned deliberately by powerful wizards as part of some elaborate plot for power. By and large, tieflings were alluring and intelligent creatures, with a seductive aura in spite of their obviously evil ancestry. This usage is common among many planar travelers.

The tiefling doesn’t open its mouth to speak. [16], A small percentage of tieflings have a unique side-effect, which is often not beneficial. Their breath is icy cold and fogs in all temperatures but the coldest of winter. Shadow effects physical objects by touching their shadows and is darker than normal.

Let's scope our some infernal bloodlines. Type Tieflings who were discovered in the land often became pawns in the struggles between Thay's zulkirs, whom they served as assassins, thieves, and spies.

Tiefling’s shadow is 3 times bigger than it should be. [29], The skeletons of tieflings are often almost indistinguishable from humans, though at least one tiefling undead could be identified as such by vestigial bone spurs on his elbows and knees. Some find themselves unable to enter sanctified areas. Sheds skin once every 66 days, in the 6 days up to the molting the skin becomes gray and flakey, until it can be peeled off. D&D 4th edition made tiefling a core playable race, appearing in the Player's Handbook (2008). They readily consume bone, gristle, marrow, blubber, and blood.

[22] Given sufficient number of generations, it is possible for the tiefling's fiendish bloodline to breed out of their descendants entirely. These too are historically called tieflings, although they are rare in Faerûn since the Spellplague, a magical cataclysm which transformed all tieflings there into those of the blood of Asmodeus. Tiefling hair was often the same color as human hair as well, though dark blue, red, or purple were also common shades amongst the race. Infinite Isles Wikia is a FANDOM Games Community. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. [10] The celestial counterparts of tieflings were called aasimar. Tiefling First appearance

I think 4e changed how tieflings look between 2/3/3.5e and 5e, standardising the red skin/Asmodeus look, but I believe that the tiefling's skin colour has always been within this range from the little I know of the previous editions. Tiefling skin was usually human-like in color, though extending past normal human colors into reddish hues as well. [12] Although it was not always the case, tieflings tended to have better reflexes than their human kin. Patches of red scales along the Tiefling’s arms. They preferred to use weapons that combined sharpness with speed. Tieflings preferred to wear light armor and rarely used shields. Others sought to learn more and to emulate these evil deeds. 3e


That color gradient that is pointed to or marked is your Tiefling skin color. However, members of other races would find that once they demonstrated friendship and trust towards a tiefling, it would quickly be reciprocated in full. If someone with a mind for puzzles and a knowledge of infernal can decode the script, it will reveal a minor demon’s true name.

Male tieflings weigh the same as male humans, commonly from 146 to 200 pounds, while females are some ten pounds lighter than female humans, usually from 136 to 190 pounds.[7]. When sneezing, you briefly change appearance as if to polymorph into a demon or aberration of some sort.

[25], Deities appearing in the form of tieflings, or acting through the presence of tieflings, include Sharess[39] Loviatar of the Forgotten Realms,[40] and the evil Greyhawk deity Pyremius.

[7] A few tieflings are especially vulnerable to silver weapons.[17]. Their appearance varies considerably, and often reflects that of their fiendish ancestor. The tiefling’s preferred sleeping spot is a burning coffin. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

It’s voice seems to emanate from some source deep within the bowels of the creature.

Average lifespan There are two distinct bloodlines that a tiefling will come from; fiendish (or Infernal) tieflings are the more common of the two; possessing skin colours including: red, maroon, orange or pale brown. Carnivore[4] Fangs or pointed teeth are common among all types of tieflings.[6]. In spite of this, many secretly desired to have another tiefling nearby, if only to experience some small kind of kinship. 4e In many other ways, tieflings were similar to humans physically.

[5], The physical appearance of a tiefling often depended on the exact ancestry that spawned it, a bloodline that might have remained dormant for generations.

Can’t grow facial hair other than an ominous-looking goatee. [22], The offspring of two tieflings will be a tiefling, while the offspring of a tiefling and another humanoid has a half chance of inheriting from either parent. Distinctions The social rejection they typically face often leads tieflings to enter a life of crime, which futhers social prejudice against their race. These unique traits may give a clue to the tiefling's ancestry. Has two little nubs on the shoulder blades where wings would ordinarily be.

Their look was intended to be cloaked, secretive, catlike, and undulating. Some possess bat-like wings. [1] They can survive on unusual food, even ash, and can subsist on coal or inorganic rock for a time. Various depictions of tieflings. Well based on the rest of this comment section, people don't care too much. Tieflings descended from rakshasa might have furred skin or feline eyes.

Tieflings have no unique racial language of their own. [10], Tieflings had an innate resistance to heat and had a hint of bloodlust that gave them a slight edge in combat. These are called planetouched. Vision

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