After selling one million albums, Cartman is informed that he cannot achieve platinum certification in a Christian rock band, because Christian rock bands are awarded with gold, frankincense, and myrrh as opposed to gold, platinum, and diamond. Just last year, HBO’s Girls was criticized for depicting a relatively minority-free New York City and in response brought in Donald Glover to play Hannah’s new boyfriend for a brief two episodes in the second season. Token Black is a regular member of Craig's gang and is most notable for being the only black child in South Park, other than guest characters and Nichole. He also has an excellent singing voice, as seen in the episode "Wing". The character of Lando Calrissian (portrayed by Billy Dee Williams) and Mace Windu (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) have been cited as two human characters of racial minority that appear on screen. In "1%" Cartman stays at Token's house to hide from whoever is killing his dolls, convinced that since Token is black, no one would dare attack him there because it would supposedly be a sign of racism.

However, it should be noted that at this point Bebe was acting like a total whore and invited almost every boy to her party.

The theme of racism often involves Token.

His name refers to the phrase "token black guy", a black man placed into a television show for racial diversity. Enraged, Cartman yells, "Fuck Jesus!

Wendy comments that he's really nice and as such she dated him for a while, referencing their relationship in "Raisins". David is Ashkenazi Jewish. However, television shows, especially starting in the '90s, attempted to rectify this issue by mixing in a few minorities here and there.

She hopes that she isn’t killed off first. Bibi is North American of English ancestry.

On the other hand, Token did agree to help Cartman with his Christian rock band, Faith + 1, in "Christian Rock Hard", but only because he was promised money.

4th Grade

Token and Red attended the Bay of Pigs memorial dance together in "Hooked on Monkey Fonics".

Although initially skeptical and annoyed with Cartman's racial profiling, Token finds that he is, in fact, fully capable of playing the bass to a high degree of proficiency. Token tries to play with them, suggesting a snowball fight.


In "#REHASH", Butters talks about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare with Token. Racism has often been a theme based around Token, such as in the episodes "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" and "With Apologies to Jesse Jackson". © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In "Christian Rock Hard", Token joins Cartman's new Christian rock band, Faith + 1. Lando Calrissian of “Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back” and “Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi”.

In "Cartman Finds Love", Cartman attempts to force a romantic relationship between Token and Nichole Daniels, believing "black people should be together." RELATED: Green Label - 20 Most Stylish TV Characters of All Time, The Best Blaxploitation Movies of All Time, Green Label - 20 Most Stylish TV Characters of All Time.

His first major role was in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000", in which the boys were competing in a sled race against the girls. In "Cartman Finds Love", after being trapped in the boys locker room together by Cartman, Token and Nichole start to build a strong relationship, as a couple. In the episode "Here Comes the Neighborhood" Cartman was together with some other guys insulting Token for being rich.

In the episode "Raisins", he began going out with Wendy Testaburger, leading her to break up with Stan Marsh. Lando first appears in “The Empire Strikes Back” as the administrator of Cloud City, where he promptly turns his friend Han Solo over to a bounty hunter shortly after his arrival. Kokimoto is Japanese.

Top 5 Token Black Characters. Token is a constant member of Craig's Gang. He is also known to be one of the smarter boys, being a straight-A student.Token made his first appearance in the series pilot episode, \"Cartma… Since the demise of Chef, Token and his parents were the only regular African-American characters on the show until "Cartman Finds Love".

However, many of these shows also failed because they, more often than not, dealt with race differences by simply ignoring them.

In the episode "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000" Cartman throws a rock at Token because Token called him fat.

Adilifu Nama has stated that this character is "a form of tokenism that placed on…

June 20

However, it seems probable that their relationship was not as long-lived as Wendy's relationship with Stan, as they haven't been shown together again. Relatives Share This Story. episode "Wing")

Appearances The climactic events of the episode unfolded at Token's house.

"Gate Crasher" is part of a main quest where Cartman asks the player to find Token. Once Douchebag defeats the security guard, he can get to Token's house, where Token adds him on Facebook and gets his equipment to continue roleplaying with the other boys. Angered, Cartman throws a rock at him, giving him a black eye. He is the richest kid in South Park and also one of the only black kids. Cartman is the most obvious source of racism towards Token. Hair Token after being hit by Cartman in "Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000".

However, the two broke up toward the end of "Skank Hunt"; Nichole gave Token the note while he was playing basketball.

", in "Here Comes the Neighborhood", but did not sound nearly as impressive as he does in "Wing". Thus, the token black character. Another incident of Cartman's racist behavior occurred in "Quest for Ratings". Originally known as Token Williams, he is the only minority (aside from Kevin, a Chinese-American) in the main characters' class, and with the loss of Chef, he and his family are the only recurring African American characters in South Park. By Brooklyne Gipson. When Cartman decides to make a Christian rock group, he immediately went to Token and demanded that Token get the bass guitar out of his basement.

In "Medicinal Fried Chicken", he is seen with the soccer team. However, in "Raisins", they experienced some friction after Token started going out with Stan's ex-girlfriend, Wendy.

Token responds that he liked getting teased for being rich better.

Steve Black Token with Butters and Cartman, as Faith + 1. They also talk sometimes and sit together during lunchtime. Want to keep up with breaking news? Stan flipped them both off at the end of the episode.

Lando was one of the first developed Black characters in a science-fiction film at the time. Maybe tokenism isn’t so bad after all. After Douchebag purchases a gas mask from Jimbo's Guns, he is immune to the security guard's pepper spray and thus forces a battle with him. By minorities we typically mean African-Americans. However, this has caused Cartman to label him "a smartass.".

Throughout the episode, Tyler Perry, as his character Madea, would continually make jokes that only Token found funny. As of Season Nineteen, Token is 1 of the 4 minorities in South Park Elementary. He is African American and has dark brown skin. COMPLEX participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means COMPLEX gets paid commissions on purchases made through our links to retailer sites. Harvard Law School Makes Online Zero-L Course Free for All U.S. Law Schools Due to Coronavirus, For Kennedy School Fellows, Epstein-Linked Donors Present a Moral Dilemma, Tenants Grapple with High Rents and Local Turnover at Asana-Owned Properties, In April, Theft Surged as Cambridge Residents Stayed at Home, The History of Harvard's Commencement, Explained.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They argue that all forms of crime warrant some sort of hate, and the laws serve only to encourage discrimination further, impressing the governor and securing Cartman's release.

Cartman asserted that Token being black automatically meant that he would own and be capable of playing the bass guitar. Carrusel has a few. RELATED: The 25 Best Black Sitcoms of All Time His name is a play on words referring to the politically-correct idea of the "token black guy" commonly featured on American television shows.

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