After the President informed Senpai that she was thinking about disbanding the club leaving him unable to reply, Nagatoro came out of the prep room with her friends and face the girl herself accusing her of being selfish and unreasonable as she was the one who abandoned the club. The girl took a tomato juice along the way and reached Sakura and two classmates and start to talk about one of them having recently started dating someone in the baseball club. She is also very athletic, loves the beach, and is a fantastic swimmer as well as having a huge passion and proficiency in various styles of martial arts; she shows her willingness to train Senpai after his poor performance at a marathon and easily outpaces him during their training run.[58]. Then, the whole group ended up having a good time, making another swimming competition together, playing with sand and eating ramen at the beachside. Sometime after this, after having taken a nap in the art class room, Nagatoro received a text from Sakura and went to her friends in order to have a "dazzling girl talk", however while exiting the room she accidentally forgot her smartphone behind.

Seeing him staring silently into the void, Nagatoro asked Senpai what he was looking at and, as he refused to answer, she started to tease him again.[129]. Nagatoro made friend with Gamo-chan and Yoshi around their primary or middle school years,[69] and after beginning to attend Kazehaya High School, they were all placed in the same class, 1-C[70][71] where they became friend with Sakura,[72] who eventually joined their group. [99] The plan set by her friend to made her jealous, thus prompting her to came, worked and Nagatoro run from the swimming club's lockers to the temple where Senpai was held "prisoner" by her friends, lying that she finished earlier and only came there since she was free. Thinking about all the time he drew her, Nagatoro smile. I love too that they're both jealous! She typically wears her school uniform consisting of a white button up shirt (whose sleeves and collar she never keeps buttoned) and a navy blue skirt completed with a pair of sneakers and no socks. If they actually do indirectly kissed was left ambiguous.[106]. Apparently, Nagatoro doesn't like shoes, as she almost never wears socks[59] and is frequently barefoot when she can get away with it. Nagatoro saves Senpai from a prank by her friends. Well, it's fun looking at someone as awful as you, but don't you want to get better? [2] She is part of a 'cool kids' clique together with her friends Gamo-chan, Yoshi and Sakura, and is a member of the swimming club,[3] despite also having a liking for martial arts[4] such as muay thai, boxing, capoeira[5] and especially judo. The following day, despite being a weekend, she forced the introverted boy to join her in a marathon training, turning him on due to her attire and causing him to stare at her sweaty and barely covered behind while running their 5Km route, thus he augmented his pace in order to stay in front of Nagatoro and don't risk be accused of perverted thoughts. 34.6k members in the nagatoro community.

bedwetter until at least the age of 7;[65] as a child she went every year to the summer festival with her family, enjoying the fireworks contest at the beach,[66] also she often visited the zoo. Senpai calls Nagatoro cute for the first time. Nagatoro suggested though that she could play pretending and gave him a taste of what dating feel like, so she asked if he wanted to try hold hands, before he could answer the fireworks started causing the girl to getting anxious as she loved their town's fireworks, despite Senpai admitting he only saw them once in primary school. Then, Nagatoro noticed her smartphone was missing and Sakura suggested she probably left it in "the club room", causing their classmates to ask if the reason she attended that place so much lately was a boy; both Nagatoro and Senpai - who had previously hid inside the closet - blushed and the latter panicked causing a noise that drag the girl's attention to it. Once arrived in the art club room, Senpai and Nagatoro pretend to take some objects to fuel their mutual lie while try to find the right words to exchange their respectives gifts; however before they can do it the President enter the room completely naked as she wanted to "feel its atmosphere on her skin" being her last time in it before graduation. It's implied that Nagatoro uses casual rudeness towards Senpai in order to deflect her real intentions, taking three steps in with her suggestions ("let's wear matching yukatas for next year's festival"), and two steps out with her teasing ("I'm joking, that would be gross"),[42] inching herself gradually closer to him, thus defusing the situation for the moment while leaving a kernel of hope for Senpai. All rights reserved. She then asked him to treat her to something to eat if he really was thankful, joking about buying 100 takoyaki and 100 yakisoba to bring them home and freeze them so to have them everyday.

Racing all together in said formation, they managed to reach the President however, as she was still faster than them, Gamo-chan told Yoshi to run in front of them using her almost superhuman speed to act as a windbreak and increasing their speed, managing to easily beat the President, albeit getting disqualified by the teachers because of their formation.[135]. [64] Hayase was a [33][34][35][36] Also, Gamo-chan loves to tease her in order to make Nagatoro admit her feelings for Senpai and bring them closer, causing pranks that sometimes led the two to resort to near-physical violence,[37] despite thay they seemingly always made peace rather quickly every time they fight.

Then Nagatoro imagined what would have Senpai looked like drinking in a not so far off future, resulting in the group's hilarity. She has brown skin with noticeable - though sometimes inconsistent - tan lines in the shape of her swimsuit, and large, expressive amber-maroon eyes.

She has a close relationship with both her older brother Ichirō[61] and her older sister,[62] while her parents are middle class that often work late.

One day, Nagatoro noticed Senpai is having a bento and he explained it was due to not having lots of money that month, however, seeing how messed up it is, she began to make fun of him. The girl stubbornly decided that they would have waited their turn in line, prompting Senpai to protect her twice as from people who ogled at her due to her uniform getting transparent and from getting an heatstroke, eventually he dragged her out of the line to a vending machine and bought her some water to prevent her for getting dehydrated, impressing and deeply moving the girl, who o buy some convenience store ice cream just like Senpai previously told her to do, composed an haiku to celebrate the moment and offered an embarrassed Senpai to feed him. Slightly upset of this, even after both of her friends exchanged a piece of their lunch with a bite of Senpai's bento, explaining her how amazingly good it was, Nagatoro pridefully refused to do it as well and started to eat her bento. Nagatoro seems really enthused about being the Toro Cat, lol. The pun is very hard to render in any other language. Nagatoro caught Senpai together with an half-naked President. Senpai calls Nagatoro "Hayase" for the first time. Later, she formally introduced to Senpai in, On the other hand, Nagatoro's friends constantly called her "Hayacchi" in front of Senpai, with the first time being. She likes to bully Senpai and finds joy in teasing him, however, although she appears to just want to torture him, there seems more to it than that. Nagatoro sulk at Gamo-chan for having dissed her, despite the latter explaining it wasn't her intention since she only meant a big-breasted model usually gathered a bigger crowd, also she told her that being a little cute is nothing paragoned to a body like the President's, however Senpai claimed that both Nagatoro and the President are charming in their own way, finally prompting Gamo-chan to apologize to her friend. It was unclear if she saw which one was her bottle or was unable to tell it so, feeling thirsty, he decided to take the risk drinking from one of them. [118] Then they choreographed a dance featuring Nagatoro in her cat costume, together with Yoshi and Sakura wearing mascot costumes, the "I'll Bully You Dance" and uploaded it on YouTube making it the talk of the school[119] also selling some related straps, that became amazingly popular. Gamo-chan told everything the boy has to do was painting something equally amazing, to which Nagatoro replied she would have modeled for him, even wearing a swimsuit if he really begged her. Heartened, the girl asked Senpai how she preferred to paint her, however he told her that he didn't want to use her as his model since if he dragged her into that match and lose it would be embarrassing for her. Nagatoro herself also occasionally draws.[46]. While in her room, Nagatoro blushed a little and thanked Senpai for coming to visit her, to which the embarrassed boy replied he simply wanted to bring her printout. That's so cute.

Nagatoro and Gamo-chan makes a bet over Senpai's sex drive. As the hours passed lots of people also went to see the President's new nude self-portrait, however Senpai's exhibition seemed to gathered more interest. After all of her friends offered Senpai special recipe that they composed or improvised, feeling jealous, Nagatoro tried to make her own special dish, overdoing it and taking half of the rao for a tarako gunkan and placing in it half of the milt from a shirako gunkan to create, in her words: "a miraculous meeting between and milt that could get someone's stomach pregnant". [74], She joined the swimming club under their request and was given the president's old swimsuit,[75] however she also often help the track and field club.[1][76]. Nagatoro started hanging out in the art club room daily after class in one occasion she mocked the manga Senpai read calling it "lewd" and causing an incident after which they both tumble down and her right hand accidentally landed on the boy's groin, embarrassing them both,[80], while in another occasion she tried to re-enact a vampire movie they saw on TV and bite his neck, pinning Senpai to the ground but backing off at the last time due to the garlic in his breath from the yakisoba he previously ate.

[144], Embarrassed, the girl run out of Senpai's room and ran into the woman on the living room, being too nervous to say anything Nagatoro leave the woman's home with minimal explanation without even introducing and asking forgiveness for her intrusion. Senpai reprised the run angrily, causing the girl to smile and sweetly told him to do his best.[105]. Annoyed, the boy decided to grab Nagatoro's sleeve to prevent her from keep going, but he didn't get the timing right, ending up to grab her hand instead. She is very good friends with Yoshi, Sakura and especially Gamo-chan, whom could be considered her best friend, despite their similar and often competitive personalities sometimes puts them at odds in a sort of friendly rivalry. Hayase Nagatoro (長瀞 早瀬, Nagatoro Hayase) is one of the two main characters of the Don't Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro manga series. [78], The following day Nagatoro met Senpai on the street and started to tease him once more, then she asked him why he never got mad with her, despite the fact she did lot of messed up things to him, to whom he answered that he doesn't dislike talking with her. As the hours passed lots of people also went to see the President's new nude self-portrait, however Senpai's exhibition seemed to gathered more interest. Feeling irrationally offended by his words, Nagatoro pinned him to the ground and started to rub the lotion on him with her foot in retaliation.

The conversation quickly switch over what types of boys each of them are into and, when they urged the reluctant Nagatoro to answer said question too, she answered that her type of boy is simply "someone who's fun to be with". After her friends pranked Senpai by making him touch Gamo-chan's breasts and Nagatoro saw it, she was utterly mortified but Senpai quickly explained the girl has actually stuffed anpan under her shirt, causing Nagatoro to cheer up and laugh it off as an hilarious prank.

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