Once completed, it will give the player 30 Cat Food, 1 Leadership and the opportunity to continue on to Doom Paradise. https://battlecats-db.com/stage/s01111-01.html, https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Tragedy_in_Red_(Insane)?oldid=477047, LEVEL 1 - LAST LEVEL (randomized SoL stages & lineups). A stalwart in defence for the Cats for 13 years, Geelong's Harry Taylor confirms last week's grand final defeat was his 280th and last AFL game. Ellie | This Villain was proposed and approved by Villains Wiki's Pure Evil Proposals Thread. Hobby 暗黒天国 超激ムズ Just like the last stage, beware the boss shockwaves. The Devil (M.GB) | Unable to let himself give up and wanting revenge on Red, Zach presses on and determines to beat the altered game. https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Red_(Creepypasta)?oldid=4014621. Doom Paradise (Insane) (Continuation Stage) In his final form, Red kills Solomon, then he kills Anguirus, and he finally devours Godzilla. Man of the Empty Streets | After the enemy base takes damage, Shadow Boxer K, Gory Blacks and Doge Darks will emerge from the base alongside Director Kurosawah and the Black Cyclone. Three Drowned | He also has a Swim Form (resembling a fish), a Flight Form (resembling a bat), and a Final Form, a colossal reptilian creature with two legs and four arms. The Godzilla foes start to warp and shift, finally bearing no resemblance at all to their origins.

If you are 18 years or older or are comfortable with graphic material, you are free to view this page. Origin 1★ Given a second-hand copy of the classic game bought by a friend at a garage sale, Zach begins to play it again, and at first is swept away by nostalgia.

Next. Any further successful clears will yield Cat CPUs. Even the background shows mind-bending horrors and almost emanate a sense of despair. Slender Man (Slenderverse) | Red's personality can easily be described as pure evil. Misc. He is also able to vomit a tangle of intestine-like tentacles from his mouth, with a cluster of hook-like claws and pharyngeal jaws at the end. Child Murderer | Users who misuse the template will be blocked for a week minimum.

Laughing Jack |

Jeff the Killer | During the final battle, he also gains control over the player's body, being able to stop him from leaving and almost stopping his heart at some point. 1 Battleground 2 Strategies 2.1 Strategy 1 3 Reference At the start, a big group of buffed Those Guys appears. Crazed Wall Cat), and a Sanzo Cat.

The Girl |

XP earned: He shall have the ability to vomit hellfire out of his mouth at the cost of health and to cast a claw wave to stun opponents. Dark Paradise Super-Intense

Black-Eyed People | Complete Into the Future Chapter 1 Requirement: The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.

Even with Godzilla, Mothra and others to call upon, Zach is in for the fight of his life—and very possibly, a fight for his life, even perhaps his soul. Ankoku Tengoku Chō Geki Muzu Floor 21 • Floor 22 • Floor 23 • Floor 24 • Floor 25 • Floor 26 • Floor 27 • Floor 28 • Floor 29 • Floor 30 But Red is not above stretching the rules and even cheating. This stage has a very tight enemy limit. 9, NES Godzilla Creepypasta - Full Gameplay - No Commentary. Red's in-game avatar has a vast array of powers which he reveals gradually throughout the story. Floor 31 • Floor 32 • Floor 33 • Floor 34 • Floor 35 • Floor 36 • Floor 37 • Floor 38 • Floor 39 • Floor 40

Clowny |

Requirement: Shinku no Higeki Chō Geki Muzu The Man in the Fields | - J.K Bun Bun (Red/Floating) (200%)- Red Cyclone (Red/Floating) (200%) Angry Man |

He goes through his Ground, Swim and Flight forms in quick succession, culminating with an awe-inspiring Final Form with so much health and power that only Acacius (the character given to Zach by Melissa's soul) can stand a chance against it. Photo-Negative Mickey | 200,000 HP Olen Grant | Clear Lakes Communications | Novus Ordo Europa | Adolf Hitler | Floor 11 • Floor 12 • Floor 13 • Floor 14 • Floor 15 • Floor 16 • Floor 17 • Floor 18 • Floor 19 • Floor 20 The Father | If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

Floor 41 • Floor 42 • Floor 43 • Floor 44 • Floor 45 • Floor 46 • Floor 47 • Floor 48 • Floor 49 • Floor 50, The 5th, 6th, 19th and 20th of every month. You want to ideally draw the bosses out and maintain your distance from Director Kurosawah so he doesn't destroy your front line. Isaac Grossman |

https://battlecats-db.com/stage/s01111-ex.html, https://battle-cats.fandom.com/wiki/Doom_Paradise_(Insane)?oldid=414553, LEVEL 1 - LAST LEVEL (randomized SoL stages & lineups). Frances Booth |

1AmTheHelp3r |

Enemies: The Chaser | Melissa revives Face, Solomon, Mothra, Anguirus and Godzilla, and says they are grateful for this. The Girl in the Photograph | Floor 21 • Floor 22 • Floor 23 • Floor 24 • Floor 25 • Floor 26 • Floor 27 • Floor 28 • Floor 29 • Floor 30 3,600 Firebrand | - Shy Boy (Red/Floating) (1200%)- Ginger Snache (Red) (300%)- One Horn (Red) (2400%)- Those Guys (2400%)- Shy Boy (Red/Floating) (1000%)- Ms. Sign (2000%) Any further successful clears will yield Cat CPUs.

It is very similar to the previous stage, except the second boss now spawns when the base is damaged and every enemy is now Black instead of Red.

JP Name:

Right at the beginning, the limit will be filled with Those Guys, and J.K Bun Bun will be queued up along with support Shy Boys.

Doom Paradise (Insane) is the Continuation Stage in Bad to Worse.

The Observer |

Crimson Tragedy Super-Intense Walker | The Stalker | Stage: Red's final form, unleashing hellfire on Acacius. Baseball Boy | Next Stage: The Operator | Ghost | Stage Information When completed for the first time, it will give an Epic Catfruit. Alias Sally Williams | Melody | Herobrine | Stage Type: Jane the Killer | Max ★ Difficulty Red | BOB |

Buried Alive Model | When Red is angry, sometimes his eyes can emit an eerie light. Seed Eater | Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Connor | Randy, Troy and Keith | - Black Cyclone (Black/Floating) (200%)- Bun Bun Black (Black/Floating) (150%)

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Crimes

Event Map:

Eddie Painter |

Blind Maiden | Tragedy in Red (Insane) is the first stage in Bad to Worse. Energy: Unnamed Entity | Insane Holder of Justice | Mark Slender | Jesse Laurenzi | A One Horn will also spawn once the enemy base is damaged.

N/A Romaji: Shadow of Red will be a heavily offensive character, who generates energy by damaging the opponent.

Stage Width:

Location Information To get around this, don't release any important units until after J.K Bun Bun spawns, and save your Cat Cannon to stall for time immediately after Red Cyclone's boss shockwave.

During the chase scenes, contact with him is instantly fatal. Max ★ Difficulty

The 5th, 6th, 19th and 20th of every month, - Two Can (Red/Black) (100%)- Doge Dark (Black) (800%)- Shadow Boxer K (Black) (200%)- Gory Black (Black) (200%)- Director Kurosawah (Black) (200%)- Ms. Sign (2000%). Two Cans will begin to spawn about 6min 40s afterwards. Red Posted On 30.10.2020 By gijah. Once completed, it will give the player 30 Cat Food, 1 Leadership and the opportunity to continue on to Doom Paradise. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

Bad to Worse 0

The Expressionless |

Location Information Lisa |

He will fight in his Ground Form, using primarily his sheer body weight to tackle the enemy, but also employing his claws and sharp tail.

Alice Killer | Bad to Worse Full Name Rap Rat | Script: Notable Creepypasta Villains Demonic being Sentience | Broadcaster |

Slender Man (Slender) | When Godzilla foes not in existence when the gam… Alex Kralie | The biggest danger in this stage is not the Red Cyclone or J.K Bun Bun, but rather their boss shockwaves. Complete Into the Future Chapter 1 Hyraaq Tobit | Kill Zach and his Kaiju (failed). Enemy Boss: If you had brought any other units, use them if you need to. The Archangel | Holder of Slaughter | 4,000 KindVonDerRitter | Prev. Herobrine |

Indrid Cold | Sunny The Tragic Clown | Father Lance Madison | Third Alice |

His form of choice is the Ground Form: a bulbous body resting on four slender insectoid legs, two clawed arms and a thin long tail. After a while, a J.K Bun Bun at 200% magnification will come out from the enemy base if any of Those Guys have been defeated. Yet strange things begin to happen in the game, things that Zach attempts to explain away. The Devil | Difficulty:

The Rake (Slenderverse) | Occurrence: Event Map:

The Oracle of Lies | 深紅の悲劇 超激ムズ Red Cyclone and several Shy Boys will join the battle after J.K Bun Bun comes out. Granny | 3,600 Sheriff Walker | The Woman to Eat the Children |

Stephanie Chung |

Despite the aid of new monsters and even an angelic figure, Zach encounters the one who has directed all this. Princess | Slenderman (Slendrina) | Evil Otto | JP Name: Red says "GAME OVER", but Melissa saves Zach and unlocks Acacius, the strongest monster in the game, which ultimately defeats Red with his life bar down to nearly nothing. Occupation

Slowly but surely, the familiar, simple, and repetitive levels are replaced by ever more bizarre ones, replete with minor and major foes that become gravely disturbing, capped off by a personally invasive quiz level with questions that seem to be straight out of the Bridge scene in Monty Python And The Holy Grail.

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